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21 Delicious Yet Cheap Camping Meals for Your Next Trip

It’s time to go camping! That means packing your tent, hiking boots, and don’t forget the bug spray. Let’s face it, prepping to go on a camping trip can be time-consuming.

But planning your meals doesn’t need to be! Check out these easy camping meals to make meal planning a snap.

With ideas from breakfast, to supper, and even some dessert recipes to satisfy your sweet tooth, you’ll be ready to make camping meals in no time.

21 Delicious Yet Cheap Camping Meals for Your Next Trip 1
Campfire cooking.

Bring Along the Right Equipment

Prior to packing your car, be sure to check over each recipe you’ve chosen to see what equipment is necessary to make each of your meals.

You will need more than just plates, bowls, utensils, and drinking cups.

Necessary items may include a cast iron skillet, a dutch oven, a cooking grate or cooking stand, campfire tongs, roasting forks and sticks, pie irons, gloves, and a collapsible sink.

21 Delicious Yet Cheap Camping Meals for Your Next Trip 2

Outdoor kitchen sets are sold in stores to help make gathering the necessary equipment easier.

Walk through how you will go about cooking each recipe to be sure you don’t forget any necessary items!

Best Breakfast Recipes for Camping

21 Delicious Yet Cheap Camping Meals for Your Next Trip 3

Start the day with these fail-safe breakfast recipes for camping that will hit the spot!

1. Sausage and Peppers Skillet: This yummy sausage-based breakfast is guaranteed to please the whole crew! And with the added peppers, you’ll sneak some vegetables into your diet, as well.

2. Campfire French Toast: Who says you can’t have a proper breakfast while camping? With this no-fail recipe, you’ll be eating like a king before the sun is even up! Mix this recipe up by serving your french toast with sliced bananas and drizzled with chocolate syrup.

3. Campfire Cinnamon Rolls: This is a fun one for the kids to make! With only a single ingredient, you can let the family cook their own breakfast so you can go for that nature hike you’ve been hoping for. Tip: No need to fight over the small icing container that’s included in the pre-packaged cinnamon rolls. Bring along an extra container of icing and have fun dipping your cinnamon rolls with each bite!

21 Delicious Yet Cheap Camping Meals for Your Next Trip 4

4. Avocado Breakfast Sandwich: This one is a no-brainer. Grab some bread and an avocado for this yummy start to your day. Mash the avocado, spread on the bread, then top it with salt. It’s as simple as that! Want to add some protein? Fry an egg in the skillet to top your avocado sandwich. Spice it up with a drizzle of sriracha sauce!

Mouthwatering Camping Meals

Whether it’s lunchtime or suppertime, these fantastic camping meals are delicious enough to please the entire family!

5. Surf and Turf Foil Packs: Looking to have a date night while on your camping trip? The next time you catch a sale on your favorite steak and shrimp, save it for your trip! With this fancy-looking Surf and Turf camping meal, you’ll be ready to impress your special camping buddy.

6. Hamburger Tinfoil Meal: This basic meal is what camping trips are made of! With simple ingredients and a no-mess cleanup, your family will have time to focus on the important things during your trip.

21 Delicious Yet Cheap Camping Meals for Your Next Trip 5

7. Philly Cheesesteak Quesadillas: This meal requires a cast iron pie skillet. But with just a handful of ingredients, your tastebuds will be happy you decided to bring your pie skillet along!

8. Sausage and Peppers Foil Pack: Another foil pack recipe that will save you time during prep and cleanup. Mix this yummy meal up by swapping out the peppers for another of your favorite vegetables!

9. Grilled Chicken Kabobs: These fun kabobs have different ingredients than your average stick meal. But with a little ginger and soy sauce, you’ll make the surrounding campers want to come to eat at your campsite for supper!

21 Delicious Yet Cheap Camping Meals for Your Next Trip 6

10. Loaded Campfire Nachos: Nachos are easy and fun and always a hit with the family! And with so many variations, you can make these any way you want.

11. Cowboy Stew: It wouldn’t be a camping trip without beans! Pre-measure out your spices and label in Ziploc baggies to make it easier to put this meal together. Yum!

21 Delicious Yet Cheap Camping Meals for Your Next Trip 7

12. Pie Iron Pizza: Here’s another pie iron skillet recipe. But with only a few ingredients, pizza night can easily be yours even while you’re camping! Tip: Sneak some veggies into your diet by adding some peppers and broccoli to your Pie Iron Pizza!

13. Wilderness Stew: This Wilderness Stew has veggies, beans, and beef. Make a pot and let it simmer while you work up an appetite for the perfect stew.

21 Delicious Yet Cheap Camping Meals for Your Next Trip 8

Delicious Camping Desserts

Finish your meal off right with one of these delectable camping desserts!

21 Delicious Yet Cheap Camping Meals for Your Next Trip 9

14. Campfire Rice Krispie Treats: Who says you can’t have dessert while camping? These easy-peasy rice krispie treats will have your kids smiling as they hold them over the campfire for some toasty fun!

15. Oreo Cookie Skillet: You’ll want to leave room for dessert with this one! Oreos, cookie dough, marshmallows. What more could you ask for in a dessert?

