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Maximize Space: 20 Innovative RV Storage Ideas You Need To Know

The experience of camping in an RV takes camping to another level of relaxation. Soft beds, shelter from the rain, no worrying about bears invading in the middle of the night…it’s hard to beat!

Unfortunately, there’s a downside to RV camping: there isn’t much storage space inside the RV. Luckily, there are plenty of RV storage ideas people have come up with to make up for this limitation. Here’s a list of our favorites!

rv storage ideas

RV Kitchen Storage Ideas

1. Collapsible Dish Drainer

Collapsible Dish Drying Rack Portable Dinnerware Drainer Organizer for Kitchen RV Campers Travel Trailer Space Saving Kitchen Storage Tray

RVs tend to have pretty limited counter space, if any. They also don’t come with dishwashers, which means you’ll be hand-washing your dishes. But where do you put them while they’re drying?

A collapsible dish drainer is a great solution! You can set it up when needed, but once your dishes are dry, you can fold it down and put it away without permanently taking up counter space.

2. Plastic Storage Bins for the Pantry

mDesign Plastic Stackable Kitchen Organizer - Storage Bin with Handles for Refrigerator, Freezer, Cabinet, and Pantry Shelves Organization - Food Container - Ligne Collection - 4 Pack - Clear

RV pantries tend to be narrow and deep. It’s easy for things to get lost in the depths of the shelves because of this design.

Luckily, this design is also ideal for plastic storage bins!

You can arrange these storage bins in a row and fill them up with your groceries. Slap a label on each to keep things organized, and voila! You have an easy organization system for your pantry storage.

3. Storage Bins for the Fridge and Freezer

ZNM Fridge Organizer, Set of 9 Stackable Refrigerator Organizer Bins with Lid for Freezer, Kitchen Cabinet, Fridge Organization and Pantry Storage Bins, BPA Free Plastic

Don’t think we forgot the cold groceries! RV fridges and freezers don’t have much space, particularly the freezers. Things can get chaotic quickly.

Thankfully, there are storage bins specially made for the fridge and freezer, too! These boxes come in different sizes, and all of them come with lids.

They’re also stackable, allowing you to get the most out of your fridge and freezer space.

4. Wall Mounts for Pot and Pan Lids

Joseph Joseph Cupboard Store - Set of 4 Pot and Pan Lid Holders Self Adhesive Wall Mount Storage Organizer, Suitable for Lids Up to 9 in , 3M VHB Tape Included, Gray

It can be difficult to make room for larger dishes like pots and pans, especially when they come with lids. Luckily, there’s a way to get them safely stored while keeping them out of your way!

By placing your lids in mounts designed to stick to the wall, you can keep your lids within easy reach without sacrificing storage space or counter space.

5. Stacked Under-Cabinet Storage

Simple Trending Stackable 2-Tier Under Sink Cabinet Organizer with Sliding Storage Drawer, Chrome

When everyone is shoving things into the cabinets willy-nilly, it can quickly become a disorganized disaster down there.

One solution for this RV storage problem is to invest in some stacked storage drawers!

These drawers will fit neatly inside the cabinets and cupboards in your RV, and they can help you keep everything in its proper place.

6. Wall Mounts for Spices

Bellemain Spice Gripper Clip Strips for Plastic Jars - Set of 3, Holds 12 Jars

One of the biggest perks of having an RV is being able to use the kitchen to cook. However, if you’re a spice-lover, it can be difficult to find space to store all those seasonings without crowding your pantry.

With these mounted gripper strips, you can actually store your seasonings on the inside of your pantry door. This way, you can keep them on hand in the pantry without taking up too much space.

7. Utensil Holder

Camco Suction Cup Utensil Holder | Features an Integrated Mechanical Suction Cup, Heavy-Duty Polymer Construction, and is Designed for Compact Spaces like RVs, Campers, Boats, and More (43816)

Another difficulty of RV storage is the lack of drawer space. While the drawers are suitable for storing kitchen utensils, let’s be honest…there are other things that will probably steal that space.

In addition, most utensil holders are big, bulky, and unsteady. You don’t want to park the RV and open the door to find your utensils all over the floor!

If you invest in a utensil holder made specifically for RV storage, you won’t regret it. These utensil holders are designed to fit in narrow spaces, and they often come with suction cups on the base, preventing mishaps!

8. Plate Holders

(1+1 Set) Upgrade RV Plate Holder, Dish Stacking Organizer - Small Stacker Fits Up to 7 1/4” Plates Large Stacker Fits Up to 10 1/4” Plates - with Non-Slip Backing - Protect Plates During Travel

Another issue with dishes in an RV: anything inside the cupboards is undoubtedly going to slide when the RV gets moving.

That’s where plate holders come in!

They’ll keep your plates safely stacked together, even if they slide around a bit during transit.

rv storage ideas

Bunk Room/Bedroom Storage Ideas

9. Hanging Storage Bags

9 Pieces Mini Wall Hanging Storage Bags Small Cotton Linen Storage Basket Foldable Storage Family Organizer Box Decorative Hanging Bag (Stylish)

Bunkrooms often present an extra challenge when it comes to RV storage. Kids tend to be protective of their things and their space, and when that space gets downsized, fights can quickly ruin the camping trip.

These hanging storage bags can help! By assigning each of your kids a certain number of storage bags, they can set their things in a safe place without stepping on each other’s toes.

10. Slim Laundry Basket

Caroeas 22" Rolling Slim Laundry Basket with Stand Foldable Waterproof Sorter and Organizer on Wheels Tall Thin Dirty Laundry Hamper Basket Home Corner Bin (Slim 22",Grey)

Our next RV storage idea solves another common problem in bunk rooms and bedrooms: no place to put laundry. It often either ends up on the floor or piled in some corner of the RV. And if you have a laundry basket, they’re often big and bulky, blocking your path and taking up more space than needed.

