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Blue Mound State Park Camping Guide

If you happen to find yourself in southern Wisconsin and in the mood for nature, check out Blue Mound State Park. In this Blue Mound State Park camping guide, we’ll go over everything you need to know to enjoy your time on your next trip.

What to Expect At Blue Mound State Park

Blue Mound State Park Camping

Blue Mound State Park is one of the nicest state parks in Wisconsin. Because it’s a state park, you should expect to pay a small admission fee of around $8.00. However, once you gain access to the park, you’ll have to opportunity to explore a world of hiking trails, biking, rock climbing, and much more. You can also expect to see quartzite cliffs, bison herds, and tons of excellent bird watching opportunities.

Camping Options at Blue Mound State Park

There are 77 campsites to choose from at Blue Mound State Park. They’re all large enough to accommodate tents or small RVs, but I wouldn’t bet on fitting anything larger than 25 to 30 feet comfortably into the RV spots. Out of the 77 camping sites, only two of them, sites 28 and 32, have electric hookups. None of the sites have sewer hookups or running water.

Sites 28 and 32 are also handicap accessible and must be booked in advance since they’re the hottest sites in the campground.

Primitive Camping at Blue Mound State Park

There are also 12 rustic/primitive campsites in the park that are only accessible by hiking or biking. Cars are not allowed at these campsites, and they have no amenities. The primitive campsites are located between the campground and Military Ridge State Trail. These sites are first-come, first-serve.

Best Camping Spots

There’s no such thing as a bad camping spot at Blue Mound State Park. Each of the 77 accessible sites is surrounded by trees and dense foliage that add privacy to your stay.

Camping Amenities

Amenities are few and far between at Blue Mound State Park. However, each of the 77 RV-accessible sites has the following.

  • Picnic table
  • Fire ring
  • Toilet and shower house across from site 30
  • Firewood is available at the camp office between Memorial Day and Labor Day.

Rustic Cabin Camping Option

In addition to the 77 readily accessible sites and the 12 primitive ones, there’s also a cabin open for reservation. The rustic cabin has a paved driveway, electrical outlets, lighting, and a picnic table, plus a fire ring. An accessible flush toilet and shower building are 200 feet from the campsite.

The cabin is wheelchair accessible and can comfortably fit up to four people. It has one adult double bed with a foam pad and one set of bunk beds with thin foam pads. You can optionally add a tent onto the cabin site, but no more than six people are permitted to occupy the site at a time.

Space heaters, smoking, and cooking are not allowed in the cabin for safety reasons. No pets are allowed inside the cabin except for certified service animals.

The rustic cabin at Blue Mound State Park is reservable from May 25 to Oct. 31. Application forms may be obtained online or at the park office. For more information, contact the park office.

Should I Book My Camping Trip in Advance?

If you plan to stay at the cabin or one of the two campsites with electrical hookups, you should book your trip in advance. Reservations are also required for Winter Camping at Blue Mound State Park.

Things to Do at Blue Mound State Park

Blue Mound State Park Observation Tower
Blue Mound State Park Observation Tower.

During your stay at Blue Mound State Park, there’s no shortage of outdoor activities to choose from. There are hiking trails, biking trails, rock-climbing opportunities, and plenty of sightseeing. The park itself is over 1,000 acres in size and features two observation towers that offer views of the Wisconsin River valley and the Baraboo Range.

Because the park is positioned at the top of a hill, you have breathtaking views of glacial plains, rolling forests, and West Blue Mound, after which the park is named.

If you camp during the winter months, the park features hills for snowboarding, skiing, and sledding. There’s also plenty of room for snowshoeing and cross-country skiing. The park also features a swimming pool and splash pad.

Wildlife at Blue Mound State Park

Wildlife is a big draw for Blue Mound State Park. You have the opportunity to glimpse bison herds and a wide variety of birds, making it a favorite for birders. Deer hunting and animal trapping are also allowed at the park during specific time frames throughout the year. You should also be on the lookout for bears, coyotes, and other predators.

Vegetation and Geography at Blue Mound State Park

Blue Mound State Park WI

West Blue Mound is the hill for which the park is named, and it rises over 600 feet in elevation. This makes it the highest point in southern Wisconsin and offers breathtaking views of the surrounding areas. Each of the mountains and mounds in the area is composed of limestone and quartzite and is great for rock-climbing.

Blue Mound is also loved for the prickly pear cacti that grow from June to July and the sea of praise grasses that grow in many valleys and meadows of the park.

Make Sure To Bring

All campers are responsible for cleaning up after themselves so make sure to bring trash bags for garbage and recycling. Firewood isn’t always readily available, so bring that as well. Make sure to bring food, water, and any toiletries and accessories as there aren’t stores in the nearby vicinity. Blue Mound State Park is pet friendly so bring your pets as well.


Blue Mound State Park receives 4.7 stars out of 5 on Google. People love the observation towers, hiking trails, mountain biking, and bird-watching opportunities. The swimming pool and splash area are also a hit for families with kids of all ages. All in all, Blue Mound State Park is a favorite among locals and outdoor enthusiasts.

Final Thoughts About Camping at Blue Mound State Park

As you can see, there are tons of awesome things to do at Blue Mound State Park. From primitive camping to chilling in a rustic cabin, this park has a camping experience for everyone.

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