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21 Small Camper Van Interior Ideas for a Comfortable and Convenient Road Trip

With the limited space you have available, deciding how you want to build out your camper van can be a challenge.

Of course, you want to save as much space as possible. But surely you want a space that looks and feels good to live in, right? When it comes to comfort, space-saving design is the name of the game!

If you’re at a loss for what to do and searching for some inspiration, we’re here to help you.

Keep reading for space-saving small camper van interior ideas!

Small Camper Van Interior Ideas

Sleeping Quarters

1. Stowable Bed

Stowable or conversion beds are the camper van equivalent of a Murphy bed. You can find models that fold away into the wall or collapse down into the floor, or DIY your own to suit your needs!

Instead of having your bed take up half of your interior space all day long, you can give up less space by stowing the bed away.

It won’t completely disappear into the structure of the van, but it will certainly open up your living space to allow for freedom of movement and new interior design possibilities.

2. Bunk Beds

Are you on the van living journey with your family and searching for design ideas that will maximize your space while still meeting your needs? Take advantage of your vertical space with some bunk beds!

Bunk beds or lofted beds are an awesome choice for the interior of your camper van because of all the possible configurations.

You can go for the traditional bunk bed setup, especially for kids, and use the space you would usually use for one bed to have two.

Or, you can opt for some lofted beds for a more DIY setup. This way, you can arrange your space exactly the way you want.

Functional Van Living

Either way, adding some height to your beds can make more space in your sleeping area or more room for storage and play!

3. Seating to Bed Conversion

Another great idea that utilizes your space for a more comfortable interior setup is seating that can convert into a bed.

There are quite a few different varieties of this seating area-bed conversion, meaning lots of options to choose from depending on your preference and van size.

One option is seats that fold out flat to form a mattress-like cushion that is convenient and comfy for sleeping. Tuck your bedding away in some hidden storage or pull-out cabinet, and no one will be the wiser!

Another popular option is a modular seating arrangement. When you’re ready for bed, you can disassemble the cushions of your couch to create a functional bed.

Dining Area

4. Swiveling Seats and Cab Access

One interior design idea that can save you space and money is turning your cab into a dining area!

The first step in creating this space-opening dining solution is ensuring you have some kind of cab access from the van.

Camper Van Seats

This is common in some styles of camper vans anyway, but if your van doesn’t come with cab access already, it’s an easy enough process to make a cutaway.

The next step is to install some swiveling seats! If you can utilize the seating options you already have for more than one purpose, then you free up space for other important things.

Once you have your seats swiveling, it’s time to decide on your table setup. You have lots of table options, from stowable to foldable to pullout. Whichever you choose, you now have a fully functional, comfortable dining setup without adding any permanent extra furniture to your interior space.

5. Hanging Table

Another fun dining option that can be easily stowed away is a hanging table. This would involve installing some brackets to the roof of the van, then securing a table sans legs to the brackets via rope or chain.

For easy access and use, you can even secure the table via a pulley system that lets you raise and lower the table solo and at will.

Though this option isn’t great to utilize while in motion, once you set up camp for the night, you can enjoy a nice meal on your hanging table without sacrificing space!

6. Murphy Table

Even if you choose not to utilize your cab space for dining, you can still make great use of a foldable Murphy table.

Whether purchased from a manufacturer or DIYed, a Murphy table can be installed into a wall to pull down when necessary and put back up, almost undetectable, when not in use.

In addition to providing a convenient, space-saving dining area, the table can also help split up and compartmentalize the space.


7. Couch Storage

There’s nothing better than having a nice, comfy couch to stretch out on in your living area. But, in a space as small as a camper van, that’s not always the smartest use of your limited space.

However, if you can make your couch a multipurpose storage solution, then it would be totally worth it!

You can purchase your couch with storage already built-in or easily DIY it yourself—either way, you can use the underneath structure of your couch to store food, clothing, bedding, or gear.

