RinseKit – The Portable Shower You Need in Your Camping Arsenal

One of the luxuries we miss the most when we are out roughing it is our plumbing. And while it sometimes may feel like you’ve brought everything, including the kitchen sink, we have a much more practical option.

Recently, I had the chance to try RinseKit’s portable pressurized shower. RinseKit is the brainchild of surfer Chris Crawford. He saw a major need in the outdoor world: to clean yourself and your gear effectively and efficiently when you’re away from the comforts of modern plumbing.

He took his idea to Kickstarter and finely to Shark Tank and people went wild for the prototype. Now Chris and his team are able to offer this innovative system to all us outdoor gear junkies looking for a better way to clean up from all our wild adventures in the woods, at the beach, or on the trail.

What is RinseKit?

So what is so unique about this portable shower? Pressurization. It is the ONLY one on the market that uses the pressure from the spigot or sink that you filled it from. This means no pumping, no expensive batteries and no hanging a heavy, dribbly bag from a tree.

The only caveat is if you use the Field Fill Kit Accessory which works even if you’re in the woods with no access to a spigot. Then a bike pump (not included) is required to add the pressure. But this only makes RinseKit more versatile.

First Impressions

The most impressive thing about this portable shower on the first inspection is the durability of the box and yet how incredibly light it is. The material is strong and feels like it would stand up to a lot of abuse in the back of a truck, dragged along with your other gear and kicked around by children. In fact, all of the parts seem very well made and reliable.

It is also very transportable. I would have no problem carrying this kit to a hike-in camping area, especially since you can store other items inside. The handle is strong and doesn’t bow, even when filled with 2 gallons of water. And the clasp is secure enough that the box doesn’t pop open when dropped.

The box itself can be used as a stool, a seat, or a cutting board. When you lift the lid, there is a small compartment where all of the accessories (few are needed) fit. You can also remove the lid to stand on or use as a clean surface when spraying off.

Lastly, while a lot of product instructions can be complex and difficult to read, RinseKit did a great job of spelling out exactly how to use the product with detailed, easy to understand pictures. And they have instructions everywhere. Guide books, online videos and printed instructions inside the lid, in case you’re like me and misplace the guide immediately.

How do you use it?

Hands down the best feature of the kit is its ease of use. No fumbling, no leaky gaskets or impossible screw-in parts. It is self-contained. The only assembly it requires is the change out of “quick connect” parts that are simple enough for a child to use.

Once you have screwed the hose bib adapter to your spigot, you simply click the RinseKit hose to it using the “quick connect”. No wrestling required. The adapter screwed on easily and the quick connect clicked on snugly without a fight.

Then you just turn on the hose and let it fill. It only takes 20-30 seconds. And while it would be nice if you could see how full the kit is, there is no need to worry because you can’t overfill it. If you listen closely you can actually hear when it stops filling.

Disconnecting the quick connect is so easy you can do it with one hand. Then you just click in the spray nozzle, flip the water valve switch to “on” and start spraying.

Did it stand up to the test?

The RinseKit couldn’t have been designed better. It got a little discoloration on the white interior but held up to general wear and tear and some extra abuse.

I was pleasantly surprised to find that the RinseKit performed exactly as it was meant to. I was able to hold the hose on “shower” for over a full minute at full blast before it started to lose pressure and that was when filled with a low-pressure spigot. The high-pressure spigot lasted longer.

I found that, as expected, the level of water pressure in the spigot or sink that you use makes a huge difference. I tested it on two different systems and found that the pressure of the tank was maintained for a much longer time when the pressure of the spigot was higher or when the bicycle pump was used at 60-65 psi with the Field Fill Kit.

Lastly, the water pressure is said to last up to a month in a filled tank so it is always ready when you need it. While I didn’t test it for a full month, I tested it for several days and the pressure did not diminish.

The only complaint is that I wish the stream lasted longer, but that would entail a larger tank with more water. And that means a heavier case and longer fill time. Since filling it with the spigot is so quick and easy, it’s not a big deal to keep filling it if you run out.

Useful Accessories

The creators of RinseKit have thought of everything. Including the very likely scenario that you may not have access to a spigot on your next big adventure. With that in mind, they have created two accessories to help.

Field Fill Kit

This Field Fill Kit is designed to allow you to fill your tank on the go when no spigot is available. It is essentially a giant water bladder with a special nozzle so you can fill the kit through the drain hole.

The top of the bag rolls up and clips like a dry bag so you can hang it. But it is just as easy to hold it while it drains. It will fill the tank in about 20 seconds. Then you will need to attach the provided adapter and use a bike pump (again, not included) to add pressure. It is much easier to use a pump that has a built-in gauge so you can get it to exactly 60-65 psi.

While not as easy to use as just attaching RinseKit to a nearby spigot, the Field Fill Kit does the job in a pinch.

Hot Water Adapter Accessory

The second accessory they have created for RinseKit is the Hot Water Adapter Accessory. While it was designed specifically so you could add hot water to the tank (sounds especially nice for washing dishes on those cool fall days), the big feature is that it attaches to your sink. No spigot? No problem.

It fits both female and male faucet threads. So just unscrew the faucet screen parts (some are easier than others) and screw on the faucet adapter with either 1 or 3 O-rings depending on the type of threads (which is all explained in the booklet). Then just hook on the hose with the quick connect and fill.

Do we recommend RinseKit?

Overall this portable shower system is one of the best I have come across. Easy to use, incredibly durable, versatile and light. Definitely a product I will recommend to all my camping compadres.

You can learn more about RinseKit at their site www.rinsekit.com. Don’t forget to sign up for your chance to receive a free rinse kit each month.

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