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Frying Saucer – A Campers Review

This summer we stocked up on a bunch of different cooking equipment for our camping trips. So far one of my favorites was the Camp Chef Burner, but I think there is now a competition for my favorite piece of new cooking equipment!

While the Camp Chef may have more applications, the Frying Saucer does what it is supposed to do with flying colors.


When I first pulled out the Frying Saucer I realized that I had not actually brought the directions for setting it up. Thankfully set up was super easy and self expalnitory. The legs on the fryer simply fold out, the burner fits into holes on the legs, the saucer goes on top and then hook up the propane. It took me between 2-3 minutes to set up the fryer.

Once I had the fryer set up, I filled it up with peanut oil for a fish and french-fry fry. For the fish I used LouisianaFish Coating (which is awesome and highly recommended!). For the fries I cut up potatoes and soaked them in water for about 15 minutes before frying (I am told this removes some of the starch and helps them fry better).


Compared to using a pan or pot on a stove for frying or even a deep fryer, the Frying Saucer is hands down a superior cooking tool. It has a frying area in the center of the saucer which is really no different from using any other pan, pot or deep fryer. What really was great about the Saucer was the area around the center pot. This area was fantastic for taking food straight out of the oil, letting the extra oil run off and staying perfectly hot while the rest of the food cooked. Photos can probably show how nice this is better than my words.


The only real draw back to the Frying Saucer is it’s size. If you happen to have the extra room in your car or camper, than this is great. In our camper (which is a 30 footer) we actually have plenty of room to store the saucer in it. If your tight on space you would want to only pack the saucer if you plan on frying up some food while you’re out camping. Other than being kind of big, I really found nothing about the Frying Saucer that I did not like, it was a treat to cook with. I am planning on doing a frying session in our back yard this week and getting some more use out of the saucer.

Photo Bombed By Kelly...
Photo Bombed By Kelly…

You can currently purchase the Frying Saucer from Amazon for $143.26.


Sunday 28th of June 2015

Nice unit, only missing a convenient way to drain used oil. Have to tip saucer on it's side to drain oil.


Sunday 28th of June 2015

Agreed. That would definitely be a nice improvement.


Monday 4th of May 2015

+1 that the Fryin' Saucer is a slick piece of camping/cooking gear!

It would be neat to see camping recipes that owners are using.