Camper Van Storage

Some storage couches will feature removable cushions or cushions that fold up to reveal storage boxes underneath.

Alternatively, some of these couches have pull-out drawers or built-in cabinets for hidden storage.

You can potentially get multiple square feet of extra storage space out of your couch, which certainly justifies installing a comfy couch to lounge on in your living space.

8. Netting

When it comes to the tight interior space of your camper van, an ergonomic design that is cute and functional is crucial.

One way to kill two birds with one stone is to install netting on the sides and roof of your van. You can then use the netting to store clothing, food, or personal items and decorate the nets with photos or beads!

This way, you’re adding some personal, decorative touches while still adding some extra storage that’s up out of the way.

9. Recessed Storage

As cute and organized as shelving looks in your camper van, it can be a bit inconvenient. Yes, you’re adding some storage and organization, but you’re also occupying space while doing so.

If you want to save some space while still taking advantage of shelving, try recessed storage!

Small Van Shelving

Similar to built-in fixtures in a home, recessed storage or shelving is fitted into the wall as opposed to sticking out of it.

This cool design solution allows you to take advantage of the wall space you have available without adding more furniture to the existing space.


10. Extendable Kitchen

Extendable kitchens are perfect for fans of outdoor dining! And no, not camper chairs in front of a grill kind of outdoor dining (but that can be great, too).

Pullout drawers can be used for more than just storage! Especially if your kitchenette is positioned by a door.

Install a thin tabletop or even piece of plywood over some drawer runners and extend your countertop space all the way outdoors.

11. Jar Wall Storage

This particular design idea is perfect for anyone who buys wholesale or zero-waste foods, but it really can work for anyone.

Utilize the overhead space in your kitchen area for some cute, functional storage. All you need are some mason jars that you can use for dry storage.

Install a magnetic strip or superglue the mason jar lids to the ceiling or bottom of an overhead cabinet unit for secured food storage that doesn’t clutter up your pantry space!

12. Slide-Out Pantry

When you’re living the camper van life, it’s crucial to have all the food and supplies you need on hand and easily accessible. But that requires a lot of storage space!

Small Camper Van Interior Ideas

If you’re not stoked about the idea of giving up square footage of your interior space to dedicate to a dry storage pantry, consider installing a pull-out one!

All you need to dedicate is a thin, vertical bit of cabinet space to install some drawer runners and shelves, and you’ll have yourself a sliding pantry that takes up way less space than a traditional closet-style pantry!


13. Outdoor Shower

If you’re in the right climate, an outdoor shower is an excellent space-saving option!

You can hook up your outdoor shower to your camper’s manifold. Depending on the make or model, you can even get hot water in your outdoor shower.

Most people think of an outdoor shower as a quick wash after the beach, but given the right setup, an outdoor shower can be just as cleansing and refreshing as a typical indoor shower and a whole lot less cumbersome!

Van Living Shower

You can adjust how much privacy you need by installing a curtain and pole in a door or showering in a bathing suit.

Removing the shower area from your camper by adding an outdoor shower will free up tons of space in the interior of your camper.

14. Chemical Toilets

Chemical toilets are a portable camping or van life space-saving solution compared to a full toilet hookup.

Because they use chemicals in lieu of a flushing mechanism, they are completely portable, can be stowed away, and don’t require any kind of hookup.

They do require frequent emptying, but portable toilets are a great, budget-friendly substitution for a full bathroom setup if you’re searching for ways to save space.

When they aren’t in use, you can simply store them in a place where they won’t be in the way, maybe under a bench or inside of a cabinet.

15. Pullout Bathrooms

One more option for functional space-saving bathroom ideas is a pullout bathroom.

You’re likely familiar with the idea of pullout cabinets in your pantry, but did you know you can use the same setup to tuck your whole bathroom away?

If you have a portable toilet of any kind, it’s pretty easy to install it in a pullout drawer. But you can also pull your shower and shower curtain out of a higher drawer above it.

