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Fishlake National Forest Camping Guide

If you’re looking for a camping getaway in the great state of Utah, then Fishlake National Forest might be just the place for you. Officially named Fishlake National Forest in 1907, this natural region has something for every member of the family, whether you’re interested in hiking, ATV riding, fishing, and more!

Plus, have you ever heard of Pando? You won’t regret learning about it!

Keep reading to learn all about Fishlake National Forest camping.

fishlake national forest camping

What to Expect at Fishlake National Forest

Traveling with a family? Then we have great news for you: you’ll love Fishlake National Forest camping because this national forest is known as the nation’s family-friendly forest!

But that doesn’t mean that it’s only appropriate for families. Fish Lake, which is the largest natural mountain lake in the state, is the main attraction of the national forest and provides great water activities besides its authentic natural beauty.

Beyond its bodies of water, camping at Fishlake National Forest gives you access to beautiful mountain landscapes, forests of aspen trees, and Instagram-worthy flowering meadows.

Luckily for you, Fishlake National Forest is equipped with great camping opportunities, recreational options, and fun activities. In fact, you might not know that many natural regions were officially designated as national forests so that the government could help control the natural resources while also allowing normalizing access to activities like fishing, hunting, grazing, and more.

Fishlake National Forest Camping

Camping at Fishlake National Forest is great because you can set up a tent in most places around the region (unless they’re noted by special order). That includes 29 developed and nine undeveloped campgrounds and opportunities for dispersed camping, cabin camping, group camping, and RV camping!

We told you Fishlake National Forest camping has options for everyone!

Campground Camping

There are different campgrounds at Fishlake National Forest, from those with access to running water and restrooms to more rustic situations with just a fire pit. To find the best campground for your Fishlake National Forest camping adventure, check out all the options online.

To reserve a camp spot or campground, call the National Reservation Service or go online.

Here are the various districts where you’ll find suitable campgrounds:

Beaver Ranger District

The Beaver Ranger District is a great region for Fishlake National Forest camping because you can access many different activities from here, including ATV riding, fishing, picnicking, hiking, and even snowmobiling in the winter. Plus, this area has some seriously tall mountains!

Fillmore Ranger District

The Fillmore Ranger District is another great option for Fishlake National Forest camping because it also offers a fun range of recreational activities. Enjoy typical camping experiences such as hiking, picnicking, fishing, hunting, and even ATV riding.

Plus, you’ll be awed by the Pahvant Mountain Range and the Canyon Mountains!

Fremont River Ranger District

Fremont River Ranger District might be one of the most popular Fishlake National Forest camping destinations because it contains a big attraction of the national forest: Fish Lake! Take your pick of campgrounds or cabins (there are even resorts for those who don’t particularly like to camp) and enjoy catching fish like MacKinaw and Splake, among others.

Just like Beaver Ranger District and Fillmore Ranger District, Fremont River Ranger District also has great recreation spots. Think about the usual fun outdoor activities: hiking, picnicking, and motorized and non-motorized riding!

Richfield Ranger District

Last but not least, we’ve got Richfield Ranger District for your Fishlake National Forest camping destinations. Take your pick of recreational enjoyment on your camping trip from the usual list of hiking, ATV riding, fishing, hunting, and picnicking!

fishlake national forest camping

Dispersed Camping

We’ve got good news for those of you who really want to get away from the noise of society and everyday life. Fishlake National Forest has tons of great dispersed camping opportunities. These designated undeveloped camping regions are found in the Beaver Ranger District, Fremont River Ranger District, and Richfield Ranger District.

Or you can go completely wild and simply camp in your preferred patch of wilderness in the national forest. Just remember the most important rule of any camping: leave no trace! Here are some other things to keep in mind if you’re thinking of dispersed camping at Fishlake National Park:

  • Dispersed camping is freeing and whimsical, but there are still some rules to follow. Usually, you can’t disperse camp near developed areas like campgrounds and picnics or use a vehicle off-road to get to a more remote location.
  • Contact a Forest Service office for good suggestions on where to camp.
  • Use Forest Service roads and other existing roads to get to the ideal spot for camping and avoid damaging the natural landscape. In this spirit, it’s suggested that you camp within 150 feet of a road.
  • Visit the dispersed camping guidelines for more rules and suggestions.

Cabin Rentals

For those of you who prefer to sleep in a bed, Fishlake National Forest has great options for you, too! Their rustic cabins for rent also have some modern utilities. It’s not a resort, but it will be more comfortable than sleeping on the ground!

Group Camping

Organizing a family camping trip? Fishlake National Forest has group camping available in three of its ranger districts: Beaver Ranger District, Fremont River Ranger District, and Richfield Ranger District.

RV Camping

If you’ve got your own RV or are planning to rent an RV for your Fishlake National Forest camping trip, make sure to check out the available RV campgrounds at Beaver Ranger District and Fremont Ranger District.

Things To Do When Camping at Fishlake National Forest

Though we’ve already mentioned all the fun recreational activities you can do when camping at Fishlake National Forest, here’s a look at them in a bit more detail.

fishlake national forest camping


Hiking is one of the most popular outdoor activities. Whether you’re a day hiker or a serious backpacker, there are many trails at Fishlake National Forest to satisfy everyone’s hiking wishes.


As you might imagine, Fish Lake is one of the biggest fishing destinations when camping at Fishlake National Forest. But you can also take advantage of the region’s different lakes, ponds, and plentiful streams and rivers. During the winter you can even come for ice fishing!

Just make sure you learn how to obtain a fishing license through the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources first.


If you’re interested in big game, small game, and/or bird game hunting, Fishlake National Forest has great options for you. Take your shot at mountain goats, turkeys, and even cougars! Once again, check out the Utah Divisions of Wildlife Resource to learn more about licenses, permits, rules, and regulations to make sure you’re hunting responsibly.

Motorized Activities

If you’re an ATV lover, you’ll have tons of fun camping at Fishlake National Forest, which offers about 2,700 miles of trails and roads for motorized vehicles and three open riding areas.

Remember to keep a copy of the Forest OHV Travel Management Map to ride responsibly, legally, and safely!

Horse Riding

That’s right, there are many trails open to horseback riders, as well as campgrounds. Next time you go camping at Fishlake National Forest, bring along your big four-legged friend!


It wouldn’t be a Fishlake National Forest camping guide if we didn’t talk about Pando, one of the biggest and oldest organisms on the planet.

Pando might seem like just an ordinary aspen tree forest, but it is far from ordinary. As we said earlier, Pando is a single organism, meaning that every tree in the organism is genetically identical and connects to the same root system. Experts estimate that the organism could have started at the end of the last ice age.

Pando, meaning “I spread” in Latin, has approximately 47,000 trees, weighs almost 13 million pounds, and covers over 106 acres. That gives you an idea of just how big it really is!

Camp at Fishlake National Forest!

fishlake national forest

We hope this post has inspired you to go camping at Fishlake National Forest! Whether hiking, fishing, or seeing Pando, Fishlake National Forest has something for everyone.

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