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The Best Dog Camping Chair for Your Furry Companion

What’s a vacation if you have to leave your furry companion(s) behind? Aside from the joy of having your dog with you to enjoy the great outdoors, camping with your dog doesn’t require a lot of extra gear. However, one thing to be sure to bring along is a comfortable and sturdy camping chair for your dog!

Now that you’re convinced you to need to bring a dog camping chair on your next outdoor adventure, read on to learn about some of our favorite options!

A young dog lying on an elevated dog bed. Best dog camping chair.

Our Top Picks

Best Overall:
Coolaroo Original Cooling Elevated Dog Bed

Best for Larger Dogs:
Gen7Pets Trailblazer Cool-Air Cot

Best for Smaller Dogs:
HDP Padded Napper Elevated Dog Bed

Best for Sunny Spots:
Best Choice Products Elevated Dog Bed with Removable Canopy Shade

Best Splurge:
K&H Pet Products Cozy Cot Elevated Pet Bed

Best Overall

Coolaroo Original Cooling Elevated Dog Bed

COOLAROO The Original Cooling Elevated Dog Bed, Indoor and Outdoor, Large, Grey

The innovative design of the Coolaroo Original Cooling Elevated Dog Bed allows air to circulate beneath your pet for maximum cooling. Its breathable fabric is washable, which is important if you plan on taking this dog camping chair into the wild!

The Coolaroo also gets top marks for durability. It’s built to withstand the effects of heat, UV rays, wet weather, and even the occasional chewing. And, if your dog does indulge in the occasional chew, you can rest easy because this chair is lead- and phthalate-chemical-free.


  • Cooling
  • Easy to clean
  • Elevated
  • Pressure-relieving
  • Portable
  • Lightweight


  • Difficult to assemble
  • Not a very soft material

You can purchase the Coolaroo Original Cooling Elevated Dog Bed on Amazon.

Best for Larger Dogs

Gen7Pets Trailblazer Cool-Air Cot

Gen7Pets Trailblazer Cool-Air Cot, Large

This dog camping chair is great for furry companions up to 90 pounds! The high-quality mesh allows air to flow around your pup to avoid overheating as they recover from your outdoor adventures. The Trailblazer Cool-Air Cot elevated your dog a full 7 inches off the ground.


  • Elevated
  • Foldable and lightweight for easy transportation
  • Durable and water-resistant fabric
  • Adjustable and stable frame
  • Mesh allows water to drain rather than collect


  • Not good for chewers
  • Doesn’t fold completely flat

The Gen7Pets Trailblazer Cool-Air Cot is available on Amazon.

Best for Smaller Dogs

HDP Padded Napper Elevated Dog Bed

The Best Dog Camping Chair for Your Furry Companion 1

This elevated dog camp chair is perfect for dogs up to 40 pounds. It’s padded to keep your furry friend comfortable, and all its metal parts are rust-resistant. The carrying case that comes with this dog chair makes it easy to bring along on campouts.


  • Padded
  • Rust-proof
  • Portable
  • Easy to assemble


  • Not for dogs larger than 40 pounds
  • Padded cushion doesn’t drain, so wet dogs will stay wet while they lounge

Get this dog camping chair from Chewy.

Best for Sunny Spots

Best Choice Products Elevated Dog Bed with Removable Canopy Shade

Best Choice Products 30in Elevated Cooling Dog Bed, Outdoor Raised Mesh Pet Cot w/Removable Canopy Shade Tent, Carrying Bag, Breathable Fabric - Red

We love the canopy that comes with this dog camping chair! It collapses for easy portability along with the chair and can be erected as needed to protect your pup from the hot sun.

But you should know this chair doesn’t last long for chewers and doesn’t withstand the elements if left in them for long periods of time– the material deteriorates.


  • Comes with a canopy
  • Has rubber stoppers to protect the floor if used indoors
  • Elevated
  • Easy to assemble


  • Not the most durable on the market.

Get this dog camping chair on Amazon.

Best Splurge

K&H Pet Products Cozy Cot Elevated Pet Bed

The Best Dog Camping Chair for Your Furry Companion 2

Glamping, anyone? If you and your dog prefer the finer things in life, this is the dog camping chair for you! Not only is it elevated and made from water-resistant nylon, but it also has a removable bolster that your pet can use as a pillow or just to feel that extra sense of security that comes with being in their own “den.”


  • Foldable
  • Easy to break down and transport
  • Elevated
  • Washable
  • Good for dogs who like to sleep compactly


  • May be hard to keep bolster in place

This luxurious dog camping chair is available from Chewy.

