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Sleeping Under The Stars, Bug-Free: The Benefits Of A Hammock With Mosquito Net

Sleeping in a hammock has a host of benefits all by itself. But did you know that you can take your hammocking experience to the next level by using a hammock with a mosquito net attached?

Lying under the stars in a hammock with a mosquito net is as close as you can get to tent camping without the tent. Mosquito nets are the perfect addition to your hammock to stay safe from insects, debris, wind, and much more.

Keep reading to learn all the amazing benefits of owning a hammock with a mosquito net, and we’ll share with you some of our favorite hammocks with mosquito nets throughout this post.

Hammock With Mosquito Net

Insect and Small Critter Protection

Hammocks with mosquito nets are designed to keep pests at bay. If you’ve already tried hammocking and had a hard time falling asleep due to swarming mosquitoes, flies, and other bugs, then you need a hammock with a mosquito net to save the night. Mosquito nets also protect you from ticks.

If you’re afraid to sleep in a hammock because you might wake up to an unsuspecting guest sharing your space–like a skunk or a mouse–hammocks with mosquito nets can help quell that fear. Mosquito nets don’t just keep insects out–they keep all small critters out.

Prevents Diseases

Mosquitos love to spread diseases like Zika Virus and West Nile when they bite, and ticks carry Lyme Disease. Keeping the pests out of your sleeping area by using hammocks with mosquito nets helps you stay healthy while camping in the great outdoors.


One caveat of hammocking is that you are more exposed than tent camping. Hammocks with mosquito nets can solve this problem by offering more privacy, thus reducing feelings of exposure.

Dark mosquito nets are best for privacy. We like the Covacure Camping Hammock or Go Camping Hammock 2.0 for privacy.

Better Airflow Than a Tent

Resting in a green hammock with a mosquito net in the sunny woods

Sleeping in a hammock with mosquito nets during the summer is more ideal than a tent because they have better airflow than tents. More airflow means your body loses less heat.

Some hammocks with mosquito nets have better airflow than others. The G4Free Large Camping Hammock with Mosquito Net is our favorite for airflow because it turns the mosquito net into a tunnel, so nothing closes around your face. This increases fresh airflow.

Lower Maintenance than a Tent

Hammocks, in general, are made from more durable material than tents, so you can expect your hammock with a mosquito net to last much longer than your tent. Hammocks with mosquito nets do not tear as often as tents, so you will spend less time and money repairing or replacing them.

Prevents Foliage from Falling on You

Hammock with a mosquito net hung on two trees in the forest.

Hammockers who don’t use mosquito nets know what it’s like to wake up with leaves or other botanical elements on top of them. Hammocks with mosquito nets can prevent this from occurring, so you can sleep without debris or foliage from trees landing on you.

Heat Retention

Sleeping in a hammock with a mosquito net is warmer than sleeping without one. Some hammocks provide better heat retention than others, though. Smaller mesh holes will block more airflow, making the hammock with the attached mosquito net feel warmer.

We like the Easthills Outdoors Jungle Explorer for heat retention. The mesh contains 2500 holes per square inch, retaining heat and keeping the tiniest pests out of your space.

If you want even more warmth on chilly nights, you want to purchase an under quilt for your hammock.

Offers Wind Protection

Many hammocks with mosquito nets are bundled with a rain fly for extra wind protection. Though the mosquito net offers better wind protection by itself than nothing at all.

If you’re planning a hammocking trip with rain in the forecast or just want to be prepared, be sure to read about how to stay warm and dry in a hammock.

We recommend buying a hammock with a mosquito net and rain fly bundle, and these are a couple of our favorites:

New Views

Hammocks with mosquito nets like the Kammok Mantis Ultralight All-in-One Hammock Tent offer a stargazer view, which provides an impressive contrast with the night sky. You can enjoy a whole new perspective of the sky from your hammock with a mosquito net.

Lighter Than a Tent

Tents come in a variety of sizes and weigh anywhere from 3 to 20 pounds, whereas most hammocks with mosquito nets weigh only 1-3 pounds for setups designed for mild weather conditions.

(If you’re trying winter hammocking, you can expect your gear to weigh the same amount as a tent setup).

Frequently Asked Questions about Hammocks with Mosquito Nets

Crossed hammocks in a paradise park

When should you use hammocks with mosquito nets?

Any time you plan on spending the night in a hammock, you should use a hammock with a mosquito net. Dawn and evening is the most popular time for insects to bite, and sleeping with a bug net on your hammock is much safer and more comfortable than sleeping without one.

Are the bug nets built into hammocks with mosquito nets?

Many hammocks with mosquito nets, like the FIRINER Camping Hammock, are built into the hammock, which makes the setup process easier. The mosquito nets in hammocks like this cannot be removed from the hammock.

You can enjoy net-free time if you wish with these types of hammocks with mosquito nets. Simply turn the hammock to the downside and enjoy time without the bug net.

Not all hammocks with mosquito nets have built-in bug nets. The Covacure Camping Hammock can be removed when you’re not using it.

Can you machine wash a hammock with a mosquito net?

Yes, you can machine wash a hammock with a mosquito net because the mosquito net is considered part of the hammock. Your hammock and mosquito net should be the only items in your washing machine.

Make sure to wash your hammock with a mosquito net on a delicate or gentle, and go easy on the detergent. Your temperature should be set to cool, and if you have the option to change the spin cycle, change it to low or slow.

You should never put a hammock in the dryer because it will melt! You must find an appropriate place to hang your hammock with mosquito net up to dry (A good place, if you don’t have access to a clothesline, is in your bathtub).

How do I hand wash a hammock with a mosquito net?

If you’re skeptical about machine washing your hammock with a mosquito net, you should hand wash it. After all, no one wants to risk damaging their gear in the washer. The best way to do this is to fill your bathtub up with water, pour in soap, and mix it well.

Use a soft bristle brush to clean your hammock with a mosquito net, and make sure you get both sides of the hammock and mosquito net. Once you’ve finished washing your hammock with a mosquito net, rinse it in cold water.

Can you purchase a mosquito net separately for an existing hammock?

Absolutely! If you already own a hammock you love and just need the mosquito net, hammock mosquito nets are available for purchase. Look for a universal mosquito net designed to fit hammocks of all sizes, like the Pys Hammock Bug Net.

We recommend making sure your bug net is designed to be integrated with your hammock. Regular mosquito nets are bulky and may leave your hammock with some exposed areas.

Purchasing an integrated hammock with a mosquito net is the safest way to ensure you’re getting the most out of your bug net.

How do I store a hammock with a mosquito net?

The best place to store it when it’s not in use is in the bag it came in. It should be in a durable, closed container or bag to prevent mice from chewing at it in the winter. Rodents love chewing at hammock material!

Never store your hammock with a mosquito net in a wet, damp location, which can cause mildew to set in your gear.

If possible, store your hammock with mosquitoes in your house (but not in the basement, where dampness sets in). Hang your hammock with a mosquito net up indoors for best results. Doing so will ensure hammock gear lasts for many years.

Wrapping up the Benefits of Hammocks with Mosquito Nets

Hammocks with mosquito nets are a terrific investment, and you’ll reap the benefits of a bug-free night’s sleep. Everyone sleeping in a hammock needs one!

Looking for more hammocking tips and tricks? Check out our Complete Guide to Hammocking.