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SunJack Solar Charger – Portable Solar Power For Camping, Hiking and More

Many people say that getting out camping means leaving behind the comforts of your daily life, such as electronics.

But for many of us, we may actually need to bring certain devices or simply want to bring them (nothing wrong with brining an iPad for a rainy afternoon).

For us here at Beyond The Tent we usually bring along our camera, a GoProand maybe a couple of lanterns (and sometimes a phone just because!).

The problem we soon run into is keeping these devices charged up for when we need them.

The Sunjack Portable Solar Panel makes keeping your devices charged and ready to go as easy as looking at the sun.

The Sunjack Solar Panel

The Sunjack Solar Panel is a 14 watt solar charger thatfolds up into a small portable package. It is made up of four durable weather resistant panels, a lithium-polymer battery and a folding case that holds the panels, battery and small devices for charging.

Using the Sunjack Solar Charger

The Sunjack Solar Panels have two usb ports that you can use to directly charge two usb powered devices or use one of them to charge up the battery and save power for later.

The battery also has two usb charging ports. This means that if you wish, you can charge the battery along with three usb powered devices all at once.When the battery is fully charged, it can charge up to four smart phones or one tablet to 100%.

When folded, the size of the Sunjack is 6.75″ (height) x 9.25″ (width) x 1.75″ (thickness) with the weight coming in at exactly two pounds. The weight and size aren’t exactly ultralight, but are both incredibly good when you look at the competition for solar chargers on the market today.

If you have ever used a solar charger in the past, one of your complaints may have been that they charge your device incredibly slow. This is typically due to the fact that the solar panels are not producing enough energy to get you standard wall charging speeds. This is not the case with the Sunjack. The Sunjack boasts 5 volts / 2 Amps per usb port which is exactly what you would get from any wall charger, thus making it’s charging speeds 100% similar to any wall charger.

The Sunjacks high power output is due to it’s use of high efficiency mono-crystalline solar panels, which are more efficient and durable than the more commonly usedpoly-crystalline solar cells. For us consumers all that we really need to know is that mono-crystalline solar cells (which are used in the Sunjack) will last longer, produce more power and not break as easily as their counterparts. The high efficiency of these panels allows the Sunjack to fully charge it’s backup batter in 5 hours compared to roughly 12 hours of most of it’s competitors. If you are interested, here is a more in depth article between the two solar technologies:

Another simply yet incredibly useful feature of the Sunjack is that the case comes with 2 carabiners which hook onto the Sunjack and can then clip to anything you wish, such as your backpack and allow you to charge up your device or battery while you hike.

Using The Sunjack On Our Camping Trips

I recently took a trip to the Boundary Waters Canoe Area and needed to make sure that I didn’t run out of power for my Lumix FZ-1000 or GoPro so I could capture as many great photos and videos as I wanted.

I ended up setting up the Sunjack along with my Sunbell Solar Lanternon top of my rain tarp during the day to charge up the main battery and any devices my fellow campers wanted charged. At night I then used the batter power to fully charge all of my camera batteries to make sure I have all the power I needed for a great day of shooting the next day.

Using the Sunjack Solar Charger in the BWCA

Since we were mostly canoeing, I didn’t mind the two extra pounds of weight although I think that on a long hike that could definitely be a factor. The Sunjack does have a smaller solar charger that weighs in at 0.8 lbs which is probably a much better solution when weight truly matters.

Other Uses For The Sunjack

What I really like about the Sunjack is that while it is durable, weather resistant, light weight and even folds up neatly for a backpack, it can be used in so many other ways beyond camping. You could use it for a day at the beach to keep your phone charged, keep it in the car for emergency charging, around the house if power goes out, kids sporting events or literally anywhere you may need to charge up your phone, camera or any other usb powered device.


The Sunjack can be an incredibly useful device if you are someone who needs to keep you phone, camera or other device charged up and ready to go no matter what situation you are in. And while you can find cheaper solar chargers on the market today, none of them will charge your device quickly and be durable enough to last you for many years. The team behind the Sunjack has created an incredibly high quality product that anyone looking for solar charger would be happy to own.

You can purchase the 14w Sunjack for $150 at


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Ricky Welsh

Sunday 23rd of April 2017

I have an 11 year old grandson who loves camping and is very active but he also loves his electronics. Birthday is coming up. Now I have a great idea! Thanks.


Tuesday 25th of April 2017

I think that the Sunjack would be a super cool birthday present!