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The 15 Best RV Parks in Colorado: A Guide to the Best Places to Camp

Did you know there are over 800 RV parks and campgrounds in Colorado?

Though that’s a huge number, if you’ve had a chance to explore the beautiful nature and plentiful camping opportunities Colorado has to offer, it makes sense that there are so many different locations to visit!

Even if you’re a seasoned RV camping veteran, it can be overwhelming to choose between all these amazing options.

Lucky for you, we’re here to help! We’ve pulled together some details about a few of our favorite RV parks in Colorado for you to browse to help you narrow down your search.

So if you’re ready to plan out your next Colorado camping trip and hit the trails, keep reading!

RV in Colorado

RV Parks in Northern Colorado

1. Clear Creek RV Park

Located in Golden, Colorado, the Clear Creek RV Park is open year-round! It’s located within walking distance of historic downtown Golden and is equipped with tent campsites, restrooms with showers, laundry access, and plenty of RV hookups.

Situated amongst the quiet, secluded banks of Clear Creek, this RV park is the perfect spot for campers looking to kayak, tube, fish, or even parasail.

Clear Creek RV park is close to the creek but still lies within reach of city living, earning this setup a well-deserved spot on the list of the best RV parks in Colorado!

2. Glacier Basin Campground

Glacier Basin is surrounded by the Rocky Mountain National Park, tucked between stunning peaks and lush, green valleys. It’s no surprise that it’s one of the most popular sites around the Rockies!

Though it may look like a valley amongst the mountains, glacier basins are actually landscapes carved out by ancient glaciers moving through the area.

Near the campground, there are opportunities to fish, hike, bird watch, and even ride horses. If you’re feeling particularly adventurous, this site is also accessible by boat.

From here, you can access over 300 miles worth of hiking trails to stroll on and observe the thriving flora and fauna from.

RV Parks in Colorado

Glacier Basin is a reservation-only campground, though, so make sure you stake your claim at one of the best RV parks in Colorado!

3. Paradise on the River

As a perfect midway point between downtown Estes Park and the seclusion of the Big Thompson River, Paradise on the River lives up to its name.

The campground itself was founded in 1925 and is surrounded by near-ancient pine trees, providing you with a stay steeped in history.

All accommodation options have hookups and wifi access, as well as the use of bathrooms, showers, and laundry.

It’s quaint and quiet, and with cabins, cottages, RV sites, and rentals, you have everything you could need for a great camping trip at your fingertips, making it one of our favorite RV parks in Colorado.

4. Winding River Resort

The Winding River Resort is probably known best for its trail rides, pony rides, and horse-drawn hay rides.

But don’t worry – there are plenty of adventures to experience if you aren’t too sure about horses. Between the RV hookups and campsites to snowmobiling and watersports, there is no shortage of fun to be had at Winding River Resort.

RV Park in Colorado

5. Lake John Resort

Before you head over to the Lake John Resort, be sure to check the morning fishing report!

But if fishing for trout isn’t your thing, Lake John Resort has a beautiful RV park as well as tent spots to watch the sun set behind the still water.

And if the weather is right, you can rent a boat and take your family and friends for an outing on the lake.

Whatever your fancy, there’s a way for you to get on the water at one of the most stunning RV parks in northern Colorado.

RV Parks in Central Colorado

6. Tiger Run Resort

Located in the famous ski spot Breckenridge, Tiger Run Resort is an excellent spot if you’re looking to get away from the more populated camps.

The resort sits in the shadow of the Ten Mile Mountain Range. Two rivers also run through the park, the Blue and Swan, allowing for many different scenic accommodation sites.

Whether you’re in your RV or renting a chalet, you have access to the on-site pool, hot tubs, fitness center, game room, and sports courts!

7. Garden of the Gods RV Resort

The Garden of the Gods Resort, also called the Gateway to the Rockies, is in prime view of America’s mountain Pikes Peak.

RV Parks in Colorado

In addition to being home to the Garden of the Gods RV Resort, Colorado Springs is also an ideal site for families and campers who aren’t too keen on sitting still.

While you’re here, take a trip to the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo, the Red Rocks Canyon, Old Colorado City, or even the Olympic Training Center.

Alongside the RV campsites, there are also options to rent a cottage on-site.

With a name like Garden of the Gods, this RV resort is an easy addition to this list of the best RV parks in Colorado.

8. Jellystone Park at Larkspur

Just outside of Denver, Jellystone Park offers over 100 acres of gorgeous Colorado mountain scenery and spaces to set up camp.

If you think RV parks are just rustic, secluded hookups among the trees, think again.

Jellystone has a bar, cafe, swimming pools, mini golf, a bowling alley, and even a water park for kids! It’s the perfect place to take the whole family, making it a shoe in on any list of best RV parks in Colorado.

9. Camp Eddy

Camp Eddy provides a slightly different spin on Colorado RV parks. In addition to the RV hookups, Camp Eddy also boasts tiny homes and remodeled Airstreams to rent.

