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The Best Couples Travel Trailer: Enjoy Romance on the Road

If you’re an outdoor lover, you know how serene and relaxing camping can be with your loved one, especially with busy schedules. Sometimes though, traditional camping can be a bit more complicated and less enjoyable depending on changing weather and seasons. But, with a travel trailer, you and your significant other can explore no matter the weather or time of year!

Here, we have composed the top 5 best couples travel trailers that make exploring more comfortable and fun. With something for everybody, you’ll love these picks. Of course, if these aren’t your style, keep reading till the end for a complete buyer’s guide to the best couples travel trailers!

best couples travel trailer

Our Top Picks

Best Overall
2023 Coleman Lantern LT 17R

Best Homey Comforts
2024 Heartland Pioneer RD210

Best Storage Options
2024 Forest River Flagstaff Micro Lite 21FBRS

Best Compact Trailer
2022 Dutchman Coleman Rubicon 1608RB

Best Modern Feel
2023 Forest River Rockwood Geo-Pro 20FBS

Best Overall

2023 Coleman Lantern LT 17R

If you’re a newbie to the camping or camping trailer world, this Comlan Lantern is the perfect pick. This is the perfect couple’s travel trailer as it has everything two people need without any extra complications.

This trailer is 21.42 feet long and has a dry weight of 2,970 pounds, making it a light, compact, yet somewhat luxury-styled camper. This camper can comfortably sleep up to four people with a two-person bunkhouse and queen mattress. There is an air conditioning unit and an included fireplace that can be used as decor or as your furnace when the night gets cool.

The dinette area can seat 4 with the convertible bench seating and underneath storage areas. The kitchen area is perfect for quick meals with a two burner range, fridge with included tiny freezer, a microwave, and single sink.

A small bathroom includes a shower and a toilet, so you can spare having to use communal bathroom spaces.

With a built-in awning, you can set up a whole outdoor space with this couple’s travel trailer while keeping cool in the shade or protected from rain.


  • Lightweight
  • Included bathroom
  • Multiple places to sleep
  • Interior fireplace


  • Tiny kitchen worktop/counter space
  • The bathroom is small, and there is no sink in the bathroom area

Best Homey Comforts

2024 Heartland Pioneer RD210

Enjoy all the comforts of home on the road with this travel trailer for couples. You definitely won’t be roughing it in this 26.75-foot, 4,728-pound dry-weight camper.

Inside, you can sleep up to four people comfortably with a queen bed. You’ll feel just as comfy as you do at home, making for a more rested and overall better camping experience. The couch area with a TV is the perfect place to relax and watch a favorite movie after a long hike or a day of exploration.

The kitchen has an eight cubic foot fridge, three burner cooktop, traditional oven, microwave, and a double sink. This makes preparing meals or prepping snacks easy. The dinette area can be used for meal times or transformed into a bed area for sleeping.

The bathroom is roomy for a small trailer and includes a shower, toilet, and sink. Storage areas are under the sink, and a small cabinet is available to store your toiletries.


  • Many sleeping areas
  • Cable hookups


  • Narrow walking areas

Best Storage Options

2024 Forest River Flagstaff Micro Lite 21FBRS

If it’s hard for you or your significant other to pack light, you must check out this best travel trailer for couples. The Forest River Flagstaff Micro Lite is the best camper to get you on the road to your next adventure.

This compact trailer is 22.33 feet long and has a dry weight of 4,493 pounds. With one slide-out, this small camper feels roomy once you open it up.

There is a queen-sized bed with two separate wardrobe areas, making packing up your camping clothes more accessible than ever—no more digging through bags looking for that other matching sock.

There is tons of overhead storage throughout the camper to keep your camping essentials and extra snacks. Speaking of snacks, the kitchen has a three-burner gas range with a traditional gas oven, microwave, fridge with freezer, and a large sink. This makes preparing fun camping home-cooked meals more effortless than ever. Cook breakfast on the outdoor griddle or grill up some burgers and keep the inside of the camper cooler during the summer months.

The bathroom includes a shower, toilet, sink, linen cabinet, and mirror. That way, you can store all your toiletries and bathroom accessories easily.

The 72-inch couch feels like your couch at home, and with the 32-inch TV, you can sit back, relax, and make some popcorn to enjoy your favorite movies or shows on those chilly nights. Making this camper the perfect romantic trailer for two.


  • Tons of storage space
  • Large sofa and TV
  • Multiple cooking spaces


  • It can only sleep up to three people

Best Compact Trailer

2022 Dutchman Coleman Rubicon 1608RB

If you’re looking for a more compact couples travel trailer, you’ll love the Dutchman Coleman Rubicon. Are you not into fancy details and are just looking to have a comfortable place to catch some Z’s? You and your significant other now have space to rest up and get cleaned up for another day or adventure.

20.58 feet in length and 3,882 pounds in dry weight, this compact travel trailer may be small, but it’s not lacking the comforting amenities your traditional tent doesn’t have. There is one slide-out that makes the camper feel much larger and gives you two more room to move.

