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9 Amazing Natural Springs in Pennsylvania

Natural springs are known for their natural healing abilities. The heated waters in these outdoor pools can help treat skin conditions, such as eczema, while the aromatic steam provides instant relaxation so that you can de-stress. Most of these geothermal waters are transformed into spas so that visitors can enjoy the benefits of hot mineral waters.

Pennsylvania is packed with natural springs to enjoy, and visitors can travel just outside of Pennsylvania to enjoy some of the best hot springs on the east coast. We’ve scoured the area to find you the best natural and hot springs in Pennsylvania!

Natural Hot Springs in Pennsylvania

Natural Springs In Pennsylvania

Natural spring water is packed with healing benefits due to the abundance of natural vitamins and minerals found in it. If you’re in the area, these are the best natural springs to plan your visit around.

1. Omni Bedford Springs Resort

Simply the best natural springs in Pennsylvania is Omni Bedford Springs.

Omni Bedford Springs Resort brings you a hot springs experience. This heavenly spa and resort features a massive indoor pool that has a breathtaking glacier effect. The reflection of the white ceiling on the spring water of the indoor pool makes it look as though you’re in icy heaven.

Mineral water is used in the treatments offered at the spa, such as massages, manicures, pedicures, and facials. A mineral bath ritual including hot or cold mineral water baths, a steam room, and a shower is standard with every treatment.

After enjoying the interior luxuries at this resort, head outside to the marvelous hiking trails where you can see eight mineral springs, complete with the Iron Spring, a natural spring that was once used to treat ailments resulting from low iron, such as anemia.

If you love history, you’ll enjoy the rest of the hotel. Popular presidents, such as Ronald Reagan, have visited the hotel and left their mark. A loop on the television sets tells you the unique history of the resort, complete with its closing and then receiving a makeover that cost millions of dollars when the resort was purchased from Omni Hotels. This relaxing retreat is perfect for either an afternoon or a romantic weekend away.

2. Frankfort Springs

In Beaver County, Pennsylvania you’ll find one of the largest state parks that Pennsylvania has to offer: Racoon Creek State Park. Hike along the trails to discover the ruins of the Frankfurt House Hotel and Resort, an old mineral springs resort. It opened its doors in the 1800s but was forced to turn into a restaurant after it struggled to survive as a business throughout WWII. Then, it closed down in 1932 due to a fire. Now, the old resort has been taken over by nature.

Follow the trails a bit longer to discover beautiful natural spring pools, a waterfall, and picture-perfect sandstone grotto formations that will leave you breathless. The mile-long loop takes you through a gorgeous piece of historical beauty in Pennsylvania.

3. Boiling Springs

Boiling Springs, PA is a quaint town off of the Appalachian Trail that is home to some of the best hiking in the area. Trails wind along over 30 natural springs. Although these springs are known as boiling springs, they are not hot springs. Instead, they get their name from the way that they bubble as though they are boiling. They are truly a beautiful site to see!

4. Children’s Lake

While you’re in Boiling Springs, PA, don’t forget to stop by Children’s Lake, a massive man-made lake that the 30 natural springs pump gallons of water into. These springs deliver over 20 million gallons of beautiful blue water to the lake daily. Enjoy the peaceful bubble of natural springs as you feed the ducks or take the family on a peaceful boat ride.

5. Black Spring

Black Spring can be found tucked away in Bedford Township, PA. This spring is not even a foot deep in some areas, making it the perfect place for the children to cool off on a hot summer day. Bring along your fishing pole to catch some trout or head over the small footbridge to enjoy the beautiful scenery along the hiking trails.

6. Big Spring

Off the beaten path in southern Pennsylvania, you’ll find one of the largest springs in this state. A six-mile hike leads you to a beautiful waterhole with a white, sandy bottom and crystal-clear waters that flow into the pool from underneath.

It should be noted that Big Spring is not located in a state park. Instead, this portion of the hiking trails is technically on private property. However, that doesn’t seem to stop tourists from cooling off in the natural springs before hiking the six miles back to their car.

7. Mineral Springs Loop Trail

This 1.3-mile loop trail can be found near Hookstown, Pennsylvania. The loop is one of the most popular nature hikes in the area as it offers something for all skill levels and dogs are allowed to enjoy the trails as well. The small creek and beautiful waterfalls make this a wonderful place to take the kids for a picnic.

Hot Springs Near Pennsylvania

The area surrounding Pennsylvania has ample opportunities for you to enjoy the powerful healing properties that hot springs offer. Virginia in particular is known for having historical hot springs. Legends claim that the Native Americans used to enjoy the hot springs in the area to soothe away aches and pains.

As Europeans began to settle in the area, they quickly learned of the powerful healing properties of the water. Soon after their discovery, they began to build lodges and bathhouses around the warm pools of water so that settlers could comfortably enjoy their healing properties.

Since then, everyone from the average American to presidents of the country has journeyed to the area of Virginia to bask in the warm waters of the hot springs, such as the Jefferson Pools. These springs are rich in both healing powers as well as history.

Berkeley Springs

Berkely Springs State Park
Berkeley Springs State Park, Berkeley Springs, West Virginia

Berkeley Springs sits just outside of the Pennsylvania state line in West Virginia. It is well known for being the home of America’s first spa because it contains the first spa that was created in the country. The hot springs found in Berkeley State Park are the central focus of many treatments at nearby buildings.

Head over to Atasia Spa to enjoy a relaxing massage from a professional massage therapist or relax in one of the whirlpools that is full of natural spring water. The Eucalyptus Steam room provides a relaxing detox.

For a relaxing sauna that provides the complete hot springs experience, head a few minutes down the road to the Old Roman Bath House. Female massage artists are available in one half of the bathhouse to accommodate female clients. A series of walk-in tubs are available to use by the half-hour. Located just outside you’ll find a public tap so that you can take fresh spring water home with you.

Berkeley Springs is close enough to Pennsylvania that it’s well worth the drive!

Valley and Ridge Region of Virginia

Years ago, the salt springs of the area were an important part of Virginia. Long before the area was settled, the nearby wildlife enjoyed the salt from the salt springs. Then, as travelers discovered the salt in the area, they settled the area, enjoying the trade benefits of the local salt.

The area is also home to hot springs in addition to the interesting salt springs of the area. Head over to the Jefferson Pools to relax in the hot springs while you feel the soothing healing benefits of the water. These pools stay above the average temperature, making them exceptionally popular during the winter months.

Thomas Jefferson was known to frequent these pools in the early 1800s, hence them being known as the Jefferson Pools. Today, there are lodges, resorts, and bathhouses built around these healing waters.

The rest of the region is home to over 100 hot springs, easily making this area one of the hidden gems of the East Coast. This state has more hot springs than any other state, and it’s just a short drive away from Pennsylvania!

In Conclusion

This state is home to some of the most beautiful mineral springs in the nation. The water is heated so that you can enjoy the experience of a hot spring and the healing properties of natural spring water. If you simply must have the hot spring experience, travel just outside of Pennsylvania to Virginia and West Virginia for the best hot springs on the east coast!

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