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Choosing Camping Furniture For The Perfect Outdoor Retreat

For many of us, a favorite campsite can be our home away from home. And just like furnishing a new home, picking the right camping furniture for your dream campsite can be a bit tricky!

If you spend more time outdoors than in your own living room, why not invest the same care and attention into making your campsite just as comfortable?

Well, look no further! We’ve got you covered with some of our favorite camping furniture picks.

camping furniture

Camping Chairs

Investing in a solid campaign chair is a great and affordable way to jumpstart a solid camping furniture collection. A high-quality camping chair should strike a good balance between comfort, stow-ability, and durability.

ALPS Mountaineering King Kong Chair

Camping furniture can take quite the beating out in the elements. Tears, stains, bent beams, and broken joints are all too common in the great outdoors. Yet, ALPS’ King Kong Chair maintains a reputation for resisting wear and tear for far longer than the average camping chair.

Drag your chair through mud, dirt, and dust alike. The stain-resistant fabric of the King Kong chair is comfortable and easily washed with your garden hose.

If you’re in the market for a wide-framed, solidly built, classic-style camping chair, the King Kong Chair may very well be the last you ever need to buy.

Kelty Low Loveseat Camping Chair

Is clunky camping furniture preventing you from snuggling up to a loved one by the campfire? Kelty Low’s Loveseat Camping Chair is a unique and clever solution to this age old dilemma.

Kelty Low pulls all the stops when it comes to comfort. The chair is low to the ground, so you can easily kick up your feet and lean back into the thoughtfully designed quilted back, specifically insulated to keep the cool breeze from sending a chill down your spine.

On top of it all, the arms of the chair are fully adjustable and come with insulated cup holders to keep your drinks cool on a hot summer day.

Oh, and get this. The padded carrying cover doubles as a dog bed for your furry friends! Talk about “ruffing” it!

GCI Outdoor Freestyle Rocking Chair

Nothing says home like a good old rocking chair. This product takes your favorite rocker out from in front of your fireplace and puts it right in front of your campfire.

For being so compact and easy to set up, the rocking mechanism is astoundingly smooth and surprisingly sturdy.

Gimmicky camping furniture is all too common in an oversaturated market of outdoor products. GCI’s Outdoor Freestyle Rocking Chair is anything but. Be careful, though. Anyone who tries out this unique buy is going to want it for themselves!

Camping Tables

Stainless steel kettle, portable gas stove, bowl and vintage lanterns with outdoors table set on green lawn in camping area

An easily storable, lightweight camping table can be a game changer. A solid table provides extra stability and space for meal preparation and makes for a comfortable, simplified outdoor dining experience.

EVER ADVANCED Lightweight Portable Aluminum Table

Less than 20 lbs, this highly portable, quick-setup picnic table can hold up to more than 6 times its weight. Fold up the legs, roll up the tabletop, and this clever product will fit right into your car’s trunk without a problem.

Despite its compact design, this lightweight portable aluminum table manages to comfortably sit up to 6 people. Waterproof, anticorrosive, and easy to clean, you may want to take this table with you even if your campsite already has a picnic table!

Sportneer Adjustable Camping Table

With all the packing and prepping that comes along with camping, we know that space can be a limited resource, meaning that dragging along a full-sized table can be more of a hassle than a luxury.

With its highly compact build and adjustable size, Sportneer’s Adjustable Camping Table provides all of the luxury a stable, full sized table can offer, without taking up unnecessary space in your trunk.

No heavier than 5lbs, this little table can practically fit in your backpack so you don’t have to spill food on your lap next time!

For Sleep

Luxury interior motor house with comfortable furniture. Generative AI.

While sleep-related camping gear may not be the flashiest, it certainly makes all the difference when you don’t have to spend the whole night trying to sleep with rocks digging into your back!

You’ll thank yourself later for treating yourself to a good night’s rest out on the trail.

Therm-A-Rest Self-Inflating Sleeping Mattress

Every seasoned camper should invest in a high-quality sleep mat. Let’s face it, there’s a difference between roughing it and grinding your back into the hard ground every night. The Therm-A-Rest Trail Pro is one of the highest quality buys for a comfortable and portable sleep mattress.

The winglock air valve defies all understanding, allowing for quick self-inflation without the use of a pump. Better yet, this mattress rolls up and deflates easily, meaning you won’t need to struggle to get it packed back down!

Well-insulated, durable, and extremely comfortable, this is an end-game sleeping mattress.

Coleman ComfortSmart Deluxe Camping Cot

Tired of waking up on the damp tent floor on a particularly dewy morning? Want to give your aching back a bit more support than any old air mattress can provide? The Coleman ComfortSmart Deluxe Camping Cot takes you off the ground and puts you on a supportive and comfortable mattress pad.

This cot is about as close as you can get to having a real bed in your tent. With 22 inches of thickness, this mattress will have you floating off to dreamland in no time.

