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Best Heated Water Hoses for RVs: Winter RVing Essentials

Winter campers, beware: when everything outside starts to freeze, everything attached to your RV is at risk, too.

Prepping your camper for winter is crucial if you live or plan to camp anywhere temperatures drop below 40 degrees. One step that is especially important is swapping out your usual hose for a heated hose!

However, not all heated water hoses are created equal. Here are our top five picks for the best heated water hoses for RVs you can get this winter!

heated water hose for rv

Our Top Picks

Best Overall
Camco Heated Water Hose

Budget Option
H&G Heated Water Hose

Best for Pod RVs
Scilulu Heated Water Hose

Best Overall

Camco Heated Water Hose

Camco 25-Foot Heated Drinking Water Hose | Features Water Line Freeze Protection Down to -20°F/-28°C & Energy-Saving Thermostat | Includes Adapter for Connection to Either End of Hose (22911)

The Camco heated water hose is the best heated water hose for RVs.

At 25 feet in length, it’s long enough to reach from the RV to the drinking water hookup in most cases. It’s also light enough to carry and set up easily whether you’re camping alone or in a group.

This heated water hose for RVs can withstand temperatures down to -20 degrees, so it shouldn’t have any issue keeping your drinking water flowing!

The hose is perfectly safe to drink from and contains no chemicals or materials that could cause harm.

The hose is double-layered, protecting the more delicate parts keeping it functioning from being damaged.

One downside to this hose is that most people prefer using 50-foot hoses, though 25 feet should be plenty. In some cases, 25 feet can run just short.

If you’d rather be safe than sorry, you can purchase a 50-foot version of the Camco hose. However, while 50-foot hoses will ensure you can reach the spigot, they’re also more difficult to carry and store.

Another good thing about the Camco hose is that it self-regulates. The hose only heats when the internal thermometer indicates that it’s cold enough to require it.

While this heated water hose for RVs does include a warranty, it is only valid for one year.


  • Safe to drink from
  • Double-layered exterior
  • Reaches most water hookups
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Self-regulating


  • May not reach some water hookups
  • Warranty only spans one year

Budget Option

H&G Heated Water Hose

H&G lifestyles 25 ft heated water hose 1/2" Inner Diameter Withstand Temperatures Down to -40°F

Next up on the list of heated water hoses for RVs is the H&G heated water hose!

The H&G heated water hose is also 25 feet long. It’s a little bit lighter than the Camco, though that comes at the cost of the double-layered exterior shell.

However, it has one advantage over the Camco: it can keep water flowing to your RV at even lower temperatures. This hose will function in temperatures as low as -40 degrees!

Like the Camco, it does have a “self-regulating” function that keeps it from overheating.

Another plus for the H&G: it comes with an 18-month warranty! That means if you purchase it at the beginning of winter, you can rest assured knowing that the warranty will be in effect for at least two winter camping seasons.


  • Lightweight
  • Functions well in extreme temperatures
  • Self-regulating
  • 18-month warranty


  • Less durable exterior

Best for Pod RVs

Scilulu Heated Water Hose

Scilulu 15FT 30FT Heated Water Hose for RV,Rv Water Hose,-45 ℉ Antifreeze Heated Drinking Garden Water Hose,Rv Accessories (15FT)…

When it comes to pod RVs, everything is smaller…including the amount of storage space you have. Therefore, you’ll want to look into a shorter hose!

While it’s generally not recommended to go shorter than 25 feet with your heated water hose, if you’re a pod RV camper, you’re the exception.

As pod RVs are considerably smaller, you have a bit more flexibility with parking and can potentially finagle your way close enough to the water spigot to make up for the lost length.

The Scilulu heated water hose is only 15 feet in length, which means it will store much more easily than its 25-foot and 50-foot counterparts. It’s also lighter than its predecessors on this list. At less than five pounds, you will have no trouble wrangling it all on your own.

The Scilulu also has functions in place to prevent overheating and leaking.

