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The 20 Best Spots for Glamping in Washington

With its lush landscapes and other gorgeous scenery, the Evergreen State is a natural choice for anyone looking to camp comfortably and in style. There are so many incredible options! In fact, you might want some help narrowing them down.

If so, read on to learn about our favorite places for glamping in Washington!

View of a luxurious treehouse home among evergreens. Glamping in Washington.

Best Spots for Glamping in Central and Eastern Washington

Though the climate is drier than the state’s famously wet western side, central and eastern Washington are still rich in beautiful forests, prairies, and deserts. Some of the most fabulous glamping sites in Washington can be found in these areas! Here are some examples.

A view in eastern Washington state near Palouse.
Eastern Washington state.

1. Northport Rec Hall & Bathhouse

Northport, WA

Boasting five log cabins and 20 quiet acres, this Northport resort already wins a spot among the coolest glamping sites in Washington simply because it can fit so many people without making the space feel crowded. On top of that, however, you get a recreation hall–which sleeps another eight people–along with an enormous picnic table, bathhouse, and fire pits! This is perfect for large parties or family reunions where everyone loves glamping.

2. Blue Lake Resort

Coulee City, WA

As a stunning waterfront site, the Blue Lake Resort feels luxurious on its own. Additionally, what makes it great for glamping in Washington is that the rooms are large enough to fit a small family, and the lodging itself is fully modernized and tastefully decorated. Many campers especially love the domes! There’s also a nice playground for children.

3. Yakima Riverfront Cottage & Treehouse

Yakima, WA

Did you ever play in a treehouse as a child? At the Yakima Riverfront Cottage & Treehouse, you can reignite your imagination and sense of whimsy! The unique charm is reason enough to consider it one of the most delightful glamping sites in Washington, but as a bonus, it offers private boat access to the Yakima River so that you can fish to your heart’s content.

4. Adeline Tiny House at Thousand Trails

Leavenworth, WA

If you don’t need much space, the Adeline Tiny House at Thousand Trails could be your ideal glamping site in Washington. Set against a backdrop of the Cascade Mountains and situated in front of an enchanting pond, the delightfully decorated house is equipped with all the amenities you could need. You can enjoy the on-site game room and pools as well.

Nearby is the Bavarian tourist town known as Leavenworth with all its festivals, German restaurants, and one-of-a-kind shops, which makes the atmosphere even more magical for a glamper!

A view of Leavenworth, WA during the winter holiday season at night.
Leavenworth, WA is not to be missed during the winter holiday season!

5. Mountain Tiny Home Getaway

Leavenworth, WA

You know those idyllic paintings of cozy little houses on mountains? This tiny home getaway will make you feel like you’re inside one. As with the previous tiny home, it’s located near Leavenworth. When you’re not hiking, snowmobiling, tubing, or exploring the town, take advantage of the home’s hot tub and waterfront gazebo to wind down.

6. The Yurt at Rivendell

White Salmon, WA

Originating in Central Asia, the circular yurt has recently become popular in the United States. The Yurt at Rivendell in particular is notable as a wonderful glamping site in Washington, thanks to its skillful construction and elegant decor. You’ll be surrounded by forests, meadows, and rivers where you can go fishing, boating, swimming, or white river rafting, isolated from anything that would disturb your peace.

7. Smokiam Resort

Soap Lake, WA

What makes the Smokiam Resort stand out among other glamping sites in Washington is that it gives you a chance to see why tipis are so widely loved among many Native American tribes. Each one is furnished comfortably, though you can rent a snug little cabin, if you prefer.

Either way, there’s a natural mineral-infused hot spring to revive you. You can also go fishing, boating, hunting, golfing, hiking, wine tasting, or swimming in their pools!

8. Rolling Huts

Winthrop, WA

As their name implies, the Rolling Huts stand on large wheels that make each one portable–a “modern alternative to camping,” as the Seattle-native architect calls them!

They’re built with the sleek lines and amenities of modern architecture, making them an especially stylish option for glamping in Washington. Nearby are opportunities for golfing, hiking, biking, rock climbing, horse riding, white river rafting, visiting art galleries, and attending music festivals!

9. Yurt at the Sagecliffe Resort & Spa

Quincy, WA

The Sagecliffe Resort & Spa offers numerous types of accommodations, but the yurts are best for glampers. Indulgently furnished and decorated, the yurt lets you enjoy a camping experience while keeping you close to interesting and exciting attractions, including restaurants, bars, vineyards, festivals, a swimming pool, and the Gorge Amphitheater.

Additionally, you can go hiking, fishing, or rock climbing, or you could play badminton at the on-site court!

Best Spots for Glamping in Western Washington

Known for its rainy climate, the western side of the state is graced with breathtaking green landscapes and magnificent shorelines. Still, the wetness presents a certain challenge for finding great glamping sites in Washington. We’ll give you some suggestions!

