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Protecting Your Second Home: The 6 Best RV Covers on the Market

RVs keep you and yours protected from the elements as you embark on outdoor adventures…but what about protecting your RV?

Even if you store your RV in a facility during the off-season, it’s important to protect it during prime camping season, too. Here are our top picks for the best RV covers you can buy!

An RV with a cover on during the winter. Best RV covers.

Our Top Picks

Best for Class A RVs
KING BIRD Class A RV Cover

Best for Class B RVs
Classic Accessories Class B RV Cover

Best for Class C RVs
Classic Accessories Class C RV Cover

Best for Class A RVs

KING BIRD Class A RV Cover

KING BIRD Upgraded Class A RV Cover, Extra-Thick 5 Layers Anti-UV Top Panel, Durable Camper Cover, Fits 33'- 37' Motorhome -Breathable, Water-Proof, Rip-Stop with 2Pcs Extra Straps & 4 Tire Cover

Class A RVs are absolute beasts. This makes them amazing to camp in…and difficult to find covers for.

Finding covers that fit the specifications for Class As is certainly a task, but it’s worth doing…and the KING BIRD Class A cover is the pot of gold waiting at the end of the rainbow!

The KING BIRD comes in multiple sizes to fit any size Class A, all the way from 30 feet to 43 feet in length.

The cover itself is made up of five layers of fabric on the top and three on the sides. This offers extra protection from falling branches, stones kicked up by the tires, and other debris falling on the top of your RV.

The fabric itself is a mix of UV-resistant material and ripstop. This prevents the cover from sun damage and tearing.

Even with these features, KING BIRD doesn’t stop there–they also offer a two-year warranty on your cover!

Need to access your RV while it’s covered? The KING BIRD Class A RV cover has that taken care of, too! It includes a panel that can be unzipped and rolled up to provide access to your door.

One concern with RV covers is the airflow. When covered up, moisture can get trapped in your RV. By the time you take the cover off, you might have a musty-smelling RV interior.

In addition, having a fully closed cover can result in more “wind stress” being put on it, heightening the risk of tears.

The KING BIRD has a feature that reduces the risk of both: air vents! These allow wind to blow through the cover rather than against.

One downside to the KING BIRD: because of the extra straps and considerable weight, it will take more than one person to set up. While it’s not too difficult, it will take some time.


  • Layered material
  • Includes UV-resistance and ripstop
  • Allows door access
  • Air vents built in
  • Two-year warranty
  • Multiple sizes
  • Made specifically for Class A RVs


  • Requires two or more people to put on

Best For Class B RVs

Classic Accessories Class B Cover

Classic Accessories Over Drive PolyPRO3 Deluxe Class B RV Cover, Fits 20' long RVs, Polyester Covers Compatible with Motorhomes/Trailers/Camper Vans, Universal Fit, RV Accessories , Grey/White

Class B RVs are the perfect middle ground for people who want an RV they don’t have to tow with their car, but are intimidated by the size of Class As and Class Cs.

Classic Accessories has the best RV cover for Class Bs out there. It comes in multiple sizes, ranging from 20 feet in length to 27 feet in length.

The top of the cover is made with three layers of fabric to protect from various hazards…including birds that might mistake your RV for their restroom.

This cover is also UV-resistant, waterproof, and designed to protect against snow, dirt, and anything else seeking to harm your RV.

While this RV cover unfortunately lacks the number of air vents that the KING BIRD has, the fabric is considered “breathable.” This will help prevent moisture from being trapped inside, but may not avoid wind damage as well as desired.

However, this RV cover does beat the Class A pick in one area: warranty length. Classic Accessories offers a three-year warranty on their Class B RV cover.

One unique feature of this cover is the design of the hem. The hem is “elasticized,” meaning it has an elastic band built in. This means it will cling to the underside of your Class B. It works a bit like a fitted sheet on a mattress!

The cover also has the option to unzip hidden panels to reach the doors of the RV, even while it’s covered up.

This cover is considerably lighter than the KING BIRD: 13 pounds rather than 51. While a slightly lighter weight is to be expected with a smaller RV, that’s a significant drop! One person should be able to tackle the task of covering the RV just fine.


  • Easy installation
  • Elastic hem
  • Multiple sizes
  • Weather and UV-resistant
  • Three-year warranty
  • Allows door access


  • Fewer air vents

Best For Class C RVs

Classic Accessories Class C Cover

Classic Accessories Over Drive PermaPRO Class C RV Cover, Fits 23' - 26' RVs, Air Vents, Water-Repellant Top Panel, Durable, Breathable, Resists Tears and Rips, Integrated Straps and Buckles, Grey

While Class B RVs are the happy medium between towable RVs and driveable ones, a Class C RV is the happy medium between a Class B and a Class A.

The Class C RV cover from Classic Accessories also comes in multiple sizes, ranging from 20 feet in length to 35 feet in length.

This cover is also waterproof and UV-resistant, but it has an added plus: it’s made with ripstop fabric, which also makes it tear-resistant!

More good news: this cover comes with a lifetime warranty.

The Class C RV cover also has an elastic hem, preventing unwanted slippage. It also aids in keeping the cover in place when the wind picks up. After all, the last thing you want to do on your camping trip is chase after your RV cover when the wind takes it!

Like the other covers on the list, this one also includes access panels and air vents. In addition, it utilizes “tension panels” at the front and back of the RV to assist with the offset of wind stress.

At about 23 pounds, this cover is fairly easy to lift. However, Class Cs are a bit more difficult to cover properly than Class Bs, so you may still need multiple people to get it on.