Another great feature of the Scilulu: it has a three-year warranty! So although its exterior is less durable than both the H&G and the Camco, if you experience any issues over that time, you have that warranty in your back pocket.

However, with a smaller RV, you’ll likely use up less water, meaning the hose will experience less wear and tear in general.


  • Easier to store and install
  • Lightweight
  • Includes a three-year warranty


  • Less durable exterior
  • May not reach all water hookups

Cupohus Heated Water Hose

RV Fresh Water Hose Heated (100ft L x 5/8" ID,-45℉) with Organizer Storage Bag to Keep Drink Water Running in Freezing Temperatures Down to -45℉, Designed for RV Campers, Trailers, kennels and More…

If you want to be completely certain that no matter what weather winter brings, your hose will hold up, the Cupohus is your new best friend!

The Cupohus heated water hose for RVs can withstand temperatures as low as -45 degrees. You won’t have to worry about checking the weather forecast every night to ensure your heated hose will rise to the challenge.

This heated water hose also beats out the others in a different category: hose length. The Cupohus is 100 feet long, ensuring that no matter how far your parking spot is from the drinking water hookup, you’ll be able to run your hose between it and your RV easily.

This does come with a downside: it’s much, much heavier than the other heated water hoses on this list. Where the rest are all under ten pounds, this hose weighs nearly 45 pounds. It’s not easy to lug around on your own!

It also takes up more storage room. However, it does come with a handy-dandy storage bag to help alleviate that issue.

Like the Camco hose, the Cupohus has an internal thermometer that keeps track of the temperature and shuts it off when it climbs too high. This helps prevent overheating!

The Cupohus also includes a three-year warranty, and its exterior is designed similarly to the Camco, making it quite hardy.


  • Durable exterior
  • Storage bag included
  • Three-year warranty
  • Self-regulating
  • Stands up to extreme temperatures
  • Extra long


  • Heavy and difficult to install alone
  • Takes up more storage space

PIRIT Heated Water Hose

PIRIT PWL-02-25 Water Line 25-Foot x 5/8-Inch Heated Water Hose

Last but not least is the PIRIT Heated Water Hose!

While it only reaches the minimum recommended length of 25 feet, it makes up for its lack of extra length in its durability.

Customers state that it is remarkably crack-proof and leak-proof. It also only weighs a little less than eight pounds, making it easy to set up yourself!

While this hose will do the job in freezing temperatures, it may not withstand anything extreme. Customers report that it has been observed losing its functionality in temperatures dwindling below 10 degrees.

This hose includes a thermometer that controls the heating function. Therefore, when temperatures rise again, it will automatically shut off the heat. This will help you save energy, as you won’t be running your hose when it isn’t needed.


  • Lightweight
  • Crack and leak-resistant
  • Thermometer function helps preserve energy


  • Only reaches minimum recommended length
  • Not suited for extremely low temperatures

Buyer’s Guide to Heated Water Hoses for RVs

One thing to keep in mind when choosing a heated water hose for your RV is that you do have to plug them in for the heating function to work. If you’re concerned about being able to reach an outlet, you may want to invest in a longer hose than you think you need.

You’ll also want to consider how far the temperature drops in the locations where you plan to go camping. Some hoses are better at withstanding extreme temperatures than others, and it’s better to be safe than sorry.

If you are able to check how far away your drinking water hookup is from where you’ll be parked, or if you’re camping somewhere you’ve already been, consider how long your hose needs to be.

While 25 feet is adequate for most sites, you don’t want to discover your hose is too short after you arrive at your destination!

The next thing to think about isn’t always obvious to campers, but it’s important. If you’re camping with dogs, especially dogs that are prone to chewing, you may want to choose a hose with a thicker exterior.

If your dog gets ahold of your hose and chews on it, it can compromise the integrity of your hose very quickly. You want a tough hose to stand up to potential nibbles.

Keep Your Water Running All Winter!

Once you’ve outfitted your camper with one of the best heated water hoses for RVs, you’re all set for your next winter camping trip!

For more RV camping tips, tricks, and recommended products, visit our RV camping section now!