Easy to clean, easy to pack, and no cheap bed springs to worry about poking through your mattress! There’s not a more comfortable option for sleeping out under the stars.

Coleman Quickbed Airbed

The Coleman Quickbed Airbed is one of the most affordable, high-comfort solutions for luxury camping. This mattress takes up a remarkably small amount of space when packed down and provides stability and support on demand for a good night’s rest.

If you’re looking to stay cozy with a loved one, the Coleman Airbed comes in both full and queen sizes for the ultimate couples retreat.


Lounge furniture is some of the most fun to have around the campsite.

Portability, comfortability, and ease of use are key for a good lounge piece. Whether you’re looking for something comfortable to relax in or just want something different around the campsite, we think you’ll like these unique finds.

AlphaBeing Inflatable Lounger

The AlphaBeing Inflatable Lounger is like having a massive bean bag that can go everywhere and anywhere. Compact and durable, all you have to do is open up the zipper, catch some air, zip it up and you’re ready to kick back and relax.

Incredibly portable, exceptionally convenient, and a whole lot of fun, the inflatable lounger is a great fit for any camping furniture collection.

FIRINER Camping Hammock

Nothing quite puts you in the headspace for some relaxing time off like rocking off to sleep in a cozy hammock. Unfortunately, though, many of us know all too well that it doesn’t take long for you and your hammock to turn into a buffet line for pesky flies and mosquitoes.

FIRINER’s camping hammock is built to provide the comfort of a high-quality hammock with nearly all the protection a tent can provide. This hammock comes with an attachable mosquito net as well as a rainfly for protection from sun and rain. (The rainfly can even be used as a standalone cover!)

Maximalists will love all the functionality this product has to offer, and some of you minimalists may even ditch your tent for this compact, easy-to-pack shelter. Of all of the camping furniture covered here, this may very well be one of the most useful – and for an extraordinarily fair price.

KingCamp Swinging Hammock Camping Chair

While a good hammock is a camping classic, finding a good place to put it, tying it up, and ensuring it’s secure can be a hassle. The KingCamp Swinging Hammock Chair is a convenient solution for those who want to enjoy the lulling swing of a hammock without all the fuss. (Not to mention that it’s a lot harder to get wrapped up and stuck in this product than in an actual hammock!)

Lightweight, durable, and incredibly ergonomic, you may sit down after a long day of hiking and never get back out. That’s how you know your chair is doing the job right!

Canopies and Shade

Choosing Camping Furniture For The Perfect Outdoor Retreat 1

On-demand shade and protection from rain can be the ultimate luxury on a camping trip. Perfect for dining, community spaces, and a little extra peace of mind in unpredictable weather, you and your guests will feel spoiled under one of these high-quality canopies.

CLAM Quick-Set Escape Tent

With a little over 130 square feet of moving space, CLAM’s QuickSet Escape Tent is the ultimate camping canopy. CLAM does not skimp on quality. From the fabric and zippers to the stakes and strings, this canopy is built to last.

The canopy is entirely enclosable with rip resistance mosquito netting on all six sides of the tent and an airtight zipper at the entrance, so even the trickiest little blood suckers don’t get through. Less than 35 pounds and easier to set up than many tents, CLAM’s Quick-Set Escape Tent is one of the most luxurious and reliable camping canopies on the market.

CROWN SHADES One Push Popup Canopy

If ease of use is your priority for a popup canopy, CROWN SHADES takes the cake. In less than a minute of setting up time, you can have full sun and rain protection wherever your travels take you.

The canopy has 3 quick adjustable heights to match your setting and preference and comes with a high-quality cover bag to make transportation easy. Weighing in less than 40 pounds, you’ll have no problem taking this super efficient popup canopy with you on your next camping trip.

Kelty Sideroads Car Awning

We are huge fans of car camping here at Beyond The Tent. Camping in your vehicle can be a great way to conveniently travel from destination to destination with a bit of extra protection from the elements.

But we know that the car can get stuffy – even during the winter – and camping is about being outdoors afterall.

Kelty’s Sideroad Car Awning turns the outside of your car into a stunning front porch to take in the fresh air wherever you roam. The awning’s clever universal attachment makes it an easy addition to any kind of vehicle and is incredibly stable even in strong winds.

The rounded design is effective at protecting you from wind, rain, and sun alike. So get out of your back trunk, set up a chair, and take it easy!

Wrapping Up

Who said there’s anything wrong with a little bit of glamping? Treating yourself to some extra comfort on the trail is a great way to make your time off even more rejuvenating.

If it’s time to finally throw out that old lawn chair, we hope we helped to streamline your search for unique new camping furniture.Not quite ready to make that big purchase on camping gear just yet? Renting is always an option! Check out our article on Where to Rent Camping Gear: A Comprehensive Guide.