A view of the rainforest scenery in Washington state.

10. Beachfront Treehouse

Vashon, WA

What could feel more extravagant than a glamping site in Washington’s popular Vashon Island? This beautifully rustic and fully equipped beachfront treehouse promises dazzling views of the ocean in a tranquil location.

Seattle is just a short ferry ride away. Spend the day touring the city’s many galleries, museums, stadiums, restaurants, and other attractions before returning to the island’s inviting quietude.

11. The Lodges on Vashon

Vashon, WA

If you still want the secluded island experience with a more modern atmosphere, look no further than the Lodges on Vashon. It feels like one of the most otherworldly glamping sites in Washington with posh architecture, chic decor, and luxurious fireplaces. For your convenience, there are also walk-in showers and blackout curtains.

You can still visit Seattle by ferry. If you’d rather explore the island, however, use the site’s bike rental facility!

12. Stormking Cabins & Spa

Ashford, WA

Are you looking for a romantic glamping site in Washington? That’s the specialty at the Stormking Cabins & Spa. Each cabin is made to pamper couples with cozy cabins furnished with flat-screen TVs, fireplaces, walk-in showers, blackout curtains, and private hot tubs. When you’re not relaxing with your partner, head out for a hike, bike ride, boat ride, or massage at the on-site spa!

13. Tahuya Adventure Resort

Belfair, WA

You can go glamping in Washington state while satisfying your need for adventure, and the Tahuya Adventure Resort is proof! Fantastic glamping tents are already set up for your convenience. Drop off your things and then go swimming, boating, or fishing at the beach, or head to any of the nearby state parks to windsurf, hike, or fly kites!

For more relaxing activities, you could try golfing, see a movie at a drive-in theater, or wander around professionally maintained gardens.

14. Pampered Wilderness

Olympia, WA

With a name like Pampered Wilderness, it’s unsurprising that this a popular glamping site in Washington. Nestled in the soothing serenity of a deep forest setting, the tent is set up like a cozy yet stately bedroom (with a microwave, grill, and picnic table!), but you still feel like you’re getting the authentic experience of “roughing it.” Between the pool and beach, you can engage in any water activity you like

15. Treehouse Place at Deer Ridge

Snohomish, WA

When you want a glamping site in Washington that will help you rise above the cares of the world, the Treehouse Place at Deer Ridge is just the ticket. Though defined as a tiny house constructed on posts, it has the appearance and charisma of a real treehouse.

Not only can you admire the impressive views from above, but you can also go stargazing at night. Either way, unwind in the hot tub while you do it! By day, go fishing, boating, or dirt bike riding!

16. Lopez Farm Cottages & Tent Camping

Lopez Island, WA

Spanning 30 acres across the island that shares its name, the Lopez Farm Cottages & Tents resort boasts lots of options for glamping in Washington. Each cabin is constructed and decorated with a simple yet alluring Scandinavian theme, though you could choose to stay in one of their snug and classy glamper tents instead. In both cases, you get breakfast delivered in a nice basket!

A water view in Washington state.

17. Yurt at a Thousand Trails

Bow, WA

As part of the prestigious Thousand Trails company, the yurt on Mount Vernon is guaranteed to rank among the best glamping sites in Washington. It’s equipped with modern necessities and set up near the site’s swimming pool and banquet hall. Close by, you’ll find gorgeous forests and mountains where you can fish, swim, hike, and bike. To shake things up, take the ferry to the San Juan Islands!

18. Manitou Lodge

Forks, WA

Thanks to their spellbinding atmosphere, rainforests make memorable glamping sites in Washington. That’s why you should consider the Manitou Lodge, rich in fabulous cabins, cottages, and tents just a few miles away from the Rialto Beach at Olympic National Park. The famed Hoh Rainforest is just 40 miles away, a perfect excuse to hike and see amazing things, like the Hall of Mosses!

19. Guemes Island Resort

Guemes Island, WA

As island beachfront sites go, you’d hardly find anything more extraordinary than the Guemes Island Resort. Whether you choose a yurt or cabin, the game room, gift shop, hot tubs, and wood-fired saunas alone make them wonderful choices for glamping in Washington. However, consider that they also provide supplies to go boating, crabbing, and biking!

20. Gingerbread Cottage

Point Roberts, WA

Despite its name, the Gingerbread Cottage is not edible! Still, it’s among the most incredible glamping sites in Washington, and not just because the house itself is so magnetizing and includes a solarium. You get 250 sublime forested acres to yourself in addition to a walking trail leading to a secluded and exquisite mile-long beach.

Go Glamping in Washington!

A luxurious glamping campsite with a view of a pond or lake.

All these places promise the best glamping in Washington. Consider making it your goal to try them all at some point!

However, if you’d like to balance them out with more traditional camping experiences, we can help with that, too. We’ve got over 40 recommendations for the state’s most remarkable campsites!