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Fun With Lights – Spicing Up Your Camper With LED Lights

We love decorative lights at our house. At Christmas time we absolutely cover the house and yard with a massive display of colorful lights. I don’t mean simple white lights, every strand on our house has to be the multi-colored LED lights (so they are super bright). The more they flash, the better. I am actually hoping to rig up a complete light show this year to music that you can listen to on your radio. I like to say I do it for the kids, but lets be honest here, I love it.

I’m no different with our camper, I want it to have fun lights, I want it to sparkle.

My first idea was to put up a couple of strands of my Christmas lights on the end of the awning on the camper. I have some good LED lights that do some great flashing, but I would have no control over what they do and would have to put them up and take them down every time out camping, oh the horror!

As I was explaining my awful predicament (I know, how dramatic!) to Justin at Coates RV his face just lit up, he had the perfect solution. He came back with a set of Star Light’s “Revolution SL-5000”, a color changing LED strip light.

Oooo Aaaaahh
Oooo Aaaaahh

These lights looked really simple and I kind of thought Justin was a bit crazy with how excited he was to show me his awesome lights. We took them out of the package and they were 1 simple roll of uneventful looking lights. But then he showed me the remote. It had 24 buttons… This is enough to get any nerd excited.

So the Revolution SL-5000 lights are waterproof lights that you can set to 16 different colors, fade from bright to dim, stop on any color of run 4 different pre-programmed modes (flash, fade, strobe and smooth) as well as being programmable. It was Christmas all over again for me.

A Little More Glow At Night
A Little More Glow At Night

What was really cool about these lights is that they installed in about 5 minutes and never need to come down. We actually installed them right below where my awning attaches to the side of the trailer. They are rated for 13-140 degrees fahrenheit. When I want to use them on a camping trip, I just have to attach the plugin to the controller box that is already on the camper and plug it in. After that everything is controlled with the remote.

The first time we had the lights out camping everyone wanted to play with the remote and run every program it had. What was nice for Kelly and I was that even if we didn’t want flashing colorful lights we could set the lights to white and dim them for a cozy glow around the camper.

Great Outdoor Light For General Purpose
Great Outdoor Light For General Purpose

The kicker on these lights is that they cost $100. So I would have to say even though they are truly cool and fun, I would hesitate to say that I would gladly spend $100 on these lights. They definitely do a lot more than my $50 flashing strands of Christmas lights, but $100 is a lot to spend on lights for your camper. If you have $100 to spend and are looking for a fun set of fantastic lights though, the Revolution SL-5000 is perfect.

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You can also purchase similar lights for indoor use here.

-Here’s to Partying At The Campsite!