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KEEN Women’s Hiking Boot – TARGHEE III Review

As a farewell to the end of summer, my family and I decided to go on a canoe trip into Minnesota’s Boundry Waters. It was an amazing adventure! The best parts about the trip were spending time with our kids, canoeing, watching for wildlife, camping, and a bonus side note, I never once worried about my footwear. I was so excited to test my new KEEN Women’s Hiking Boot!

I sported the KEEN Targhee III Waterproof hiking boot for women. The performance of comfort, support, weight, traction, and water-resistance was truly put to the test on this trip!

Water Resistance★★★★
Overall Value★★★★★
Total Score32/35

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Enjoying the rapids at one of our BWCA portages.
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Our Opinion on the KEEN Targhee III

Although we have written about hiking boots, like the Men’s KEEN Targhee, it was time we had a review just for the ladies! I was so impressed and I am very confident in saying KEEN’s Targhee III women’s hiking boot is my new favorite hiking boot HANDS DOWN. Let’s jump into the details –

Comfort ★★★★★

Personally, anything I wear has to be comfortable and cute. Otherwise, I just won’t wear it. There are thousands of hiking boot options on the market and they all serve a practical purpose of getting you to point A to point B without breaking your ankle. Not only do the Targhee hiking boots for women pass the practical portion, but they also are an attractive pair of boots. So they were winning right from the start.

The moment I stepped into my KEEN Women’s Targhee Hiking Boots I LOVED them. They are super comfortable, mid-weight and they look good. It was like putting on your most comfortable pair of yoga pants but on your feet!! They are a perfect design for a woman’s high-arched slender foot. I never finished a day thinking I wish I had brought a different pair and I looked forward to sliding my hardworking feet into the protection of my KEEN Targhee boots each day.

Trust me, comfort is EVERYTHING! On a different trip, I made the mistake of taking a pair of hiking boots that were a touch too tight at the top of my toes leaving me with a sore redness at the end of the day. It was because those boots were designed with a narrow toe line. I don’t have large feet (size 8.5), but those boots were not made with comfort in mind. At night I would sit in my tent rubbing my painful toes. It took a handful of fun away from our trip and I knew I wasn’t going to wear those again. That wasn’t the case with my new KEEN women’s hiking boot. The comfort level of the Targhee hiking boot is to the highest degree of pleasure.

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Support ★★★★★

Every level of hiker understands that ankle support is very important for any type of hiking trip. The last thing you want to happen on your getaway is an early exit that was caused by a foot injury. These boots are built for comfort with support in the correct areas as needed to ensure your travel plans aren’t interrupted by your footwear. KEEN’s Targhee boots have a contoured heel lock that relives extra stress from your feet. You can feel the mid-cut leather snug against your ankle providing reassurance they are doing the job right. I personally liked the fact I could feel the top of the boot hugging my ankles.

Like I mentioned earlier, I never once questioned the support given from my boots no matter how hard the portage tried to break my will. Even when I unexpectedly fell knee-deep into black mud or when I slipped into the rocky lake (sounds super fun huh, LOL). Those are the type of moments you are thankful for a supportive hiking boot like the Targhee III.

Weight ★★★★

The weight of the hiking boot wasn’t the lightest, however, it didn’t feel as though I was working extra hard to lift my feet. I clearly remember another trip where I wore a pair of boots that basically felt like a bucket of concrete on my feet, that was no good. There definitively are different types of boots made for specific trips you plan on using them for and the Targhee hiking boots are an ideal blend of features able to endure a wide range of landscapes. I learned the hard way (typical) on a couple of trips, however I now understand what makes each style useful and what to look for depending on the literary.

The Targhee boots were a pleasant balance of weight and strength to get through the trip. If they had been any lighter I think they would lose the confidence of being able to handle a hard trail. On the other side if they were heavier they wouldn’t be a top choice for traveling. The weight is focused on the sole of the shoe, which leads me into the traction section.

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All geared up and ready to go!

