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12 Best Places To Go Boondocking In Texas

Have you ever thought about Boondocking in Texas? Here is a list we’ve compiled of places you’ve got to check out for your next Boondocking experience!

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Boondocking In Texas

Boondocking In Texas

Bouton Lake Campground Zavalla, Texas

First on our list of the best places to go Boondocking in Texas is Bouton Lake Campground. You will find Boulton Lake Campground located in the Angelina National Forest.

This camping spot is a fantastic boondocking option that offers miles of trails to explore around the lake. If you enjoy fishing, on the east side of Boulton Lake, you will find the perfect location to fish!

As it goes for many boondocking locations, hookups such as water and electricity, are not available at this specific location. This gives the opportunity to experience vacationing more “off the grid” which is a perk for those who enjoy living with the land.

Huber City ParkBorger City, Texas

Next, this camping spot is ideal if you like to have a few amenities while boondocking such as an electrical hookup. Please keep in mind that electricity is not available at most boondocking sites in Texas.

While electricity is available here, you will not find sewer or water hookups, however, a dump station and water station are available free of charge.

When it comes to this location, there are eight different peaceful boondocking locations available along Huber City Park. Here you will find they do limit your stay to 72 hours within a 7-day period so plan accordingly.

This is a nice peaceful spot to relax, recharge, and get away for a bit.

Big Bend National Park
Chihuahuan Desert, Texas

Big Bend National Park
Stunning sunset in Big Bend National Park featuring bright orange Ocotillo blooms in the foreground

Now we will look at this National Park, Big Bend National Park, which is one of the most remote national parks located in the United States of America.

Here you can plan to enjoy the incredible views of the Rio Grande Canyons on your next camping visit.

You can also choose to experience adventures such as hiking along the trails, backpacking, exploring amazing rock formations, and bird watching on their ever-so-popular trails.

Big Bend National Park offers a breathtaking view of the mountains located in the Chihuahuan Desert.

Finally, you can experience a night of stargazing with one of the darkest skies in the United States. This is an experience like no other because…remember…they do not have electric hookups. You will experience the darkest ultimate starlight show.

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Grapevine Hills Primitive Roadside Campsites
Panther Junction, Texas

There always seems to be lots of choices for tent campers but what about those of us that enjoy RV Camping? Well, you have come to the right place if you chose your next camping adventure at The Grapevine Hills Primitive Roadside Campsites.

Here at Grapevine Hills Primitive Roadside Campsites, they will offer you a nice gravel parking pad for your RV! However, this camping spot is also considered to be camping “off the grid” as there are no other amenity services available.

To visit this camping spot, there will be a little bit of preparation homework before your visit, as you will be required to have a backcountry permit to enter.

This camp park offers many things to do during your stay such as biking, hiking on the trails, scenic driving, and even kayaking.

Fort Anahuac ParkAnahuac, Texas

When you choose to visit Fort Anahuac Park you will find gorgeous waterfront views along these park shorelines.

If you enjoy bird watching, Fort Anahuac Park offers birding towers that can be used to watch different types of birds fly over the bay. How peaceful!

If you have a love for hiking, you should hike along the gorgeous nature trails, and discover the historical markers hidden along these trails.

Lastly, you can find serenity fishing at one of the most amazing fishing spots complete with a lighted pier and an included boat ramp.

Crystal Beach Campground
Boliver, Texas

Alongside Crystal Beach Campground you will find a large selection of choices to camp with the 27 miles of beachfront camping that is available!

This campground is featured more in detail in another article on our site. Check out this post to learn more about other amazing beach camping locations in Texas you can go here.

Ride your vehicle down the white sandy beaches of Crystal Beach and enjoy the sounds of the crashing waves and the beautiful ocean views!

For your convenience, they do offer Porta-potties and public showers which you will find available for use behind the fire station along this beach.

Magnolia Beach
Port Lavaca, Texas

Next, this camping spot along Magnolia Beach will offer the opportunity to park your trailer directly on the shores of the bay. You will have less worry about getting stuck in the sand as this ground is solid due to compounded oyster shells.

Here you will enjoy the beautiful sunsets, sunrises, walks along the beach, and building sandcastles. Put your building skills to the test as they are known to hold sandcastle building contests!

Magnolia Beach is the perfect place to bring your entire family and pets. There is a wide space for kids to enjoy playing along the shores and as long as your pet is leashed, they are allowed at this boondocking location.

If you enjoy fishing while boondocking on the shores of the ocean you will love this location’s available fishing areas.

North Beach Padre Island National Seashore

Corpus Christi, Texas

At this next boondocking location, Padre Island National Seashore, it stands apart from the others. If you plan your trip between mid-June to August you will be able to experience sea turtle hatchings and releases! This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that you will never forget.

You can watch or participate in the unlimited activities done along the coast of the national seashore such as parasailing and boogie boarding.

Enjoy a peaceful picnic along the beach and watch the sunset across the ocean.

If you enjoy shelling this is the perfect location to find a variety of different seashells along the shoreline.

Sam Rose Collins Recreational Park
Burkeville, Texas

Another great boondocking option would be this location, Sam Rose Collins Recreational Park, which is located in Texas and also borders Louisiana. This specific boondocking location has a diverse list of things to offer such as canoeing along the Sabine National Forest.

The gorgeous scenic view of Toledo Bend is a must-see as you camp here. Take your breath away as you view the giant pine trees surrounding this national forest.

If you venture into town you can enjoy some delicious cajun food and/or seafood which you will find at one of their top-rated local restaurants.

Fritch Fortress

Fritch, Texas

Looking for a tremendous boondocking location in Texas? Look no further as this site, Fritch Fortress, which is located at Harbor Bay, just may be your next perfect place to check out!

Lake Meredith National Recreation Area is the home of Fritch Fortress and offers very easy access to the lake for activities you love such as fishing and boating.

The entrance to this park includes a free dump station along with a place to fill up with water. There is even an available shower house if you intend to stay longer!

Enjoy a fabulous cookout during your visit as they also include the amenities of picnic shelters and charcoal grills.

Silverton Municipal Park
Silverton, Texas

Last but not least of the best places for Boondocking in Texas, is Silverton Municipal Park.

At Silverton Municipal Park, you will find another location that will offer you water and electricity hookups. You will also find flat camping pads at this park, which can be a perk if you’re worried about hills and unlevel grounds. In addition to the level camping grounds, they have a grassy patch area for each site.

You will experience the small-town feel as this location is located in a very small town in the Texas panhandle. This will provide calm and never overcrowding sites at your convenience. Crowds aren’t for everyone!

In Closing

As you can see, the great state of Texas continues to offer some of the best and must-see camping and boondocking locations. You can’t go wrong when it comes to planning your next adventure for some boondocking in Texas at one of these fine locations.

Have you ever tried boondocking at any of these locations? We would love to know your personal experience and if you have any tips that would be of help to others when planning to boondock at any of these locations.

When reading through were there any that really stood out to you and earned a place on your bucket list?

Please comment below, we would love to hear from you!

Happy Camping, Ya’ll!