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Camping in Lake Havasu State Park, Arizona

Lake Havasu in Arizona
Lake Havasu State Park is unique not simply for its warm Arizona location, but for its blue waters, white sand beaches and a 180-degree view of the mountains. With available hiking and boating opportunities along its famous waters, Lake Havasu State Park is a popular destination, and not simply for state residents. It...

Camping in Patagonia Lake State Park, AZ

Camping At Lake Patagonia State Park Arizona
While it may not have the mountains, rivers, and landscape of Patagonia in South America, Patagonia Lake State Park in southeastern Arizona is distinctive in its own way. A state park since 1975, this gorgeous desert park is a favorite of the locals and should be on any Arizona camper's bucket list!...

9+ Best Portable Solar Panels and Solar Chargers for Camping (2019)

There’s never been a better time to add a lightweight, powerful, and efficient portable solar charger to your camping setup. Today, I’m going to walk you through all the different options. I break down the main types of solar panels and discuss the most important features to consider. I also recommend my favorite...

14 Things to Do in the Black Hills National Forest

Herd of Bison in the Black Hills of South Dakota
My husband and I have traveled plenty of places together, but we still keep wanting to go back to the Black Hills to recreate our absolute favorite camping trip! If you or your family are planning a vacation to Black Hills National Forest in South Dakota, you won't be without entertainment and excitement!

The 40 Best Places To Go Camping In Ohio

Great Falls of Tinker's Creek
Ohio is full amazing places to go camping. From the Appalachian Plateaus in the south east, the shores of Lake Eerie in the North and the more than 200,000 acres of state forests, there are many beautiful places to go camping in Ohio. The Best Places To Go Camping in Ohio

The Best Camping Hammocks for 2019

We reviewed dozens of the best camping hammocks to find out which models are the best of the best in 2019. We break down our top choices by best use, including the best for camping, backpacking, budget camping, ultralight backpacking, and more. Start with our top hammock reviews -...

25+ Best Backpacking Meals for Every Stove

You spent good money on your backpacking stove. So, why not put it to good use by cooking a variety of delicious backpacking meals rather than the same old grub time after time again? But wait – each style of backpacking stove is best suited to cooking different meals. Below...

30 of the Best Places to Go Camping in Georgia

Camping in Georgia
Georgia is the birthplace of Coca-Cola, home to the largest swamp in North America, and grows the sweetest onions in the world. Camping in Georgia is an enjoyable and unique experience. No two trips will be the same with the diverse landscapes of the state. In North Georgia, you'll find the Blue Ridge Mountains,...

The Best Camping Stoves of 2019

Food cooked on a camping stove
Today, I’m going to show you how to choose the best camping stove for car camping whether you prefer quick and simple meals or elaborate gourmet dinners. Dive right into our reviews of the best camping stoves in 2019 for our top 9 recommendations – or jump down to our ultimate buyer’s guide to...

The 15 Best Trails To Go Hiking In Minnesota

Best Hiking Trails in Minnesota
Whether you like a slow hiking pace with a short stretch of trail or the rugged terrain of long backcountry trails, Minnesota has the right trail for you. In this post, we plan to take a look at a few of hiking trails in MN, identify the trail difficulty level, estimate the average...