This camper sleeps two comfortably, while the couch can be used as another place to sleep. The kitchen has a two-burner range, a microwave, a large ten cubic-foot fridge, a small worktop, and a large kitchen sink, which is a nice setup for a travel trailer for couples.

The bathroom has a small shower, toilet, and sink. Perfect for getting cleaned up after a long hike without sharing any communal shower spaces, so you can keep it nice and private.

There are some small storage spaces and ample passthrough storage, so you can bring all the things that make your camping trip even more comfortable.


  • Slideout makes compact camper feel larger
  • Plenty of fridge space


  • Tight walking areas

Best Modern Feel

2024 Forest River Rockwood Geo-Pro 20FBS

Looking for a modern camping feel? Are you tired of seeing the same layouts of your grandparents’ old camper? With the Geo-Pro, this is a couples travel trailer game changer.

With a length of 21.67 feet and a dry weight of 3,442 pounds, this is a perfect camper for even the most novice campers. This camper can comfortably sleep three adults, and with one slide-out, it makes the trailer feel much larger and more comfortable.

There is a full-sized bed perfect for two and an above-the-bed shelf for even more storage options.

Relax on the oh-so-comfy 72-inch sofa that mimics your couch at home, and with a 32-inch TV with cable hook up, you can even catch the big game while on the road.

The kitchen includes a large kitchen sink, fridge, microwave, traditional oven, and three gas burner range. Perfect for cooking up some camping staples for you and your significant other. The bathroom is a decent size for being a small camper with a shower, toilet, and sink. There is more overhead storage in the bathroom to keep your personal belongings.

Outside includes a large awning to create the perfect outdoor living space, and with the outdoor griddle, you can hang out all day relaxing and preparing your meals in the middle of nature with your new couple’s travel trailer.


  • Compact with amenities
  • Multiple storage places
  • Couch and TV set up


  • No countertop or much workspace

Complete Buyers Guide: Best Couples Travel Trailers

Tow Capacity

Before jumping in and purchasing a new couples travel trailer for that romantic weekend getaway, you’ll need to know what your vehicle can tolerate. All vehicles will list a tow capacity and hitch capacity.

You’ll need to be sure the vehicle you own can be used to haul a trailer. Now, unlike back in the day, you don’t need to have a giant monster truck to haul a camper. Quite the opposite, actually. Many 4-wheel drive SUVs can easily tow these couples travel trailers, which is excellent since they are better on gas and are more comfortable for longer hauls!

Extra Features

Need some extra features? Campers have an abundance of modern amenities that can make us feel the comforts of home while being out in nature.

Some features will be significant, such as bathrooms and kitchen spaces, but some can be as simple as having the space to walk about the bed.

Some things to think about and see if they are essential to you and your significant other are TVs, AC and heating units, extra storage options, cable hookups, and backup cameras, to name a few.

Outdoor Features

If being outdoors your whole camping trip is important, you’ll want to have a few features to make your outdoor lounging even more relaxing.

Some added features for outside your camper include exterior kitchen space or side panel griddles. Or a large awning that can be pulled out to create a comfortable outdoor living space where you can place furniture and other amenities.

Bathrooms and Kitchens

Not every camper desires to have their personal bathrooms, but they can be much more private than communal showers and toilets. Depending on your personal preference, this could be a deal breaker for some.

As far as having a kitchen, there are many options to choose from. Some kitchens will have three burners and an oven, whereas others may just have two simple burners. If you want to make some eggs or heat some soup, you might not need an extensive kitchen configuration.

Of course, if you are looking to prepare meals and snacks, maybe feed more than just yourself, a larger style kitchen with a bigger fridge and more burners could be something you’d enjoy.


Storage is a crucial component when camping, whether in a couple’s travel trailer or a traditional camping tent. Either way, you’ll need at least some storage space in your trailer for necessary items when hiking and adventuring.


Depending on the type of camper you choose, if it has a bathroom or a kitchen, TVs, or other electronics, you’ll need to make sure the places you decided to have your romantic getaway can fit your camper’s needs.

If you frequently travel to a place that doesn’t have the proper hookups for a specific camper, that could decide what you need for you. Of course, you can always find other places to camp!

best couples travel trailer

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there campers with king-sized beds?

Yes! A lot of campers are fitted with either full or queen-sized mattresses, but some campers have king-sized beds.

Do I have to purchase a smaller camper if I am new to camping?

Absolutely not! You don’t have to purchase the smallest camper if you are new. There will be a bit of a learning curve when it comes to learning how to haul a camper, but it is something you can learn, and with so many backup cameras and the help of family or friends, you’ll be a pro in no time.

What if I can’t make up my mind when choosing a camper?

You can always find a camper to rent if you’re not one to jump the gun and make such a large purchase. That way, you can make sure it’s something you’d like to purchase in the future!

Wrapping Up The Best Couples Travel Trailers

When looking for the best couple’s travel trailers, it’s easy to see so many options available for that romantic retreat. Make sure you pick a trailer that fits your camping style, works with where you want to camp, and makes you more comfortable overall. Before you know it, you’ll be planning these camping dates even more frequently!

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