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Skagit Pontoon – Fun and Affordable Fishing & Rec Boat

Recently I thought that getting a couple of kayaks for our family camping trips would be a blast (we do have a canoe & SUP already). We also have a great 78 acre lake within 4 blocks from our house and thought that we could get even more use out of the kayaks.

Where to Buy

As of May 2023, the Skagit Pontoon is no longer available, but I recommend checking out the newest models from Classic Accessories:

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Roanoke Pontoon

Most Features
Colorado XTS Pontoon

Best Mid-Range
Colorado Pontoon

While looking at kayaks online I came across inflatable pontoon boats. They are basically one man paddle boats that are durable, have metal frames, but the pontoon portions are inflatable, thus making them take up much less room. From what I could tell is that these pontoons would be the perfect affordable recreation boat to take out on Crystal Lake by our home and possibly even do some fishing (that is their main purpose).

Skatig Inflatable Pontoon

Once I had seen them, I couldn’t resist the idea of an inflatable pontoon. I did my research and found that Classic Accessories made a handful of different inflatable pontoons and that theirs were very highly rated, you can find their pontoons on Amazon here.

I contacted Classic Accessories and they graciously agreed to let me try out one of their boats. I gotta admit, I was excited like I was waiting for my birthday! These boats looked like too much fun.

The pontoon arrived on a Thursday night and the next day we were schedule to go and spend the weekend at Kelly’s dad’s cabin on Bay Lake (near Lake Mille Lacs). Everything was working out perfect.

Pontoon Still In Box

To make a long story short, everything didn’t work out quite perfect. Nearly every member of our family came down with the flu. So I didn’t quite get the time in on the lake that I wanted, but I still did put the pontoon together for the first time and took it out for an hour spin on the lake.

I was actually not very excited to put the boat together for the first time. I had planned on it taking me at least an hour and was prepared for the worst. To my surprise though, the Skagit was incredibly easy to put together. There were no screws or anything complicated. The entire set up is sliding a few bars into place and using some super easy clips to keep everything together.

I Had Great Help Figuring Out The Directions!

Ruthie Reading The Skagit Directions

Assembly Was Very Quick And Easy

Assembling The Skagit Pontoon

My Dad Helped Oversee The Assembly

Assembling The Skagit With My Dad

Once it was set up I had my dad help me carry it down to the lake. This pontoon is incredibly light and easy to move around.

Launching The Pontoon

Like I said, I only had about an hour on the lake this time, but I really enjoyed paddling around the lake and was impressed with the durability of the boat and how quickly it glided through the water. Nothing about this pontoon felt cheap or thin.

Skagit Pontoon, Classic Accessories

Taking the pontoon apart was also incredibly easy. When I left for home, I had it packed into the back of my suburban within 3 minutes.

This past week I had some more time to spend with the pontoon at Crystal Lake which is just four blocks from our house. I took the Skagit out of my garage and had it set up in the yard in 4 minutes. Like I said above, this thing is super easy to put together.

Isaiah Loved Pretending To Paddle

Isaiah In The Boat

While the boat is light, it is to big to carry and I felt like getting a little exercise. So I took two furniture dollies out of my garage and stuck one under each of the pontoons. I then used the anchor rope as a tow rope and pulled the pontoon down to the water. This was super easy, and kind of fun.

My Pontoon Transportation System

Pontoon Transportation

Again, paddling the Skagit around the lake was incredibly easy and very relaxing.

Skagit Pontoon Classic Accessories

Sadly, my last few weeks have been very busy and I have not yet taken the pontoon out fishing. I am thinking that grabbing my pole, a snack and a beer and loading up the Skagit would be a perfect evening after work some night. I will take a few photos when I do this and let you know how it goes.

Technical Info:

  • Assembled size: 96″L x 55″W x 29″H.
  • Weight capacity: 350 lbs.
  • Weight: 60.6 lbs.
  • Loaded with angler-friendly features
  • Seat rides high to make casting and spotting fish easy
  • Powder-coated steel frame
  • Abrasion-resistant PVC bottoms
  • Over-the-lap stripping basket with fish ruler
  • Rated for Class-1 rivers

Overall, I think that for the price point of the Skagit by Classic Accessories you are getting a great boat and a great value for your money.

Check out the latest models from Classic Accessories on Amazon.

Crystal Lake Robbinsdale


Friday 23rd of August 2013

It is a cool boat. I liked how Ryan hauled it down to the lake by our house with some string and wheels! I wish it came in large family size.


Thursday 22nd of August 2013

This looks like so much fun and I love that you don't have to have a trailer or truck to haul it around. Thanks for sharing!