Traction ★★★★★

Like the famous Ford brand, this pair of KEEN women’s hiking boot is built “tough”. In areas I would image myself slipping I was able to climb with ease. If you are looking for a hiking boot with great traction I highly suggest the Targhee line. They feature a 4mm multi-directional lug. You might be thinking “What does that mean?!” The point, it means they will give you an awesome foundation of traction and grip support on any terrain. I was shocked a couple of times how the Targhee hiking boots gripped onto some of the flat boulders resting uphill. As well as, the stability they provided on countless wet rocks along the portages and campsites. I didn’t fall into the lake because of my boots, it was me lacking skills at that moment (it happens).

Water Resistance ★★★★

An added bonus, KEEN Targhee boots ARE waterproof. When they were wet, which they did get wet during my transition from the canoe to the portage, the additional water weight did not retain a ton of water within the boots. The water rolled off the outer layer nicely. They drained pretty well, too. I should mention the hiking boots dried pretty quickly considering how much time they spent in and out of the water.

This all being said, I do adore the KEEN Targhee III hiking boots I wore in the Boundary Waters. However, they are more suitable for hiking trails in all weather conditions. If you are looking for the perfect KEEN hiking boot to wear into the Boundary Waters, the KEEN Voyageur is the ideal hiking boot for that specific style of hiking and camping. This is because they feature several ventilation inserts making it easier for the water to drain out of the boots. Plus, they host moisture wicking textiles. I plan on upgrading to a Voyageur pair for our future BWCA adventures. I will keep using my Targhee for everything else.

Also, KEEN installed a Cleansport NXT for natural odor control. Thankfully the boots didn’t smell like a wet gym once they dried off! I believe the odor control truly helped maintain my “natural” scent to a degree no one would ever know the true stench they endured. Hiking can be hard work!

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Durability ★★★★

The durability is unquestionable. Made to outlast even the worst of weather, landscape, and promising you a hiking boot that will be your new hiking trip best friend! No matter where you travel. I plan on being an old lady hiking her way through the woods and I want a pair of boots that tell the stories of my adventures just by looking at them. That goal means they lasted through thick and thin. I felt KEEN delivered the ultimate option. I am thrilled to say my KEEN Targhee III is my top choice.

As you can imagine, I went through all types of terrain in the women’s KEEN Targhee III hiking boots, mud, water, steep rocks, more mud and no matter what I faced my rugged boots came out looking unstoppable. Five stars for durability!

Overall Value ★★★★★

You definitely will be pleased with a set of KEEN’s Targhee III in your closet. Guaranteed to be ready to explore the outdoors with you. The setback price of $150 is very low considering the combination of high-end features and comfort you get from these boots. Additionally, they will last you for years! Pick from three different appealing colors.

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Is The Keen Women’s Targhee 3 Right For You?

You don’t need to have a hiking trip planned to enjoy the Targhee III boots, they are so comfortable for everyday living. If you are lucky enough to have a vacation in mind that includes a lot of walking, running (hopefully not from bears!) or hiking the Targhee design is perfect for every type of journey.

Keen Targhee 3 Features and Specs

  • KEEN.Dry waterproof, breathable membrane
  • Leather mud shield offers resilient durability
  • Speed hooks, for easy lace adjustment
  • Injected TPU heel-capture system for stability
  • ESS shank offers lightweight support
  • Resilient, internal shank
  • 4mm multi-directional lugs for traction
  • Cleansport NXT™ for natural odor control
  • Environmentally-preferred premium leather from LWG-certified tannery
KEEN’s Targhee boots review women styles
Two thumbs up for KEEN Targhee 3 hiking boots!

Final Thoughts

I think it’s easy to love KEEN footwear. Their products are all-round impressive. They have warranties unlike any other footwear brand and they are made to fit many outdoor lifestyles. There are no regrets when you buy a pair of KEEN Targhee III Women’s Hiking Boots only happy feet at the end of your travels.

If you are on the fence, my suggestion would be they are awesome take the risk. You will be delighted once you own a pair of KEEN Targhee III. Treat yourself and purchase these five-star comfortable and long-lasting hiking boot NOW!