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Minneapolis RV Camping Vacation Show Is Missing Something


The hope of Spring is growing larger by the day. My family does better when there is a daily dose of sunshine, green grass under their feet and room to spread out. After being stuck in the house with crazy children for a couple of weeks I was beyond ready to take a trip to the convention center for the Minneapolis RV Camping Vacation Show.


Ryan and I were excited to walk through the camping trailers being showcased by Coates RV for the camping show. In case you weren’t aware, we turned in our trusty Trail Cruiser late last fall. Our plan after turning it in was to attend the Minneapolis RV Camping Vacation Show this winter to find our new camper. There was nothing wrong with our old camper, but the newer brands have more space due to deeper slide outs. I am all about more space!


You can’t miss our friends from Coates RV at the camping show. They have what I would call “prime real estate” (located in the center) and you can’t miss the crew wearing red Hawaiian shirts! We spent a couple of hours at the show walking through the camping trailer displays. It was fun to talk about summer plans as we envisioned warmer days. We know what we will be pulling behind the Chevy, but you will have to wait and see which one we end up with on another post which will be coming soon :).

But What’s Missing?

How can I put it best for you? Think about what goes into your camping experience. It starts with a desire to travel to a destination outside from your normal environment. Followed with a plan of what you will be staying in, whether it be a camper or sleeping in a tent, you need some type of roof over your head. Then comes the meal planning, activities and from there you should be able to add to the basics for a great vacation. I felt the show covered the RV part perfectly, but you can’t plan a whole camping trip from just attending the camping show.

The Minneapolis RV Camping Show felt like it was one big RV center. For non-RV displays, there were a few less than attractive tables, most of them not having anything to do with how most people camp. The easiest way sum up the event to you is this…

If you are looking to BUY an RV/Trailer this year, attending the Minneapolis RV Camping Vacation Show is the best place to go.

The best deals on the campers all year are found at this camping show and there are a lot of campers to walk through. The top companies in the state are all in one huge room! However, the show is basically geared toward the RV buying market. If you are looking for tents, sleeping bags, coolers etc. this isn’t the place for that type of camping. Just head over to Cabela’s to purchase those products.

The Minneapolis RV Camping Vacation Show is here in the Twin Cities now through Sunday Feb. 9th. You can purchase tickets at the gate or buy them right Here.

Happy Camping, Kelly