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How To Keep Bears Away From Camp

How To Keep Bears Away From Camp

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One fear I have about traveling North towards Bear Country is the BEARS! In all my years of camping I have yet to spot any trace of a bear, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t near by. As I gather all my plans for a future Boundary Waters Canoe trip I have been trying my best to set aside my fear of coming face to face with a hungry brown bear. It is important to understand the nature of bears when camping in their natural habitat. You don’t want to have these huge unwanted guest rummaging through your campsite, so here are a few tips on how to keep bears away from camp.

A Bear Can Smell 7 Times Stronger

Than An Average Bloodhound

  • Never Keep Food In Your Tent
  • Put Food Away In Correct Container
  • Use Bear Proof Container
  • Create A Bear Hang (Should Be 12 Feet High and 4 Feet From The Tree)
  • Cook At Least 100 Yards Away From Your Tent Site
  • Don’t Leave Food That Is Not Put Away Unattended
  • Don’t Forget To Check Clothing Before Going To Bed (Gum, Breath Mints and Candy)
  • Bears, Like Campers, Love Bacon – Be Careful Cooking Items That Have A Strong Scent
  • Wash Your Cooking Supplies Immediately After Use
  • Clean Your Cooking Supplies At Least 100 Yards Away From Your Camping Site
  • Make Sure All Trash Is Picked Up And Removed From Your Campsite

Other Helpful Tips To Keep Bears Away

  • Never Feed The Animals While Camping
  • Keep Bathroom Products Contained Away From Tent (The Smells Could Attract Bears)
  • Pet Food Must Be Contained Away From Your Tent Area
  • Do Not Leave Coolers Outside or In Your Tent (Car Trunk Area Is Best)
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Thursday 16th of April 2020

Really think yer gonna see a brown bear in Minnesota?