Fun Camping Games To Play With Kids

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For our family, camping has been a great way to spend special time with our kids. When we are at home on the weekends it is easy to get lost in all the To-Do lists that run a mile long, but stepping away from the chores can be the best thing you can do for your family. We have come up with some fun camping games to play with kids to help make the memories from your trip will last and hopefully be carried down to your grandkids.

Kick The Can

This game was my grandma’s favorite from her childhood, so it’s no surprise to me that my kids enjoy playing kick the can, too. It’s a very simple game for three or more players. It’s best to have a large space for running. First, you will want to use an empty can and place it on the ground next to whom you have chosen to be “it”. The “it” person closes their eyes and starts counting to an agreed amount of time. During the counting period the other children or adults will scatter and hide out of sight from the “it” person. Once the counting has finished the “it” person starts looking for those who are hiding. The hiding players try their best to stay out of sight and sneak up to the can in hopes to kick it. However, if seen by the “it” player and tagged the other player is placed in a time out zone until the can is kicked by another teammate. Once the can is kicked over a new game can begin.

Cobbler – Cobbler

Everyone must sit in a circle with one player in the middle. The person in the middle will be blindfolded. Someone must fork over their shoe for the Cobbler Cobbler game, you might want to smell test it first, because part of the game is passing a shoe around the circle behind the players backs while singing a short tune…

Cobbler, Cobbler where’s my shoe
Have it ready by half past two
If by half past two it can’t be done
Have it ready by half past one

After the song is over everyone must keep their hands behind their backs and the person in the middle gets to guess who is holding the Cobbler’s shoe.

I’m Going On A Picnic

This is a fun game for camping with kids! You begin the game by having a person state, “I’m going on a picnic and I’m taking…” finishing the sentence with an item that begins with the letter “A”. The second person repeats the first part of the sentence, repeats what the first person is bringing and then adds something starting with the letter “B”. This continues through the group with everyone repeating what the pervious players have brought on the picnic and adds their item that starts with the next letter in the alphabet.

When Pigs Fly

Similar to Simon Says this game has the group of children standing facing the leader. Make sure there is enough room between everyone, so the kids can make a flying motion with their arms. The leader will call out different animals like so, “When Blue Birds Fly” or “When Pigs Fly”. Whenever the leader calls out an animal that does fly the children will want to flap their “wings”, but when they hear an animal that doesn’t actually take flight they must stand still. If caught flying when an animal is called out that doesn’t fly that player is out.

Who’s In The Bag

Looking for something to do on a rainy day camping trip? This game will have the kiddos giggling! Who’s in the bag is easy, just take all the sleeping bags out and lay them across the floor. Pick one person to be the detective. Take the detective into another area, so they can’t see what is going on in the sleeping bag area. Or if you are all in a tent blind fold the detective until everyone is ready. The players will pick a sleeping bag to hide inside of and the detective must guess who’s in each sleeping bag. It’s pretty simple and the kids really do get a kick out of hiding in a different person’s sleeping bag.

How Long Is A Minute

Do you need the children to clam down and relax? There are times when all I need is a few minutes of quiet time, so this game comes in handy it’s called How Long Is A Minute. Tell the kids you are starting a stop watch timer for one minute. They must count in their heads a minute’s worth of time. Whoever is closest wins!

I hope these games will make your next camping trip more enjoyable and if you have any fun camping games to play with kids, please share your ideas with us. We love hearing from our fellow campers!

Happy Camping, Kelly

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