People love to camp for many reasons, whether it be to spend quality time with your family, to relax and de-stress or just to get out into nature. But when you’re finally there, in the wilderness (or nicely manicured campground) finally ready to relax, there is nothing worse than realizing you are un-prepared for a situation.

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Iphone 5 CaseThe first thing it seems that every camper needs to have with them these days is their phone and it’s not just for staying connected to work, we use ours for videos, pictures and even internet while camping so we can do a little blogging at night (we do run a camping blog). So far this year we have camped along multiple rivers, lakes and been rained on many times, so it is important to protect your phone when you are out camping with a proper case. A LifeProof Case for your Iphone 4 or 5 is the perfect protection. With this case your phone is 100% waterproof (you can swim with it), it is also dirt and scratch proof.

Steri-PenAfter an afternoon of hard activities (where you took lots of photographs and videos) you’re going to be thirsty. On our trips we have brought bottled water in the past, but don’t like wasting all those bottles. I personally don’t trust many campsite’s water supplies and definitely am not going to drink from the lakes or rivers. This is where the SteriPEN Traveling Water Purifier is perfect. The Steri-Pen uses ultra-violet light to eliminate 99.9% of protozoa found in water. Just hold down the button and steralize your water in 30-90 seconds. This little device will steralize over 30,000 bottles of water.

BioLiteYou’re hydrated, but your hungry and your electronics are running out of juice. This is where my absolute favorite new camping items comes into play. The BioLite Wood Burning CampStove is a camp stove that can also charge your USB devices. Fill the stove with small sticks, the heat from the fire charges an internal batter which runs a fan that blows fresh air into the fire causing it to burn even hotter. But the Bio-Lite doesn’t waste any of the heats enegery. The extra energy left over from the fan can than be used to charge your electronic USB devices such as your phone or Steri-Pen.

Yeti CoolerNow that your stove is rolling it’s time to get cooking. If you like me and have used Coleman coolers in the past you may have found that your ice was melted and your food was warm before you even had spent a day camping. You don’t want to be running back to civilization every day for new ice. This is where an investment in a YETI Tundra Cooler can really pay off. Yeti Coolers are amazing. Yeti Coolers stay colder longer (over 5 days), are durable (bear proof) and can handle extremely cold temperatures (dry ice!).

So now you’re full, hydrated, playing Word With Friends on your phone and it’s time to relax. You need a comfortable hammock. We recently got the ENO DoubleNest Hammock and have been in love with it ever since. These hammocks pack up to the size of a water bottle, they weigh almost nothing, can be put up in less than 5 minutes and are super comfortable. All of my kids now argue who gets to sit in the hammock around the campfire, but I put a quick end to that arguement every time. ME.

The Good Life

With these “essentials” you can now have the perfect camping trip with your family knowing that you have everything you could possibly ever need. Oh dang… Where is my sleeping bag????


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