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Kick Back and Relax: Choose the Best Camping Chair With a Footrest From These 5

There’s nothing better than having camp all set up with the fire crackling away and a cool breeze blowing through the trees. It’s now time to fully relax, kick your feet up, and forget all your troubles.

Unfortunately, with your typical camping chairs, putting your feet up really isn’t an option unless you have your cooler or a tree stump nearby. Not to mention, these options are less than desirable for maintaining comfort.

Here, we have the top five best camping chairs with footrests for the ultimate campsite comfort. Keep reading for a comprehensive buyer’s guide to help you choose the best camping chair with a footrest for you on this list. That way, you be sure to get precisely what you need!

Camping Chair With a Footrest

Our Top Picks

Best Overall
FAIR WIND Oversized Fully Padded Camping Lounge Chair With Footrest

Best Weight Support
VINGLI Heavy Duty Fishing Chair With Footrest Support

Best Reclining
POEPORE Reclining Camping Chair With Removable Footrest and Headrest

Best Overall

FAIR WIND Oversized Fully Padded Camping Chair With Footrest

FAIR WIND Oversized Fully Padded Camping Lounge Chair with Footrest, Stool Set, Heavy Duty Folding Arm Chair with Cooler Bag and Headrest - Support 300 LBS (Blue Grey)

This is your pick if you’re in the market for the best oversized camping chair with a footrest. The alloy steel frame makes for a sturdy yet lightweight camping chair that includes a carrying case for easy travel.

Weighing in at 12 pounds, this camping chair with a footrest keeps your gear light without sacrificing comfort. Speaking of extra comfort, the larger seat area offers a more effortless get-in and -out experience, and the higher back offers more lumbar and neck support. Designed with oxford materials, this is the best fabric for outdoor use as it’s tear-resistant and can easily be wiped clean.

With four cross-bracing frame points for extra reinforcement, you won’t have to worry about the chair collapsing or becoming less sturdy from multiple uses.

This chair is comfortable, and the footrest can have multiple uses since it is not attached to the chair. You can use it as a small side camping table; it is even sturdy enough to be used as a small stool.

Use the built-in cup holders to grab your favorite drink and kick your feet back with the best camping chair with a footrest.


  • Lightweight.
  • Braced frame.
  • Separate footrest.


  • The footrest is detached.
  • Carrying case could be better.

Best Weight Support

VINGLI Heavy Duty Fishing Chair With Footrest Support

VINGLI Heavy Duty Fishing Chair with Footrest Support 440 LBS, Oversized Camping Chairs with 160° Adjustable High Back, Beach Chair for Outdoors/Yard/Forest

This chair is comfortable for any camping or fishing trip and has durability like none other. Made of aluminum and alloy steel, the chair is longer and broader than standard camping chairs, offering extra room and comfort.

This camping chair with a footrest weighs 27 pounds, which is a bit heavier, but that is because of the quality materials it has been built with. The premium polyester fabrics are tear-resistant and offer a more robust material that can handle the outdoors easily.

The paw-like feet grip onto almost any terrain, making a stable seat that won’t tip. The breathable mesh backing is perfect for those hot summer days as it allows the fabric to breathe and a breeze to reach you while seated.

When it’s time for a nap, just lay the chair back and create a sleeping cot in a matter of seconds. Once it’s time to leave, the camping chair will fold away flat for easy storage.


  • Paw-like feet.
  • It can be laid all the way back.
  • Breathable, comfortable fabrics.


  • The footrest detaches alone at times.

Best Reclining

POEPORE Reclining Camping Chair With Removeable Footrest and Headrest

POEPORE Reclining Camping Chair with Removable Footrest Lounge Chair with Headrest, Cotton Cushion, Portable Adjustable Folding Chairs for Adults

This ergonomically designed camping chair with a footrest is the only chair you’ll need when camping outdoors. Weighing in at 12 pounds, it’s easy to carry with the rest of your gear, and with the 90-degree reclinable option, it turns into a comfy bed at night.

The footrest is removable, the sponge pillow top can be removed during hot weather, and a built-in pocket and cup holder can keep everything you need within arm’s reach. So you can customize this chair to keep you at peak comfort over the duration of your trip.

The stainless steel frame and cotton materials make this chair perfect for all weather conditions that can and will happen during your camping trip, so you’ll be extra prepared.

The removable pad is machine washable, and the cotton materials can easily be wiped down with warm water and soap. Even if you’re not a big camper, this chair is excellent for kid’s baseball games or other outdoor activities.


  • Can lay all the way back.
  • Removable padding.
  • Side pockets and cup holder.


