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Float Squad’s Aqua Lily Pads & Bull Frog Water Toys


There Is With Float Squad’s

Aqua Lily Pads & Bull Frog Water Toys!

We were excited to get out on the water with the Bull Frog this summer. One thing I noticed about camping with the Bull Frog is the size makes it hard to pack up for a camping trip. It comes in at 20′ long x 6′ wide, but it can hold up to 1,600 pounds!  I would suggest going with the Aqua Lily Pad for those of you who want to travel with your floating water pad. Either way,Float Squad has provided hours of fun on the water with many options of products to choose from on their site! I think the Bull Frog is perfect for cabins and lake homes. You can fit a ton of people on the pad and it is very entertaining to watch as people try to do “tricks” on the pad. As you could see in our video above, Ryan took advantage of having the pad to himself. Our teenage son was away at camp when I made the video, however I am planning on taking it out again this weekend, so look for his stunts on our Facebook Page.


Tie To The Dock For Kids To Play


Once you get it in the water you can see it floats like a breeze. I was a touch worried I might fall in the lake and I was also a bit concerned that I would be sitting in a pool of lake water while on the pad. The good news is I did not fall in the lake! You do get a small amount of water, an inch or two, on the top of the water pad while floating. Just remember it isn’t made to keep you completely out of the water and dry.

At First We Were A Bit Unsure


But It Didn’t Take Long To Love It

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If you are in the market for a new water toy you can get your hands on one of the Float Squad’sAqua Lily Pads for around $500.00 and  a smaller sized called the Lilypad for about $400.00. If you want to run with the big dogs and purchase the Bull Frog it’s going for around $690.00. Cheaper than a boat!!

Happy Camping – Kelly

Can You Picture Yourself Hosting A Floating Party With The Bull Frog?