Colorado Airstream

After roughing it in the wilderness, you can spend a night of comfort in one of the many accommodations Camp Eddy has to offer, most notably their fully-fitted RV hookups.

Not only are they pet friendly here, but they also offer a dog park to let your furry friends out to stretch their legs after an RV journey.

New to Camp Eddy is The Hub, a riverside patio with a gas fire pit. Here at The Hub, you can also find brand-new laundry, shower, and bathroom facilities.

Camp Eddy provides a modern update to the classic campsite setup, making it a surefire choice for our list of best RV parks in Colorado.

10. Foot of the Rockies RV Resort

Just two miles from downtown Colorado Springs, the Foot of the Rockies RV Resort is the perfect getaway spot for anyone looking for some immersion in nature without straying too far from civilization.

Not only will you be close to anything you may need during your stay (including hospitals!), but the Foot of the Rockies also has its own mail service for longer trips.

While you’re here, be sure to check out Rainbow Falls, a few due west of the city of Colorado Springs. From the trailhead, the hike itself is short and easy.

But at the end of the hike, you’ll be rewarded with one of the most interesting views in the area. The canyon walls surrounding Rainbow Falls are covered in colorful graffiti.

Though the graffiti is not necessarily encouraged by the local government, they acknowledge that the history and culture of “Graffiti Falls” are special to the community’s lore.

RV Parks in Southern Colorado

11. Aspen Ridge

At Aspen Ridge, kids stay free, making it an excellent choice for family RV trips in southern Colorado.

Aspen Ridge

The park has full RV hookups, as well as a dog park, laundry facilities, a fire pit, sports courts and fields, and access to kitchen amenities in the camp clubhouse.

Aspen Ridge is known for its ATV trails, both guided and solo, with ATVs available to rent.

Located in the heart of South Fork, hot springs, golf courses, restaurants, and shops are all within your reach!

12. The Last Resort

Don’t be fooled by the name, The Last Resort RV Park is far from the bottom rung of Colorado campsites.

It sits on the border between Colorado and New Mexico off the Blanco River, making for some excellent views.

Depending on your camping method of choice, you have lots of options for how you want to set up and hook up.

The Last Resort is somewhat off the grid, but sometimes that’s exactly what you need! This unique location definitely makes the cut for our list of best RV parks in Colorado.

13. Grape Creek RV Park

Grape Creek’s claim to fame lies in its skies. Westcliffe, Colorado, the city that Grape Creek RV Park calls home, is one of the best International Dark Sky communities in the world.

The view of the night sky from your RV is unbeatable, the Milky Way clearly visible even from the lighted streets at night.

RV Milky Way

For this reason alone, Grape Creek RV Park is one of our top contenders for the best RV park in Colorado. But it certainly has more than just celestial vistas!

In and around the community, you can find rodeos, concerts, horseback riding, fishing, theater, shopping, star parties, hikes, ranches, and more!

14. Great Sand Dunes Oasis

Seems odd to have “sand dunes” and “oasis” in the same title, right? Well, as soon as you step foot on the Great Sand Dunes Oasis RV Park, it will all make sense.

This park is located in the Sand Luis Valley, home to the largest sand dunes in the world. They are naturally made from the erosion and wind damage the mountains take, but luckily, the high winds die down at the foot of the mountain where the park lies.

Here, there are tent sites and RV sites for reservation, as well as hot showers, shopping, and even a restaurant.

Just because this camp site looks a bit different from the others on the list that are lush with vegetation, forestry, lakes, and rivers doesn’t mean there isn’t still plenty to do. Hiking, mountain biking, sandboarding, sledding, and off-roading opportunities are all available for you at the Great Sand Dunes Oasis Park!

Great Sand Dunes Colorado

One of the greatest draws of the park is its strange and spooky history. The San Luis Valley has been the subject of extraterrestrial investigation for decades.

Whether or not you’re convinced by the UFO sightings, you can’t argue that the Great Sand Dunes Oasis Park isn’t a unique addition to the list of best RV parks in Colorado.

15. The Views RV Park & Campground

Just outside of Durango, The Views RV Park and Campground delivers on the promise of its name.

It’s one of the few locations in the Four Corners where you can truly see all the four corners! Arizona, New Mexico, Utah, and of course, Colorado are all visible from the highest points of the park.

In addition, The Views boasts 42 different hiking trails accessible from the park, as well as boating, fishing, paddle boarding, and golfing.

If you’re willing to stray a bit further outside the camp, there are vineyards and breweries galore! And for a slightly more glamorous stay, The Views RV Park has glamping tents available to reserve alongside the RV hookups.

The Views RV Park’s location within the Four Corners is special enough to secure its spot on the list of best RV parks in Colorado, but there’s a lot more that makes this particular camp great.

Final Thoughts on The Best RV Parks in Colorado

There is no shortage of scenic RV parks in Colorado for you to choose from. No matter your outdoorsy preference, you can bet there’s something fun for everyone. For more Colorado camping ideas, check out the 30 Best Places to Camp in Colorado.