This way, you still have the privacy that an indoor bathroom setup can offer without sacrificing your space or your wallet!

Roof or Ceiling

16. Roof Deck

Do you feel like you need some extra space away from your bed or dining area? Then, consider turning the roof of your camper van into a deck!

Small Van Kitchen

A van roof deck is a fabulous way to expand your space and give you some room for outdoor dining, star gazing, or just relaxing in the sun.

Install a ladder on the side of your camper van or use a collapsible one that can be easily stowed away for easy access,

If the top of your camper is rounded, then you might need to install a palette or a bit of decking to make the surface flat and usable. But overall, it’s still a budget-friendly way to extend your van’s usable space and mix up your lounging.

17. Pop Top Roof

If you’re not too keen on the roof deck idea and want some extra space that’s more private and protected, a pop-top roof could be a great option for you!

There are many different ways to utilize your pop-top roof. You can leave it open and empty to expand your space vertically. This allows for room to stand up fully in your van, which is particularly beneficial for cooking or using your bathroom area.

Camper Van Pop Top

Alternatively, you can utilize it as a space saver! Some pop-tops are equipped to support a bed. This can be in addition to a bed in another space in the van to give some more privacy.

Or, the pop-top roof bed can be your sole sleeping space, opening up the whole interior of your camper van for other purposes!

If you aren’t interested in using the extra space for sleeping, you can also use the pop-top roof for additional storage.

Some vans are designed to be compatible with a pop-top roof—all you need to do is properly install it. However, if your van isn’t equipped for it, you can still convert your roof to be compatible with a universal pop-top addition.

18. Adventure or Sports Gear Storage

If you like to take your adventure beyond the van, you might need some space to store your gear. Whether you’re a surfer, biker, kayaker, snowboarder, or even hiker, you’re gonna have some extra stuff to store somewhere.

It’s common to use the back of your camper van as a garage space. But if you have multiple beds or multiple folks in the van, you might not have a “garage.”

This is when your vertical space really comes in handy! Using ropes or brackets, you can tie up your board, bike, or kayak out of the way on the ceiling of your van, out of sight, out of mind.

Just make sure you secure your gear well!


19. All White

Though this idea isn’t technically space-saving, it will definitely make your interior feel much more roomy!

All-white interiors don’t just make the space feel bigger than it is—there’s a legit explanation for it.

Van Living

White fully reflects all visible light, ridding a room of shadows and opening up a space. Having fewer darkened corners, nooks, or crannies can feel like a breath of fresh air in a small space like a camper.

A white, monochromatic look can also hide and neutralize usually disruptive-looking storage.

As much as space-saving is practical for van life, it’s also emotional. Feeling cluttered or enclosed in a small space can make you anxious or unsettled. Introducing white interiors to your camper van can help to alleviate those feelings and open up your home on wheels!

20. Hammock

Utilizing your vertical space is just as important as utilizing your horizontal space. Even if your van is only one story, you can add another level of cool comfort by introducing a hammock!

It provides extra seating and lounge space without cluttering up the floor area. And when you’re ready to put it away, you can simply unhook or untie it and store it away against the wall.

Plus, a cute hammock can add a cozy, boho vibe to your camper van interior! Stylish, practical, and space-saving.

21. Magnetic Strips

Visible space-saving storage and organization can still be chic. Installing magnetic strips is a subtle, simple way to organize your things cleanly.

Utensils, tools, cosmetics, spice jars, or even your children’s toy cars can all be neatly organized and easily accessible without taking up precious space in cabinets, drawers, or countertops.

Small Camper Van Interior Ideas

Items organized neatly in a line are pleasing to the eye while still being ergonomic and useful.

Got Some new Ideas for Your Camper Van?

With all the inspiration out there from other camper van enthusiasts, there’s no shortage of wonderful interior design ideas to optimize your space for comfortable, convenient camping!

If you’re looking to get started on your van camping journey or just want some more van living ideas and inspiration, check out our Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to Van Camping.