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The Best Ebike for Camping in 2024

Do you enjoy biking through beautiful woodsy trails on your camping trips? You may want to leave your regular bike at home and try one of the best ebikes for camping!

Regular bikes are good to an extent. However, they require a lot of leg strength, especially if you’re riding around winding wooded trails. Ebikes can make your cycling experience much more enjoyable with more comfort and a faster speed. But it can be overwhelming when it comes to picking one out. So, keep reading to learn more about some excellent ebike options you can try out on your next camping trip!

Best ebike for camping

Our Top Picks

Best Overall
RadRover 6 Plus Electric Fat Tire Bike

Budget Option
TotGuard Electric Bike

Best Step-Through Ebike
Cyrusher Kommoda Ebike

Best Overall

RadRover 6 Plus Electric Fat Tire Bike

Are you looking for a fast ebike that requires minimal effort and has optimal comfort? If so, the RadRover ebike is the best ebike for camping!

This ebike is a class two ebike, which means it has a throttle and can go up to 20 MPH. The throttle valve sits on one of the handlebars and aids in providing constant power to the bike’s motor. In return, you can use the bike without pedaling.

The brakes are remarkably weather-resistant, allowing for smooth stopping throughout rain or shine. Enjoy seven-speed gears and up to 45 miles on a single charge. And don’t forget about the clear display that provides the battery level, speedometer, clock, and more!


  • It’s good for both streets and rough terrain
  • The bike has puncture-resistant tires and can carry up to 275 pounds
  • It can travel up to 45 miles on one 6-hour charge


  • The bike is a little heavy
  • Not the best option for people under 5ft 5in

Budget Option

TotGuard Electric Bike

TotGuard Adult Electric Mountain Bike, 350W Motor, 36V 374.4Ah Lithium-Ion Battery, 26" Aluminum Alloy Frame, 21-Speed Shimano Transmission, Front Suspension, Dual Disc Brakes, 4 Working Modes

The TotGuard ebike is the best ebike for camping if you want a new bike without the high price tag.

This ebike also falls into class two, so you can ride around without pedaling. You’ll have less pressure on your joints, allowing you to cruise around peacefully. But you can enjoy three other settings as well, including:

  • Normal
  • Assisted pedaling
  • Booster mode

Its waterproof battery takes five hours to charge, which allows you to travel 28-60 miles at up to 20 MPH. And you can keep track of the speed on the digital display, along with the battery level, mileage, and more!


  • The ebike has a capacity of over 300 pounds
  • It has shock absorption
  • One charge can last up to 60 miles


  • You’ll need to replace the brakes more often than other bikes
  • It can take a while to assemble

Best Step-Through Ebike

Cyrusher Kommoda Ebike

If a high-step ebike isn’t your style, you might want to try the Cyrusher Kommoda ebike! This class two bike is one of the best ebikes for camping if you want something easy to handle.

You can quickly hop on and off this ebike with ease and enjoy extra traction and comfort with fat tires. It offers seven gears and five pedal assist options, making your biking trip a breeze. You can travel up to 26 MPH and up to 50 miles on a single charge! It’s the perfect ebike for comfort, fun, speed, and convenience.


  • It can hold up to 330 pounds
  • The bike can go up to 50 miles on a full charge
  • It has a bright and colorful screen display


  • It can take up to 7 hours to charge fully
  • This ebike is prone to getting water inside it

Ebike Buyer’s Guide: Things to Consider


You’ll often find two types of ebikes, which include high-step and step-through. A high-step ebike is when you need to step over the seat area to get onto it. Step-through ebikes lack the high bar between the seat and the front of the bike. So, you’ll be able to quite literally step through the bike to get onto it. If you have bad knees, the step-through design might be the best ebike for camping for you.

Another thing you’ll notice is the tire sizes. There are fat tire and skinny tire options. Fat tires often have much more traction and are more comfortable.

Its Use

Pay attention to what the ebike’s use is. Some are only for streets, others are for rough terrain, and some are for both. You’ll need to pick the best ebike for camping and whatever other uses you need out of it. Camping will most likely require a rough terrain ebike.


Consider the specific features you want. Ebikes have different speeds based on their motors. Some have LCD displays, and others don’t. And some can hold more weight than others, making certain bikes better for carrying gear. You’ll need to look at all the specifications to see which bike fits your needs most.

Best ebike for camping

Best Ebike for Camping Frequently Asked Questions

Is it difficult to pedal on an ebike?

An ebike is slightly easier to pedal on than a regular bike. This is because the motor helps you pick up speed faster, ultimately requiring less pedaling. The difficulty of pedaling will also depend on which gear you have the bike in. But, generally, an ebike requires less force and effort when pedaling.

Are ebikes better for your joints?

Yes, ebikes are much better for your joints than regular bikes. The motor and pedal assist option can significantly take pressure off your leg muscles and joints. This makes it the perfect option for those with joint issues like arthritis or prior knee injuries. So, you should notice less soreness after a ride with one of the best ebikes for camping.

How long do ebikes last?

An ebike can last anywhere from a few years to over 10 years. The lifespan will generally depend on the bike’s quality and how well you keep up with maintenance. Your ebike’s battery and motor will also deteriorate over time as you keep using the bike. So, their lifespans can vary greatly.

Best ebike for camping

Time to Choose Your Own Ebike!

An ebike’s addition of a rechargeable battery-powered motor can significantly improve your overall biking experience. They can make the perfect replacement for your traditional bike, as they’ll allow for easier and faster riding. Hopefully, this list of the best ebikes for camping gave you ideas on which ebike will be best for you!

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