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Sierra Design Sleeping Bags


What is the one thing that can make or break a camping trip?

It’s not the food. It’s not the weather (although sunny weather helps).

It’s getting a good night’s sleep.

If you struggle to get comfortable and fall asleep while camping you will have a rough time. Being too hot or too cold, unable to move about freely and feeling the hard ground beneath you are just a few of the reasons you may not be sleeping well.

Sierra Designs Sleeping Bags

Sierra Designs has a solution to poor sleep while camping. Their sleeping bags are some of the most practical, comfortable and maneuverable on the market today. They currently have three different types of sleeping bags for different types of campers.

All of Sierra Designs sleeping bags incorporate Dri Down, which is a waterproof down filler that was developed in 2012. Dri Down has the ability to stay dry 10x longer than normal down and is actually warmer because it retains it’s loft 2.7 times longer than normal down.

Bed Style Sleeping Bag

The Bed-Style sleeping bag is the perfect family / campground sleeping bag. It lacks bulky hardware, allows for easy movement and the built in comforter feels like you’re pulling up your blankets on your bed at home.

The bed style bag also has a few other features that make it incredibly comfortable. The first is the built in sleeping pad sleeve. This sleeve holds a standard size sleeping pad in place while you sleep, no more rolling off your sleeping pad and waking up on the hard ground.

Garment Style Sleeping Bag


We love our garment style bags, especially when camping in a Minnesota spring or fall.

The garmet-style bag from Sierra Designs allows you to wear your sleeping bag like a cross between a jacket, blanket and a robe. Two self sealing arm holes allow you to get your arms free from the bag without completely removing yourself. Unzip the foot of the bag and snap the bag up in the rear and your feet are free as well. This will allow you to stay toasty around an evening camp fire, stay warm for a mid-night bathroom break or to hang around in the tent in the evening or morning while staying warm.

Go ahead and check out Sierra Designs video about the Garmet Style Sleeping Bag:

Along with these two wonderful bags, Sierra Designs also offers  tradition mummy sleeping bags with Dri Down as well.

Our Thoughts On Sierra Designs Sleeping Bags

Our Sierra Designs garment style sleeping bags have been our go to camping bags for over a year now (my wife and I each have one). They come on every trip with us and we couldn’t imagine using a different sleeping bag.

Just this spring we got a bed style bag and have loved it just as much. Our only problem is now all of the kids want Sierra bags of their own!

Where To Purchase

You can purchase a Sierra Designs bag directly from the Sierra Designs Website. The garment-style bags range from about $170 – $650 while the bed-style sleeping bags range from $180 – $550.