16. Campfire S’mores Cone: This one is for the kids! The next time you go camping, try this creative treat with the whole family. With endless possibilities of yummy fillings for your waffle cone, your kids will be entertained as they eat.

Five-Ingredient Camping Recipes

21 Delicious Yet Cheap Camping Meals for Your Next Trip 10

Looking to minimize the amount of food you pack for your camping trip? Check out these five ingredient camping recipes to see if they’re right for your camping menu.

17. Campfire Omelets: These omelets will cook up fast and easily in your cast iron skillet. Mix your eggs with milk and cook in the skillet until partially solid. Sprinkle cheese across the top and fold in half to finish cooking! Mix up this recipe by adding a few chopped veggies before you add the cheese.

18. Grilled Baked Potatoes: These will work well if you have a grilling grate or you can put the foil-wrapped potatoes in the coals of the campfire to bake. Loading them with the toppings is all up to you!

19. Campfire Grilled Cheese: You can’t go wrong with a classic grilled cheese sandwich! Make these using your cast iron skillet for toasting them over the open fire. Or try something new by cooking them in your pie iron. Make it a classic meal by bringing along a can of tomato soup. Mix equal parts soup and water or milk and heat in a pot for the perfect pairing.

21 Delicious Yet Cheap Camping Meals for Your Next Trip 11

20. Brown Sugar Oatmeal: Start your day off right with some yummy oats! Make these using your favorite recipe. Use 1 part of quick oats and 2 parts milk and boil in a pot until the liquid is absorbed. Top with a tablespoon or two of brown sugar for just the right sweetness! Looking to take it a step further? Bring along some walnuts and craisins to mix into the oatmeal, as well!

21. Pineapple chicken skewers: Cube some chicken and cut up a pineapple — supper is calling! Simply alternate sliding chicken and pineapple onto a skewer, then roast them on a grill grate until the chicken is cooked. Bring along some honey mustard to dip the grilled chicken pieces in once they’re ready to serve!

Is it Better to Cook Over an Open Fire or Use a Camping Stove?

There are benefits to both cooking camping meals over an open fire and using a camping stove.

21 Delicious Yet Cheap Camping Meals for Your Next Trip 12

Campfire cooking is an easy option since most families have a campfire at their campsite for much of their camping trip.

The important thing to keep in mind is that it’s best to wait to cook your meals after the fire has been burning for a while. Some meals call for you to set a foil packet into the coals of a fire. Others call for you to hold a skewer or stick near the flames.

Remember to never put the food you’re cooking directly into the flames. Allowing the food to cook close to, but not in the fire, is key when cooking over an open fire.

21 Delicious Yet Cheap Camping Meals for Your Next Trip 13

On the other hand, using a camping stove can eliminate the chance of burning your food. Using a camping stove makes you more likely to have evenly cooked food.

They are usually easy to ignite, even in windy weather — especially if you have a self-igniting stove. This will take the guesswork out of having to start a campfire just to eat your next meal.

The temperature is adjustable, so you can control how quickly your camping stove meal cooks.

21 Delicious Yet Cheap Camping Meals for Your Next Trip 14
Making a camping stove meal.

You’ll also be familiar with cooking on a stove as if you were in your own kitchen. Camping stoves are generally easy to learn to use.

Budget Tips

Meal planning for an entire camping trip can be daunting, especially if you’re planning for a family!

Just planning ahead for your camping meals will already save you money. Ditch the last-minute shopping spree once you get to the closest store at the campground and plan ahead.

Consider sifting through your recipes and selecting several that share similar ingredients. Purchasing in bulk is often cheaper. And pre-wrapped packages will save room when it comes time to pack the car.

Plan to eat leftovers for a meal or two during the camping trip. This will require buying and bringing less food and will create less waste!

21 Delicious Yet Cheap Camping Meals for Your Next Trip 15

Meal Planning 101

Planning out all the meals for a camping trip doesn’t need to be stressful. Take a deep breath and choose to get organized.

Begin by sorting through these camping meal recipes and any others you might have on hand, and decide which ones you are sure you want to make while camping.

Next, make a list of similar ingredients to purchase the food in bulk. This will also help you ditch a meal you didn’t want to make. You can replace it with another that shares ingredients with the remaining meals.

Now you can make your store list. Separate what you can purchase ahead of time and what fresh items must be purchased immediately before the trip. You’ll likely need to plan to bring a cooler for these items.

21 Delicious Yet Cheap Camping Meals for Your Next Trip 16

Once you bring the groceries home, keep them in the grocery bags so they’re ready to go when it comes time to pack the car. This will also eliminate the risk of using necessary ingredients at home.

As you pack your bags, look over your recipes and try to pack ingredients that go together for each meal. This will keep you from digging through the trunk while you’re at the campsite, searching for the necessary ingredients!

And now, relax. You’ve got this! The meals have been planned, and you’ve done the work of staying organized before the trip.

All that’s left is for you to have a great time on your camping trip!

Cook Some Delicious and Cheap Camping Meals!

21 Delicious Yet Cheap Camping Meals for Your Next Trip 17

You’re all set for a camping trip of a lifetime! The best part? With these delicious and inexpensive meals, you’ll have a full belly and can make memories with your family that will last a lifetime.

Looking for more ideas? Check out the Camping Food page on our website for more inspiration!