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8 Important Facts about Limekiln State Park Camping

Everything you need to prepare for your upcoming trip to breathtaking Limekiln State Park in California is here in our Limekiln State Park Camping Guide! We’ll give you the brief on the campgrounds, how to book, and what you can expect to see and do at this wonderful state park!

Limekiln State Park Camping: What To Expect

Limekiln State Park Camping
Big Sur, Limekiln State Park

Located on 700+ acres rife with redwood forests along the Big Sur coast, Limekiln State Park offers some of the greatest sights California has to offer. Its three popular hiking trails are not too challenging and its coastline views are unparalleled. This park is known for being a great location to truly soak up the beauty of nature in a relaxing environment, with the best of both beach and forest available to all campers!

The Complete Guide to Limekiln State Park Camping

Limekiln State Park
Limekiln State Park

Open from 8 am to sunset, this beautiful state park offers family camping, primitive camping, and RV access. Check-in time for camping is 2 pm local time.

Best Limekiln State Park Camping Spots

The 29 standard, non-powered campsites at Limekiln State Park can accommodate up to 8 people each and are divided into two areas: The Redwood Campsites, which is located on the inland side of the campground along Limekiln Creek; and The Ocean Campsites, which are located on the campground’s coastal side across a bridge over Limekiln Creel. Each campsite offers a fire ring for campfires (firewood can be purchased from the campground host at a small fee), and a picnic table. Amenities also include flush toilets, pay showers, and drinking water. Dogs are permitted in the campground on up to 6-foot leashes but are not permitted on any of the trails.

The cost for a campsite is $35 per night. The Redwood Campsites are stationed at the beginning of the trails up Limekiln Canyon, offering quicker access to inland hiking; The Ocean Campsites have quicker beach access and even some ocean views, with Sites 1 and 2 being built above the others for the best lookout at the Pacific Ocean. The Ocean Campsites can also accommodate RVs up to 24 feet long, and Sites 17-21 and 26-29 will accommodate two cars. All other sites are single-vehicle only and are tailored toward tent camping.

Booking Limekiln State Park Camping

Any one of the sites for Limekiln State Park camping can be reserved in advance by calling 800-444-7275 or by booking online.

Limekiln State Park Camping: Things To Do

Limekiln State Park Trail
Limekiln State Park Trail

One of the greatest appeals of this park is its natural beauty! You’ll want to come ready to hike and sightsee plenty during your Limekiln State Park camping excursion. The trails lead to mesmerizing waterfalls and through towering redwood cathedrals, passing by the now-dormant iron-and-stone lime kilns for which the park is named; after you’ve taken in all the park’s inland beauty, you’ll want to steer your way to the beach and coastline, where you can go swimming, shore-fishing, sunbathing, and sightseeing—soaking in all that the beauty that the park and nearby Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary have to offer!


Elephant Seals, Big Sur
Elephant Seals, Big Sur

This park is home to many stunning and diverse types of animals, such as skunks, bobcats, foxes, raccoons, ringtails, falcons, condors, and mountain lions. Along the coast, you can spot sea otters, gray whales, and other impressive marine life, as well as seabirds including gulls and pelicans, and shorebirds like sandpipers and willets.

The best time to spot these magnificent creatures is wildly variegated, but if you spend enough time hiking the redwoods or occupying the beach throughout the day, you’re bound to encounter some of Limekiln State Park’s many beautiful wildlife inhabitants!

Vegetation / Geography

Limekiln State Park
Limekiln State Park

Particularly popular for its redwood groves, this part of the rugged Big Sur coastline is well-known for its natural beauty. You’ll find soaring cliffs, crashing surf, and breathtaking vaults of towering redwoods as you hike along the Limekiln Creek and out to the coast. Chances are, the beauty of this park’s nature and habitat will be among the most memorable things you experience on your camping adventure here!

Make Sure to Bring

Limekiln State Park
Limekiln State Park

Due to the often-changing weather in this part of California, you’ll want to ensure you come prepared when you’re planning some Limekiln State Park camping! Inspect all camping gear, first-aid kits, food storage containers, etc. for tears, cracks, or any other compromising issues. It’s recommended to pack an anti-itch solution in your first aid kit due to the proliferation of poison oak in the park. In addition, please make sure you pack layered clothes to adjust to the temperature and any inclement weather as you hike and sunbathe.

Fishers coming to the park will want to ensure they have the proper gear and tackle, and a current California fishing license. For hikers, please make sure you have appropriate footwear, daywear, insect repellant (ticks are plenteous among the redwoods, so you’ll want to consider a hat and tall socks or long pants in addition to your insect repellant of choice), and a map and compass (cell service and GPS can be spotty to nonexistent within the park).

Limekiln State Park Camping Fees

Limekiln Creek
Limekiln Creek

As you prepare for your Limekiln State Park camping adventure, please be aware that standard fees apply here, including:

· A day-use fee of $10 per vehicle

· Camping fee of $35 per night

· Firewood charge (Note: Cash-only payments accepted for firewood)

· Standard fishing licenses apply

Limekiln State Park Camping Reviews

Limekiln State Park
Limekiln State Park

Boasting an average rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars, the campgrounds of Limekiln State Park are highly reviewed for their atmospheric beauty, cleanliness, accessibility, and charm! While some campers have complained of road noise from the highway passing overhead near The Ocean Campsites, most agree this sound is drowned out well by the relaxing crash of the surf, making it hardly a deterrent from camping here. This remains an immensely popular camping location in the majesty of Big Sur!

Wrapping Up Limekiln State Park Camping

We hope you’re excited about your camping trip to Limekiln State Park—and that our Limekiln State Park Camping Guide has helped you feel prepared for the trip! Let us know what you’re most looking forward to experiencing when you visit this magnificent state park!

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