A slim laundry basket is the perfect solution! You can tuck it into any available nook in the bedroom or bunkroom, and it won’t be a nuisance. It also prevents your floors from getting paved with dirty socks.

11. Stackable Clothes Storage

ABO Gear G01 Bins Bags Closet Organizers Sweater Clothes Storage Containers, 3pc Pack, Gray, 3 Count

Speaking of clothes, this is another issue for many RV campers. Most bunkrooms only come with one shared closet, and there isn’t much room to unpack clothes. They usually end up staying in suitcases, but this can result in you and your kids living in musty-smelling outfits for the whole vacation.

Filling the closet with stackable storage bags for clothes is a great solution for this RV storage issue. This keeps everyone’s belongings separate while still allowing you to actually unpack your bags!

12. Mounted Shoe Holders

Yocice Wall Mounted Shoes Rack 6Pack with Sticky Hanging Strips, Plastic Shoes Holder Storage Organizer,Door Shoe Hangers (SM03-White-6)

How many times have you tripped over a stray shoe in your RV? Too many, right?

Here’s the solution: mounted shoe holders! You can stick these to just about any surface in your RV. Instead of kicking off your shoes anywhere and everywhere, by using this RV storage idea, you can set them safely in their designated holder.

You can even label them with each person’s name so they always know where to set their shoes!

RV Bathroom Storage Ideas

13. Over-The-Door Storage

Hioya Over Door Organizer, 6 Shelf Camper Storage, RV Bathroom Storage, Behind the Door Storage Organizer, Wall Mount Back of Door Hanging Organizers for Toy Diaper Bedroom Closet (Black)

Most RV bathrooms come with very, very little space for storage. Oftentimes, it’s just one cabinet for the entire family to share.

One way to expand this RV storage is by investing in an over-the-door organizer.

These organizers come with several pockets and “shelves” to store your shampoo, soap, conditioner, face wash, makeup, and anything else you want to keep close at hand!

14. Washcloth Holders

Prasacco 4 Pcs Tea Towel Holders, Self-Adhesive Tea Towel Hooks, Towel Holders for Kitchen Bathroom and Home

No more stacks of folded towels on the sink or one soggy, overused towel in the towel ring. These towel holders come in a set of four, which means up to four family members can each hang their own hand towel in the bathroom!

15. Shower Shelf Bar

RV Shower Corner Storage Bar- Adjustable Stainless Steel Rod for Corner Shelves in Camper, Length 7-13 inches- RV Bathroom Organization Must Have Accessories (1 Pack

Let’s be honest…the shower shelves in an RV aren’t adequate for holding anything. It’s very easy for your shampoo and soap to slip straight off the shelf, resulting in bruised toes and spilled shampoo. Nobody wants that!

The best solution to this RV storage problem is to invest in shower shelf bars. These bars will cordon off your shower shelves and keep your various bath products safely tucked inside!

16. Towel Hooks

Adhesive Towel Hooks for Hanging Heavy Duty Wall Hooks Stick on Bathroom, Kitchen, Glass Door,Tile, Mirror, No Tools Matte Black Robe Holder(6 Pack)

Of course, the tea towel holders won’t hold up full-size bath towels. This is where towel hooks come in!

Unlike many other towel hooks, which go over the door, you can stick these towel hooks wherever you like. That means you can use them and the over-the-door organizer without any issues.

rv storage ideas

Living Area Storage Ideas

17. Blanket Storage Bag

Comforter Storage Bag - Folding Organizer bag for King/Queen Comforters, Pillows, Blankets, Bedding/Quilt, Blanket, Duvet, Mothproof Space Saver; Large Collapsible Organizers, 24"x14"x11"

If you’re a fall and winter camper—or you just like to run the air conditioning as cold as it will go—you probably bring along a heap of blankets when camping.

But at some point, you’re going to run out of places to put them…which is why a blanket storage bag will come in handy!

You can slide this blanket bag into any storage space, whether that’s a closet, cabinet, or even under-seat storage. When you need some extra warmth, you can dig out the bag and take your pick.

18. Wall Storage for Games, Movies, and Cards

Kanrichu 2pcs Small Wall Hanging Organizer Bag, Linen Fabric Door Hanging Storage Basket with Pockets, Waterproof Bin for Kitchen, Bedroom, Office, RV Camper (Gray)

If rain strikes, you’re going to want plenty of indoor activities on hand. But where to store them?

You can hang a storage pouch on the wall to keep movies, games, and cards in without taking up precious storage space elsewhere!

Utility Storage Ideas

19. Hose Storage

RV Hose Storage Bag of 4 Pack,Camper Accessories for Outside,4 Colors of RV Equipment Storage Utility Bag,Conveniently Stores Fresh/Black Water Sewer Hoses Electrical Cords and RV Accessories

RV hoses can get messy, and the last thing you want to do is mix them up. These storage bags come with bold labels to prevent any issues identifying your hoses and keeping them safely stored!

20. Hanging Trash Receptacle

StoneSpace Hanging Small Trash Can with Lid Under Sink for Kitchen,1.3 Gallon/ 5L Mountable Compost Pail,Kitchen Compost Bin for Countertop, White

Another object that tends to take up a lot of unnecessary space in an RV is the trash can. By investing in a hanging trash bin, you can keep your walking space clear!

rv storage ideas

Store Your Things Safely!

Whether you use one or all of these RV storage ideas, your next camping trip will be a breeze with your brand-new tools for organizing and expanding your storage space!

For more RV camping tips, visit our RV camping section now!