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Upgrading Your RV Shower Experience: The 5 Best RV Shower Heads

Let’s be honest: campground showers generally aren’t the nicest. If you don’t arrive precisely at the right time, you could find yourself waiting ages for a shower stall to open up. And once you do get inside, you might end up with a shower filled with sand, dirt, soggy leaves, and any number of insects.

One huge perk of having an RV? No matter where you go camping, you’ll have your own private shower. (With considerably fewer bugs.)

But to have a truly luxurious shower experience, you’ll want to swap out your standard issue RV shower head with something a bit higher quality. Here are our picks for the best RV shower heads on the market!

Water dripping from shower head. Best RV shower head.

Our Top Picks

Best Overall
KAIYING Handheld Shower Head

Premium Option
Oxygenics RV Shower Kit

Budget Option
Marbrasse Shower Head

Best Overall

KAIYING Handheld Shower Head

KAIYING Drill-Free High Pressure Handheld Shower Head with ON/OFF Pause Switch 3 Spray Modes Water Saving Showerhead, Detachable Puppy Shower Accessories (O:Shower Head (Brushed Nickel)+Bracket+Hose)

At the top of the list is the KAIYING Handheld Shower Head!

This shower head comes in five different finishes: black, white and blue, brushed nickel, white, and chrome. You can choose between the five to match your shower head to the rest of the fixtures in your RV’s bathroom.

You can switch between three modes on this shower head as well: massage, jetting, and rainfall.

If you’re concerned about conserving water, good news! This RV showerhead comes with a “pause” switch, which makes it easy to turn on and off as needed. So if you’re working with limited water, you can avoid waste as much as possible.

The KAIYING also comes with a one-year warranty, promising a long lifespan for this shower head.

One downside to the KAIYING is its mounting system. While it comes with adhesive and screws to choose between, many users warn against using the adhesive alone. The stickiness does eventually wear down. It’s suggested that you use the screws. So even though it claims a “tool-free” installation, you will have to utilize tools if you choose not to use the adhesive.


  • Multiple Modes
  • On/Off Switch
  • Multiple finishes
  • One-year warranty
  • Easy installation


  • Adhesive doesn’t last

Best Premium Option

Oxygenics RV Shower Kit

Oxygenics 26481 Brushed Nickel Body Spa RV Shower Kit

If you’re tired of going through several rinses in order to get the shampoo suds out of your hair, the Oxygenics RV shower head is what you need.

This shower head specifically promises to please those with long, difficult-to-rinse hair. It’s designed to emit a particular “spray pattern” that helps remove shampoo quickly and effectively.

Unlike some RV shower heads, the Oxygenics comes with a five-foot-long hose, allowing for full range of motion as you’re showering off.

While it only comes in one color and only has two modes, it has another advantage. It’s designed specifically to resist common maintenance issues such as mineral build-up, which means it requires less frequent maintenance!

This RV shower head does share a downside with the Camco: the “pause” mode doesn’t do its job so well. So despite the Oxygenics model claiming itself to be water-conserving, don’t get your heart set on it!


  • Designed specifically for rinsing long hair
  • Long hose
  • Low-maintenance


  • “Pause” mode leaves something to be desired
  • Only one color
  • Only two modes (“On” and “Pause”)

Best Budget Option

Marbrasse Shower Head

Marbrasse High Pressure Shower Head, 3-Settings Handheld Showerhead with ON/Off Full Shutoff Push Button and Switch to Control Flow, Angle-Adjustable Water Saving Body Sprays(Chrome)

If you’re starting to lose hope for an RV shower head with a quality pause function, good news! The Marbrasse shower head has done it!

The Marbrasse’s pause function is easy to use. You simply push the clearly labeled “STOP” button down to halt waterflow, then press it again when you want the water to come back on!

While the Marbrasse itself doesn’t come with a hose or its own mount, it is easy to install on your existing setup. It even comes with a roll of plumber’s tape in case you need it.

However, there is an option to purchase this shower head as part of a kit. That kit does come with a mount and hose. The mount doesn’t come with adhesive or screws; it relies on suction to stay attached. This could potentially cause issues, as certain shower materials don’t allow for strong suction. Test a suction cup on the interior of your RV shower before you purchase!

The Marbrasse can be purchased in two colors: chrome and matte black. It has four available functions: massage, rainfall, a mix of both, and the “pause” mode.

