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The 10 Best Inflatable Hot Tub Accessories to Make Your Hot Tub Perfect

Inflatable hot tubs are fun to use any time of the year, and they’re even more enjoyable with the help of the right accessories. We’ve compiled some of the best inflatable hot tub accessories that will improve your next backyard party or self-care night.

Keep reading to find out more about ten inflatable hot tub accessories that will take your hot tub experience to the next level.

The Best Inflatable Hot Tub Accessories

Our Top Picks

Best Floating Drink Holder:
DIVEBLAST Premium Floating Drink Holder

Best Hot Tub Pillow:
SaluSpa Padded Pillow

Best Hot Tub Maintenance Kit:
Intex PureSpa Hot Tub Maintenance Accessory Kit

Best Floating Drink Holder

DIVEBLAST Premium Floating Drink Holder

The DIVEBLAST Premium Floating Drink Holder is one of the ultimate hot tub accessories! This product is sure to upgrade your next party or solo hangout.

It contains multiple holders for food, drinks, and even your phone or tablet, so you’ll have plenty of room for all your snacks.

DIVEBLAST: Premium Floating Drink Holder for Pool, Hot Tub Accessories for Adults - Pool Drink Holder Floats, Swimming Pool Accessories for Adults, Drink Floaties for Pool, Pool Drink Floats

Importantly, the DIVEBLAST Premium Floating Drink Holder is pretty sturdy and stays afloat even when all its holders are full. You won’t have to worry about your snacks getting wet!

One factor to keep in mind about this particular floating drink holder is that it’s on the larger side because it can hold so many objects. That said, if you have a smaller hot tub, you may want to look for other hot tub accessories that don’t take up quite so much space.

Best Hot Tub Pillow

SaluSpa Padded Pillows

If you’re looking for a way to add some extra comfort to your hot tub, the SaluSpa Padded Pillows are a great option. These pillows are soft and lightweight hot tub accessories that will make your hot tub experience more enjoyable.

You can easily adjust or remove the pillows depending on the preferences of anyone who uses your hot tub.

SaluSpa Padded Pillows (2-Pack)

In addition, these pillows are machine washable, so you can give them a quick clean any time you want, and they’ll be ready to use again in no time!

Overall, the SaluSpa Padded Pillows will provide comfortable support to your head and neck at a reasonable price.

Best Hot Tub Maintenance Kit

Intex PureSpa Hot Tub Maintenance Accessory Kit

Although this isn’t the prettiest product on our list, the Intex PureSpa Hot Tub Maintenance Accessory Kit is one of those hot tub accessories that every user needs to keep their hot tub in perfect shape.

Intex PureSpa Hot Tub Maintenance Accessory Kit with Brush, Skimmer, & Scrubber

This collection of products includes a scrubber pad, a curved brush, and a mesh skimmer. The trio of tools is durable and long-lasting, and they each have a different function that will remove grime and other unwanted materials from the water.

One thing to watch out for is that the holes in the skimmer’s netting are a little large, so if you usually run into smaller debris floating in your hot tub, you may want to find a net that’s better suited for that.

QooLife Submersible LED Lights

These QooLife Submersible LED Lights will turn your inflatable hot tub into a party any day of the week!

Because they’re both cordless and waterproof, you can stick these lights anywhere in your hot tub you’d like.

You also have a huge range of options when it comes to what exactly you want your light show to look like. With 16 color options and four different movement modes, there’s a setting for everyone!

Qoolife Submersible LED Lights Remote Control Battery Powered, RGB Multi Color Changing Waterproof Light for Pool, Vase Base, Spa, Aquarium, Pond, Hot Tub, Decoration, Party, 2-Pack

In addition, these hot tub accessories are incredibly bright and last for a long time before you have to replace the batteries.

After using the QooLife Submersible LED Lights in your hot tub, it’s a good idea to take them out of the water and dry off the batteries inside them to make sure that they’re not susceptible to corrosion. Doing this will allow you to use your lights for as long as possible!

ZOMOFEW Hot Tub Hand Rail

The ZOMOFEW Hot Tub Hand Rail is a great product for ease of access and peace of mind when it comes to inflatable hot tub accessories. While this is one of the pricier items on our list, it’s a must if your hot tub is used by children, older people, and people with mobility challenges or other accessibility needs.

This hand rail is height adjustable, and you can easily modify it so that people of all different heights can use it. Its handle can also swivel, so you can use it both while getting in and getting out of the hot tub.

Spa Hot Tub Hand Rail - Adjustable Height 63'' Slide- Under Base Spa Steps Hot Tub Hand Rail, 600 LBS Load Spa Side Under Mount Rail, Spa Handrail for Hot Tub(Extra Long Rubber Sponge)

In addition, the handle is covered in a rubber sleeve, so it’s safe and convenient to hold onto with wet hands.