  • Difficult to fold.

Best Breathable Fabric

OUTDOOR LIVING SUNTIME Portable Mesh Chair With Removeable Footrest

OUTDOOR LIVING SUNTIME Camping Folding Portable Mesh Chair with Removable Footrest

Nothing is worse than sitting at the campsite in a chair with zero airflow. It’s impossible to get comfortable when sweating through your clothes. Fear not because this breathable camping chair with a footrest will make you feel nice and cool while relaxing.

The alloy steel frame creates a durable chair that can hold 200 pounds. The polyester mesh material is also tear-resistant and offers a breezy change compared to the all-polyester backing on other standard camping chairs.

You can easily remove this chair’s footrest and change the back’s recline positioning to make this chair extra comfortable.

Included with this camping chair with a footrest is a comfortable pillow to use to make napping even nicer after that long hike. So kick your feet up in this camping chair and enjoy the nature around you.


  • Cup holder.
  • Storage pocket.
  • Adjustable back.


  • Plastic support brackets.
  • It’s not easy to fold.

Best Cozy Factor

Suntime Oversized Padded Moon Round Saucer Sofa Chair

Suntime Oversized Padded Moon Round Saucer Sofa Chair, Portable Folding Camping Chair, with Removable Footrest, Carry Bag - Gray

You’ll need this moon chair if you’re less of a summertime camper and more of a fall traveler. The cozy, padded, moon-shaped chair is exceptionally durable with an iron frame and can hold up to 265 pounds.

The breathable fabric holds in warmth, but not too much to make you feel uncomfortable, and the footrest is easy to attach and detach when you want to use it or not. The extra stable leg design keeps the chair upright and unable to tip over when getting in and out.

Great for camping, kid’s games, and other outdoor activities. Easy to fold, you can store these chairs in the car easily or bring them to the campsite. Weighing in at only 12 pounds, even the kids can grab it from the camping gear without issue.


  • Extra cozy.
  • Sturdy leg design.
  • It comes with a carrying case.


  • Seams rip easily.

Buyers Guide: Choosing a Camping Chair with a Footrest


When looking to purchase a camping chair with a footrest, you’ll want to pay attention to the materials the chair is made with. Not only are the framing materials important but the fabrics are as well.

Alloy steel is a standard metal used when making these types of camping chairs as they are mostly just a lightweight coated metal that won’t rust the first time it encounters the outdoors.

The same goes for aluminum framing. These metals are much more lightweight than your typical patio furniture but offer the same durability and comfort in a smaller, lighter version.

When looking at materials for the fabrics, look for cotton, nylons, polyesters, and oxford fabrics, as these will give you the most durable wear and the easiest to clean, which is a must when bringing these chairs to the campground.

Removable Versus Standalone Footrests

There are two types of camping chairs with footrests: the removable type and the stand-alone footrest.

Camping chairs with a removable footrest can tend to tip when you are trying to get out, but they are much more comfortable and relaxing than the stand-alone solo footrest because they cradle your entire body.


With the stand-alone version, you can use the footrest for multipurpose such as a small table when cooking or to hold your drinks, even a small stool for the kids.


Make sure the camping chair with a footrest has sturdy framing and multiple anchor points. You’ll know this by seeing multiple crisscrossing frameworks that help keep the chair upright and balanced. These also help prevent the camping chair from collapsing in on itself and keeping you lifted versus sunken.


Many camping chairs with a footrest will sell the fact that the footrest can be removed, so you’re left with just the chair. Another feature is an adjustable backrest, which sometimes can turn the camping chair into a camping cot. If you need a multipurpose relaxing and sleeping option, this is an excellent item for you.

Frequently Asked Questions About Camping Chairs With Footrests

Are there many styles of camping chairs with a footrest?

There are two main styles of camping chairs with a footrest. One is a standard camping chair with a standalone footrest, and the other is a camping chair with an attachable footrest supporting the entire body.

Can I purchase the footrest by itself?

There are a few styles of stand-alone camping-style footrests that you can choose from, or you can pick up a universal attachable version and clip onto a standard camping chair to provide you a place to put your feet up.

Can camping chairs with a footrest support a lot of weight?

Some of these camping chairs are specifically designed to support 400-plus pounds. These chairs have higher-quality materials and better-than-ever framing support to keep you comfortable.

Wrapping up Choosing a Camping Chair With a Footrest

It’s easy to choose the best camping chair with a footrest with the top five picks and a comprehensive buyer’s guide to knowing what will give you the best quality when using it for more than just a single season.

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