The one downside to the Marbrasse can seem like an upside at first. This RV shower head comes outfitted with the ability to “swivel.” You can turn the head 360 degrees; however, this function can get a bit loose. You might eventually end up with a shower head that swivels constantly.


  • Working “pause” mode
  • Easy to install
  • Option to purchase in a kit
  • Multiple colors
  • Multiple modes


  • Swivel function deteriorates over time
  • Kit does not come with screws for mount and may not stick

Camco RV Shower Head

Camco 43711 RV Shower Head with On/Off Switch (White)

The next best RV shower head on our list is the Camco RV shower head!

While this shower head only comes in one color, it has five different modes: a “low” rainshower mode, a “high” rainshower mode, a massage mode in addition to rainshower, a massage mode on its own, and a “pause” mode.

This shower head doesn’t come with its own mount or hose; however, it’s designed to fit onto your existing RV shower. You should be able to unscrew the old head and replace it with this one, no problem!

While its five modes and genuinely tool-free installation could have rocketed it to first on the list, there is one downside that keeps it firmly below the KAIYING.

While it advertises a “pause” mode just like the KAIYING, many customers have expressed dissatisfaction with its function, stating that it doesn’t stop water flow all the way; it only slows it. Others have complained the switch itself isn’t easy to operate.

All in all, if you’re looking for a powerful shower head to replace your factory-issue RV shower head, the Camco is a fantastic choice. If water conservation isn’t too much of a worry, then this is a fantastic pick!


  • Easy installation
  • Multiple modes


  • “Pause” mode leaves something to be desired
  • Only one color available

Awelife RV Shower Head

RV Shower Head with Hose and On Off Switch (Trickle), Water Saving and High Pressure Shower Head with Hose Guide Ring and Shower Holder for RV, Camper, Van, Travel Trailer, Motorhome and Boat, White

Last but not least is the Awelife RV shower head!

If water conservation is your top requirement in an RV shower head, this is the pick for you. Not only does the “pause” function work, but it’s incredibly easy to use!

This shower head’s “pause” buttons are much bigger and easier to press down than other models.

The spray nozzles are considered “self-cleaning,” which means less time spent on maintenance for you!

This RV shower head also comes with a mount that screws into place, so you won’t have to worry about it falling off the shower wall. It also comes with notches in the mount itself. This allows you to adjust the angle of the showerhead without having to actually pull it out and hold it yourself.

It comes in three colors: black, white, and brushed nickel.

Unfortunately, it does only have two modes: “on” and “pause.”

Another downside is that the hose is not very flexible. The adjustable mount makes up for this a bit, but it’s still a bit disappointing.


  • Water-conserving
  • Easy to press “pause” button
  • Self-cleaning spray nozzles
  • Screw-in mount
  • Multiple colors


  • Only two modes, one of which is “pause”
  • Hose isn’t very flexible

RV Shower Head Buyer’s Guide

Person checking temperature of water from shower head.

When choosing the right shower head for your RV, it’s important to consider your needs.

If you commonly find yourself dry camping, or “boondocking,” water conservation will be high on your list of priorities. Choosing a shower head that effectively conserves water may be worth sacrificing choosing the color you like or having multiple modes to choose from.

However, if you prefer camping in places with full hookup, you can afford to be pickier about design. If you want your RV shower to feel higher-quality, matching the other hardware in your bathroom is a good idea.

If you struggle with pain of any kind in your hands or wrists, you’ll want to pick a shower head that’s easy to hold and move. You’ll also want to pay attention to whether the buttons are easy or difficult to press down. You also may want to pick a shower head that doesn’t require you to hold down the “pause” button.

Most RV shower heads are designed to fit universally, so measurements shouldn’t be an issue when replacing your shower head.

Another thing to consider is ease of maintenance. RV shower heads require maintenance every month or so.

(If you’re an infrequent camper or you invest in one of the lower-maintenance options on our list, you can probably get away with cleaning it less. We recommend at least cleaning it prior to storing it for the winter.)

If you camp frequently and don’t have time to clean your shower head often, we suggest one of the lower-maintenance choices. This is probably going to be your best bet to avoid a clogged shower head.

Switch Out Your RV Shower Head!

Closeup of water running from a shower head.

Once you pick the best RV shower head for your RV, you’ll never go back to the factory standard!

For more RV camping tips, visit our RV camping section now!