Even though the hand rail is attached to a base plate, it can still be kind of wobbly during use. For maximum safety and stability, you might want to attach the base of the hand rail to the ground or to a nearby object.

Boao Oil Absorbing Sponges

These Boao Oil Absorbing Sponges are a fun and useful addition to your line-up of inflatable hot tub accessories!

Although they’re small and unassuming, these oil absorbing sponges do their job well. They soak up body oils and other unwanted materials from your hot tub super quickly, and it’s incredibly easy to see how effective they are.

16 Pieces Oil Absorbing Sponge for Hot Tub Accessories Swimming Pool and Spa Scum Absorber (White)

Just throw a few of these sponges into your hot tub, and after a few days, they’ll turn yellow or brown. Once they’ve absorbed as much scum as they can, you can even take out the sponges and clean them to be used again.

As an added bonus, Boao Oil Absorbing Sponges are shaped like turtles, so they won’t look weird or stick out too much when you put them in your hot tub. Instead, they’re a cute decoration!

Intex PureSpa Removable Seat

Intex PureSpa Removable Seats provide extra height and cushioning for an overall improved hot tub experience. If you don’t want your hair getting wet or want your head to be a little taller above the water, then these removable seats are the product for you.

Intex 28502E PureSpa Removable Contoured Seat Hot Tub Spa Accessory with Adjustable Heights, Tan, 2 Pack

These seats are a little heavy, but their sturdiness means that they stay in place underwater and don’t float to the top even when you’re not sitting on them.

Furthermore, these seats are easy to clean and stand up well in the face of the wear and tear of everyday use. They’re definitely one of the more long-lasting hot tub accessories.

As a whole, Intex PureSpa Removable Seats are a fairly simple product, but they do their job well.

GoFloats Drink Floats

Looking for a less-involved version of the DIVEBLAST Premium Floating Drink Holder? These GoFloats Drink Floats are a fantastic alternative as far as hot tub accessories go!

GoFloats Inflatable Pool Drink Holders (3 Pack) Designed in the US | Huge Selection from Unicorn, Flamingo, Palm and More | Float Your Hot Tub Drinks In Style, Floatmingo

These floating drink holders are perfect for a single can or bottle, and they won’t take up much space in your hot tub. They’re also fairly durable and stable, so they won’t tip over unless it’s an unusually windy day.

There are a ton of different options for you to choose from that will spice up your next party. From unicorns to flamingoes to palm trees, you can mix and match all sorts of festive drink holders!

Joe & JoseRin Hot Tub Booster Seat Cushion

If you’re looking for the height and comfort of the Intex PureSpa Removable Seats but want something that’s a little more portable, try the Joe & JoseRin Hot Tub Booster Seat Cushions!

These cushions provide about five inches of height, and they maintain their shape even after being in the water for a while, so you don’t have to worry about compression.

Joe&JoseRin Hot Tub Booster Seat Cushion with Non-Slip Micro Dot Bottom and Weighted, Bathroom Massage Hot Tub Accessories for Indoor or Outdoor, Quick Dry Hot Tub Pillow with Washable Mesh Cover

Although this type of cushion doesn’t have suction cups or straps to keep it attached, this quality is what makes it so easy to move. It’s made out of lightweight materials that also allow it to dry quickly and be machine washable.

Despite the buoyancy that these hot tub accessories have, they don’t float up to the surface. They stay put until you want them to move, so you really get the best of both worlds with this product!

Beeplove Hot Tub Mat

The last essential on our list of the best hot tub accessories is the Beeplove Hot Tub Mat! This product is a must-buy for anyone who struggles with slippery surfaces around their hot tub.

The product comes as a 74″ by 72″ piece of felt material, but it’s incredibly easy to cut if you want to modify it to fit a smaller hot tub.

Beeplove 74" X 72" Hot Tub Mat - Large Inflatable Hot Tubs Floor Pad for 71" Dia. Outdoor Indoor Portable Spa Pool Ground Protection, Water-Absorbing Washable Outside Accessories

In addition, the material that it’s made out of is both soft and effective. It won’t irritate your bare feet all while protecting them by absorbing any water on the ground.

As a heads up, if you live in an extremely sunny part of the world, this product may not be the solution for you. Because the mat is a dark color, it absorbs heat, so it may not be safe or comfortable to use if it’s exposed to too much direct sunlight.

Upgrading Your Inflatable Hot Tub Accessories

Whether you’re looking for a product that will make your hot tub clean or you’re in the market for something that will keep your drinks afloat, we’ve got an idea for you! Hopefully this round-up of some of our favorite inflatable hot tub accessories will inspire you to make a purchase that’s right for your hot tub.

If you liked reading about the best hot tub accessories and want to learn more about different types of outdoor gear, check out our Camping Gear page for lots of fun products!