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Cabin Time – A Weekend At Bay Lake

For the 4th of July weekend we decided to spend the long weekend visiting my wife’s mom and dad on Bay Lake which is about 5 miles North West of Crosby, MN. Kelly’s dad has owned this cabin for nearly 12 years and it has always been one of our kids favorite Summer destinations. The cabin has plenty of space for the kids to run around and play, a large shoreline, boats, great fishing and a peaceful porch for relaxing.

While we only get up to my in-laws cabin about two times a year, we still always have a great time. This trip was no exception.

Pit Stop for Gas and Snacks at SA
Pit Stop for Gas and Snacks at SA

We left first thing on Thursday morning. Since this would be our first time on the water this Summer we decided to take a slight detour to Cabelas in Rogers, MN in order to get everyone fitted for new life jackets. These are a 100% necessity for us when we are near water (as they should be for everybody), especially with 5 kids.

We were even able to have lunch at Cabelas
Posing In Our New Life Jackets
Posing In Our New Life Jackets

While at Cabelas I also got some new fishing tackle (mainly simple stuff for the kids). I used to do my fair share of fishing before the kids came along but have limited myself to some basic dock fishing for the past 5+ years due to being a busy dad.


Since we have such a large family we decided to go ahead and bring up the camper to the cabin this year. We figured we could pack everything we need and contain our mess easily without distracting everyone in the house with our organized chaos.


Personally, I am not a boat person but Kelly and the kids love going out on the speed boat and pontoon at the cabin. I know a lot of people who love boating so much that they insist it’s a lifestyle, but I prefer to just sit and relax on shore (especially when the grandparents take all the kids out on the boat and I’m left alone for an hour!).


Thursday was mainly a sit and relax day along with some tubing and skiing for the kids.


On Friday all of the women went on a long fishing trip while I stayed home with grandpa and the kids. The ladies literally kept every fish they caught (even though none of them knew how to clean a fish). When they got back somehow I went from watching kids to cleaning fish while everyone else ate lunch. I got a seriously raw deal (at least I got to take the fish home!).

So Un-Fair
So Un-Fair

Every year Bay Lake has a great fireworks show on the Friday after the 4th of July, this year was no exception. We all packed into the speed boat and watched a great show on Friday night.

Saturday I had to get back home and get some work done (I am starting a new career this week!) so we decided to enjoy another relaxing morning and pack up everything bay 2pm and head home.


Another great weekend at the cabin. Next up, a weekend at my folks farm for Madelia Park Days!