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Exploring The National Parks On An Ebike: A New Way To See The National Parks

National parks are the perfect opportunity to witness the stunning beauty the world has to offer. There is plenty of wildlife and miles of breathtaking scenery to see. And while walking is a common mode of transportation in the parks, it can be time-consuming and tiring. So, why not explore the national parks by ebike instead?

Keep reading if you’re ready to explore the national parks by ebike and learn what you can expect!

a biker on an e-bike in the outdoors

National Park Ebike Rules

Ebikes are a rather new product, so the National Park Service didn’t make regulations for them until 2020. With this in mind, most national parks will allow you to use class one and two ebikes on the trails. However, they prohibit the exclusive use of the bike’s motor for long periods. So, you should still be pedaling and keeping your motor usage limited. The motor can be disruptive to wildlife.

Each national park will have its own specific rules on ebike usage. Be sure to check out the park’s website before bringing your ebike with you.

The Perks of Exploring National Parks By Ebike

There are plenty of perks to bringing your ebike to national parks! Here are some things you can look forward to when exploring national parks by ebike:

  • Similar to regular bikes, you can get a lot of healthy exercise by riding your ebike through the park.
  • You’ll get through the park faster, allowing you to enjoy more of the scenery.
  • Ebikes are eco-friendly, as there are no gas emissions due to the battery-powered motor. This means they have minimal negative impacts on the environment, which is important in national parks.

Tips For Traveling in National Parks On Ebikes

Pedaling through a national park can be a beautiful and peaceful experience. The fresh air and scenic views will allow you to immerse yourself in nature. It can be like a form of meditation and relaxation for many who visit! Here are some tips to keep in mind to help conserve that peaceful feeling throughout your trip:

  • Check out your ebike before and after your trip to ensure everything looks okay.
  • Make sure your ebike’s battery is fully charged before exploring.
  • Stay on bike-designated trails, and don’t go over the speed limit. You could get a fine if you don’t, and you may disrupt wildlife.
  • Share the trails with walkers by staying in a single file line and always pass on the left.
  • Wear bright clothing, as the roads within the parks are both car and bike-friendly.
  • Use hand signals to tell others where you’re going. This will help prevent crashes and injuries.
  • Stay hydrated and eat small snacks often.
  • Take breaks, as there is a lot of land to cover. If you overexert yourself, it could lead to injuries, and you may need to end your trip early.

What Will You Need When Pedaling Through National Parks By Ebike?

Before taking off to a national park on ebikes, there are a few things your group should have on hand. Here are some ebike riding essentials you should take with you when you’re exploring the parks:

two bikers on e-bikes

3 National Parks Worth Exploring By Ebike

Do you need ideas on which national parks to visit? Here are a few that should definitely be on your list!

Redwood National Park – California

You can find miles of trails, camping areas, scenic drives, and more at Redwood National Park. The trails will take you through towering redwoods, which are truly breathtaking to see. Their size is difficult to comprehend!

Most walking and hiking trails will allow regular biking and ebikes. However, there are a few that aren’t ebike-friendly, including:

  • Parts of the Coastal Trail
  • Little Bald Hills Trail
  • Ossagon Trail

Glacier National Park – Montana

There are miles and miles of land to explore at Glacier National Park! You can enjoy mountain views, crystal clear waters, towering evergreens, camping areas, hiking trails, and much more. It’s a breathtaking place that is definitely picture-worthy! And the best part is that you can use your ebike on any bike-friendly trails. There aren’t any specific trail restrictions.

Acadia National Park – Maine

You can find plenty of sparkling water views at Acadia National Park, as it sits right by the Atlantic Ocean. It’s a stunning wooded area with all kinds of wildlife, camping areas, miles of trails, and rustic carriage roads. You can enjoy hiking, biking, horseback riding, and tours.

When traveling through this national park by ebike, there are some restrictions. Only class one ebikes can travel on biking trails. You cannot use class two or three bikes on these trails. However, you can use them on motor vehicle roads within the park.

Frequently Asked Questions When Exploring National Parks By Ebike

Why aren’t ebikes allowed on specific trails?

The primary reason that ebikes aren’t allowed on certain trails is for safety reasons. Ebikes can go much faster than a typical bike, and it can be challenging to slow them down quickly. This could lead to high-impact injuries to pedestrians or bike riders.

Are ebikes unsafe in national parks?

Ebikes can be safe in national parks, depending on the class. Usually, class one ebikes are the safest, as they have the lowest speed threshold. You don’t want ebikes as fast as cars weaving through the trails. That’s where they become a safety issue to both humans and the local wildlife.

Can ebikes damage park trails?

A class one ebike most likely won’t ruin park trails. They act similarly to regular bikes. However, class two and three ebikes may damage trails. The speed they have can rip up the trails, which can lead to holes and even erosion later on. That’s why most national parks only allow class one ebikes on the trails.

a biker on an e-bike in the outdoors

Start Exploring National Parks On Ebikes!

Adventuring into national parks on ebikes can be a fun and fulfilling experience. They can allow you to get to many picturesque areas in the parks much faster than walking. You’ll be able to cover a lot of ground, which is vital as your vacation time is probably limited. So, pack up your ebike, grab some gear, and start exploring!

Do you know how to perform simple repair and maintenance tasks if something happens to your ebike on the trails? Check out our post on Ebike Maintenance to ensure you feel prepared for your national park trip!