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A Camping Trip To Wild Mountain


Last fall, as we were busy wrapping up our camping season, we thought it would be fun to throw in one last trip. We arranged to camp at Wildwood Campground, which is related to Wild Mountain, Taylors Falls Recreation. It was too cold already for the waterpark fun, but I was excited about the alpine slides! Over the weekend I was thinking you might be starting to make your summer plans. Take a look at what the camping trip to Wild Mountain was like for our family. You never know it may be just what you have been searching for while looking for a camping vacation.

Wildwood Campground

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Wildwood campground is owned by the same group that runs Wild Mountain and the famous Scenic Boat Tours in Taylors Falls. The campground itself is clean and the folks in the office are very kind. The office is set up like a hotel lobby with a large sitting area near a big fireplace. Check in was easy and we had no issues finding our way to our campsite.

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Ryan and I really like to have some sort of privacy while camping. At Wildwood campground there isn’t a true space for you to feel as though you are tucked away surrounded by trees and bushes. Most of the sites are lined up side by side. Across from us was a large open area that is used for tents and trailers. The outer ring of the campground has tent sites, but most of those outer ringed sites also come with a drop off into the lower part a the cliff. I would suggest if your camping with little people stick to the open middle sections at this campground.

Sites For The Tent

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Beautiful Space On The Edge

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The bathrooms were clean and painted nicely. Overall, I was impressed with how well kept the whole campground was at Wildwood. I would have no issues against staying at Wildwood campground, again.

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The playground area was the highlight for my family. The kids played all afternoon, even into the rainy parts of the day. I could barely get them to come back to our camper! My favorite photo from the whole trip was the one above, where the kids were playing on the lion. There is a very small putt putt golf course off to the side of the playground, too. I wished we would have visited earlier in the season, so we could have enjoyed the heated pool.

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The prices to stay at Wildwood Campground are similar to other campgrounds. You can expect to pay a little extra if your party is larger than 4 people, which mine always is!


We thought the campground was good and nothing stood out as far as making it a place you have to stay at, but like us I think most people staying at Wildwood aren’t there for the campground. Instead they travel to Taylors Falls for the Wild Mountain and hiking experience. The campground provides a free shuttle bus to and from the two locations. We could not wait to spend the day at the park!

Wild Mountain

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First thing I need to tell you is don’t forget your wallet and be ready to empty it! Ryan and I were shocked at the prices they were asking for the rides. This is one reason why I love the purpose of So often you can plan a whole family trip from your living room and you think you are heading out to the best vacation ever. Only to find when you get there, it isn’t all that you thought it was. The reason for this is because companies want to get you there. Unfortunately, sometimes that means you will be planning a trip based off of photos taken from when they remodeled… 15 years ago or there has been times when I showed up to a location and wondered if they had used purchased photos from an online photo stock company! You can be sure to hear our 100% honest reviews of the places we visit. This time around I think Wild Mountain is very spendy.

Wild Mountain is home to five water rides, a wild adventure island and a kiddie water park! They also have a Alpine slide ride, which was a blast to ride down. Lastly, they host a small go-kart track, too. You can expect to do all this for around $40 per person. For our family we split up the dry ride tickets to save some cash. After a couple of hours playing at Wild Mountain we drove over to Interstate State Park for a little hiking.

Taylors Falls Family Fun Day

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I love the natural backdrops and the rich colors Interstate State Park provides. Plus, it gives us a place to connect with our children. I grew up visiting Taylors Falls with my parents and I enjoy passing down traditions like this with my family.

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Wildwood campground is far enough away from our home to make it fell like a getaway, yet close enough to do without traveling very far away. We have gone up to Taylors Falls for day trips, too. The best time to visit Taylors Falls is the first and second weekend in October. The leaves will be changing into their true colors.

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I hope this helps you with your summer vacation plans. If not – come back later to see our other trips. The first one for 2014 is happening very soon!

Happy Camping – Kelly

Jolene W.

Monday 6th of July 2015

I would suggest buying your Wild Mountain tickets in advance online. It will save you lots of money.

Holly Pywell

Monday 13th of October 2014

Hi Ryanc, obviously you had a great experience from your last camping trip. But that would be more touchable for us if you please fix your published pictures. Mate !! Pictures are not flashing here...


Tuesday 4th of November 2014

Sorry, we had a huge crash on our server and I am still working on uploading photos into our websites. Thank you for stopping by.