7 Rainy Day Camping Activities

7 Rainy Day Camping Activities 2

RainyDayCampingNo matter our planning, rain seems to find us quite often when we are out camping (especially in May and June). Thankfully we were prepared for rainy days during our camping trips and made sure to bring along plenty of fun activities for rainy days. Here are a few of our favorite Rainy Day Camping Games and Activities.

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Board Games

Wether you are in a tent or camper you can always sit down and fire up a board game. Some of our favorite games are Settlers of Catan, Munchkin, Carcassone, Yatzee and Risk. *Side Note: Dad has NEVER lost at Catan ☺

Visit a Local Town

Enjoying Two Harbors
Enjoying Two Harbors

When we recently went camping at Gooseberry Falls without our kids, the weather was terrible. But since that weekend was our only opportunity to get away without kids we didn’t care. We spent a large portion of our Saturday visiting Two Harbors which is a neat touristy town about 15 minutes from the campground. We met lots of interesting people and saw lots of neat shops.

Read A Good Book

I love to read, but around my house I always find myself parenting, cleaning, working or in the middle of some project. When I am camping and it is raining I don’t have any nagging feeling that there is something else I should be doing. I know what your thinking “Yeah right you read with 5 kids in a camper!”.

Enjoy The Sounds Of Nature

One thing we really like doing during a calm rain is to sit under our camper awning or in our screen tent and listen to the rain. Sometimes we even turn on our little propane fireplace and get really comfy.

Take A Nap

No explanation needed.

Take a Rain Hike

If it isn’t storming, our kids love to go out for a hike in the rain. A couple of rain jackets and a mile or two long hike along the trails in the rain can be a completely different and fun experience for the whole family.

Watch A Movie

I know, this is supposed to be camping activities, but for us camping is a getaway whether we are in nature or just hanging out in the camper and sometimes putting on a movie for the whole family is REALLY nice!

Camping is great rain or shine as long as you are prepared for whatever weather you may encounter.

This post is part of our Camping For Beginners series.

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