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21 Easy Camping Lunch Ideas That Make You Go, Yum

The best part about camping has to be mealtime, don’t you agree?! It’s just what you need to give you an extra boost to round out a day filled with fresh air and all those outdoor activities. Lunchtime is my favorite meal of the day because it doesn’t have to be anything overcomplicated. Here’s a list of 21 Easy Camping Lunch Ideas to add to your next trip.

Cooking at my campsite in the BWCA

Camping Lunch Ideas

Give your camping lunch a makeover with these unforgettable easy camping lunch recipes. I have found the best of the best camping lunch ideas, so all you need to do is pick your favorite one – Good Luck and Happy Camping!!

Easy Camping Lunch Ideas

What is the best camping stove to use to make lunch foods?

There are a lot of different camping stoves out there – so we`ve narrowed down your options to 9 of the very best models. Find them all HERE.

Should You Use Cast Iron Pans When Camping?

Cast iron is an ideal choice when it comes to camping cookware. Cast iron camping pans have the ability to distribute heat, durability to high temperatures and when seasoned properly, cast iron is virtually non-stick. Add all this together and cooking with cast iron is good for any type of campsite cooking that you will need to do.
Purchase your Cast Iron Camping Starter Kit Here.

What is the best way to cook if you don`t own a camping stove

Cooking over a Campfire is the best – all day!! There are many useful camp kitchen cookware on the market today. In fact, you can find a whole article on our site HERE that will share some of our favorite camp kitchen options.

How do you dispose of grease when camping

Mmm BACON xoxo – it`s so good on campfire burgers, but what in the world do you do with all that grease? The worst thing you could do is pour it out by that lone tree. It will attract animals into the campsite, which can be not only dangerous for humans, but also dangerous for the animals. First, check with your campground to see if they offer any animal-proof dumpsters. If not then the next best option would be to pour it into a container to take home with you. 

Do not burn your cooking grease!  Burning your camping grease in the fire is considered burning food and our goal is to preserve the Leave No Trace Behind guidelines.

Not sure how to clean your camping cast iron cookware?

No worries, we`ve got you covered. Check out the easy to clean steps in our article HERE.

Do you like breakfast for lunch?

Great! Check out 26 Easy Camping Breakfast Ideas in our article HERE.

If you have a fantastic camping lunch idea you make, please share it with us. We love your input and comments!

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Wednesday 11th of March 2020

Loving all these camping recipes, something for everyone! Thank you for including my SPAM recipe:-)