How to Choose the Best Dog Camping Chair

There are several factors to consider when choosing the best dog camping chair for your furry companion.

A dog lying on a dog hammock.

Size and weight capacity

When selecting a dog camping chair, be sure you look at its weight and size limits. This is especially important if you have a larger, heavier dog, as most camping chairs on the market tend to be geared toward small and medium dogs.

If you have a small dog, you’ll want to make sure you don’t get a camping chair that’s too big for your pup to feel comfortable and secure. You also don’t want to have to lug around more chairs than you need!

Portability and ease of setup

Just how portable does your dog camping chair need to be? If you tend to glamp and only plan to move your dog camping chair from your RV or yurt to the campfire, you can handle a chair that’s a little more cumbersome than if you’re more of a backcountry camper.

Also, how easy is it to set up your dog camping chair? Some of the chairs on the market require a good deal of strength to stretch fabric over the support rods. Is that a job you can handle on your own if you’re out and about with just your dog, or do you need a second pair of hands to assemble your dog chair?

Durability and quality materials

One important issue to consider is how durable you need your dog camping chair to be. Some buyers like their dogs to be able to use their camping chairs on the road and at home. If this sounds like you, consider getting a more durable chair that can withstand daily use. This is especially true if you’ll be leaving your dog camping chair set up in the backyard or on the porch, where it will have to weather the elements.

Is your dog a chewer? If so, look for a camping chair made with high-quality, chew-resistant fabric that can withstand your pup’s nibbles.

Comfort and support for your dog

You clearly care about your dog’s comfort, or else you wouldn’t be considering a dog camping chair! But what qualifies as “comfort” for your pooch? For some, this means a soft cushion on the chair. Or your dog may love the sense of security they feel from a wrap-around bolster. Does your furry friend have joint issues? Look for a chair that can help relieve joint pressure while your pup lounges.

Safety features and stability

Along with comfort and support, think about what safety features your dog may need in a camping chair. For example, if you have a larger energetic pup, look for a camping chair that’s stable and not prone to tipping when your pet gets a little overzealous climbing into it.

If your dog has mobility issues, consider getting an elevated bed that’s a little closer to the ground or a portable stool or staircase to help your pup get in and out of its chair.

Large dog lying on an elevated dog bed.

Ease of cleaning and maintenance

This is a big one when it comes to choosing a dog camping chair. How often will you need to clean the chair, and how much effort will it take?

Mesh-lined chairs are easiest to keep clean with a simple hose down or toss in the washing machine, but may not be the most comfortable for your dog. Chairs that are elevated at least 5 inches are easier to vacuum under than those closer to the ground, which may be a factor if you plan to use the camping chair indoors as well as out.

You want to make sure to clean your dog camping chair between uses to prolong its life. Only store your newly cleaned chair when it’s completely dry to avoid mold and mildew build-up.

Price range and value for money

Obviously, you’ll want to think about how much money you’re willing to spend on a dog camping chair and then look for a chair that gives you the best quality for the price. Factor in things like how often you plan to use the chair, the environment in which the chair will mostly be used, and how likely your dog is to sit in it instead of your lap on a campout.

Brand reputation and customer support

Read positive and negative reviews before buying a dog camping chair online. This is where you’ll find the best information about customer support in the event that you have any issues with your new purchase.

If you recognize a brand name, especially in relation to other camping gear you know and trust, you’re likely going to get a dog chair whose quality you can depend on. However, if you’re looking at a dog camping chair from an obscure brand, proceed with caution, making sure you’ve read over other buyers’ reviews before purchasing.

Environmental considerations

This is less important to consider if you’ll only be using your dog chair while camping, but significant, nonetheless. Do you plan to use your dog camping chair in well-maintained campgrounds with level cement slabs or fairly even dirt or grass? Or will you primarily set up your pup’s chair on rocky or sand-covered ground? If it’s the latter, look for a chair with rubber stoppers or other modifications to its feet to help provide some stability.

And, of course, if you also plan to keep your dog camping chair set up at home, what kind of weather will it be in, and how will that affect its longevity?

Elevate Your Pup’s Experience

Two  dogs on an elevated dog bed.

Whichever dog camping chair you choose, your furry companion will be grateful for a place to sit out of the dirt while you enjoy your camping adventure together. Help your dog stay cool, clean, and comfortable on your outing so they can recover between epic hikes, swims, climbs, and any other activity you enjoy as best buds.

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