  • Elastic hem
  • Multiple sizes
  • Weather and UV-resistant
  • Allows door access
  • Tension panels to reduce wind stress
  • Lifetime warranty


  • May require at least two people to put on

Best for RV Trailers

Leader RV Cover

Leader Accessories 27'-30' Travel Trailer RV Cover Windproof Extra Thick Upgraded 5 Layers Camper Cover with Adhesive Repair Patches

Motorhomes aren’t the only type of RV that needs covering! Your travel trailer will benefit just as much from the right RV cover.

This cover comes in sizes ranging from 14 feet all the way up to 38 feet.

Whether you’re a solo adventurer with a travel trailer just for yourself or you’re hauling a 38-footer for you and your family, Leader has the cover you need.

The Leader RV cover is UV-resistant and water-resistant, and includes air vents and tension panels. It also has an elastic hem, material that “breathes,” and five-layer fabric on the top for added protection.

This cover comes with a two-year warranty. It also has a unique plus to its storage bag. The bag is weighted, which makes it much easier to pull the RV cover out without having to wrestle with it!

There are access panels to reach the doors.

Another plus: this cover includes reflective material at the front and back. RV covers dull any reflective surface that would normally alert drivers to your RV’s presence, so this is a huge safety benefit.

One downside to the Leader RV cover: the straps can easily tear off if tugged too hard. Try to handle them as carefully as possible.


  • Two-year warranty
  • Air vents built in
  • Weighted storage bag
  • Allows door access
  • UV and water-resistant
  • Reflective on the front and back
  • Includes tension panels


  • Straps are easily torn

Best for Pod RVs

Classic Accessories Pod Cover

Classic Accessories Over Drive PermaPRO R-Pod Cover, Fits up to 16' 2" long, Durable, Tear-Resistant, Teardrop, Travel Trailer Storage Cover, Compatible with R-Pod Trailers, Grey

Pod RVs are going to be the easiest to cover by a long shot. They’re so small, one person can easily sling the cover over and secure it.

This is good, as pods are usually only used for solo or two-person trips!

While it shares some great qualities with previous picks, such as an elastic hem, easy door access, ripstop fabric, and air vents, it does lack the multi-layered top fabric.

However, it is UV-resistant and waterproof.

This pod cover comes in two lengths: 16 feet and 17 and a half feet.

This RV cover also comes with a lifetime warranty.


  • Lifetime warranty
  • Air vents included
  • Easy door access
  • Elastic hem
  • Tear, weather, water, and UV-resistant


  • Top of cover does not have extra layers for protection

Best For Pop-Ups

Camco Pop-Up Cover

Camco ULTRAGuard 12-14-Ft Pop-Up Camper/RV Cover | Features Covered Air Vents & Cinching Straps | Crafted of Spunbond Polypropylene | Includes Storage Bag for RV Storage and Organization (45763)

Last but not least, we can’t forget the pop-up campers out there!

The Camco Pop-Up cover comes outfitted with air vents and is light enough to tackle solo.

It does only come in one size, fitting pop-ups between 12 and 14 feet in length.

It also does not have door access flaps, though that is to be expected with a pop-up cover. The cover is not designed to cover a pop-up when it is in use.

It is water and tear-resistant, and it comes labeled for easy installation!

Unfortunately, while it does come with a warranty, that warranty only lasts for a year.


  • Air vents included
  • Easy installation
  • Water and tear-resistant
  • Labeled with positioning notes (“Front” and “Rear” labels)


  • Only one year warranty
  • No door access
  • Can only be used when camper is not “popped up”

RV Cover Buyer’s Guide

An RV covered for the winter.

The biggest thing to pay attention to when shopping for an RV cover is size.

To measure your RV, measure the full length from rear to front, the width all the way across, and the height from the undercarriage to the roof. This includes any spare tires, ladders, or other objects mounted on the RV.

You do not have to include the hitch in your length measurements if your RV has one. You also do not need to include the tires in your height measurements.

If the cover is too small, it won’t protect the entire RV, and may not even go on at all. On the other hand, if the cover is too large, it may blow off the first time a storm rolls through. That would definitely defeat the purpose!

Another factor to take into account is ease of installation. If you’re a solo camper and your RV cover is too heavy or complicated for you to get on alone, it won’t do you any good.

RV Cover FAQ

An RV with a heavy-duty cover on it.

Will my RV cover withstand bad weather?

Your RV cover should protect against most severe weather. However, depending on the thickness of the material, it may not protect from heavier debris, such as hail and falling branches or trees.

Most RV covers are designed with additional padding on the top to protect against falling debris, snow, and even bird droppings. However, not all are designed that way, so make sure you check before buying if you live in an area with severe storms.

Should I leave my RV cover on while my RV is in storage?

Most RV covers are made to be used in place of storage facilities; that is, for people who store their RVs at home. However, if you want a little extra peace of mind, there’s no harm in leaving the cover on when you store the RV!

How often should I clean my RV cover?

Short answer? When you notice it needs it. Long answer? The safe bet is to clean it just before you take the camper out. This way, you can let it dry off while you’re on your trip, and it’ll be ready to go back on when you come home.

Thanks to their water-resistance, RV covers don’t require much intense maintenance; all you really need to do is spray it off with a hose once it starts looking a little worse for wear.

However, if you notice stains that won’t come out with a simple spray, you can purchase laundry detergent (nothing too strong, if you can help it!) and scrub the stain out with a soft sponge or rag.

If your RV cover is small enough–or if your washing machine is large enough–you can also wash the cover in the washing machine. However, it will still need to air-dry–they’re not dryer-safe!

Wrapping up the Best RV Covers

An RV protected by an RV covedr.

Now that you’re equipped with everything you need to hunt down the best RV cover for your camper, you’re all set to store it safely between camping trips!

For more RV camping tips, tricks, and product recommendations, visit our RV camping section now!