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Why Tipi Hot Tents are a Game-Changer for Winter Camping

If you’re an avid winter hiker or camper, you know how cold weather can dampen the mood of an overall excursion. If your gear or clothes accidentally get wet, the weather makes you unable to start a warm fire, or the wind chill causes the temperature to drop more than anticipated. All these things can make the trip miserable.

Even though winter camping can be serene and tranquil, it can come with some risks among the rewards. Here is why tipi hot tents are a complete game changer for winter camping.

Keep reading why you need to know more about tipi hot tents and what the benefits of this type of camping can offer.

Tipi Hot Tent

Why Choose a Tipi Hot Tent For Winter Camping?

First, what makes a tipi tent different from a cold weather or winter tent? The difference is these hot tents are designed to house a wood-burning stove. These stoves heat the tent and allow you to cook, make coffee or tea, or even warm and dry your clothes from your hiking adventure.

Built with fireproof materials and a place to hold a chimney or stove pipe, these tents keep in warmth and allow stoves to burn inside of the tent rather than outside. This offers a much more comfortable and relaxing experience while camping in freezing temperatures.

Modern-styled tipi hot tents are made with silicone-nylon and polyester materials, and the new wood-burning stoves are made of titanium, which offers a lightweight option to carry your camp more efficiently than ever.

The Best Tipi Hot Tents: Our Top 3 Picks

Best Overall:
OneTigris Northgaze 2-4 Person Lightweight Hot Tent With Stove Jack

PRESELF 3-Person Lightweight Tipi Hot Tent With Fire Retardant Flue Pipes

Great For Multiple People:
FireHiking Hot Tent With Stove Jack 4-8 Person Large Teepee Tent For Family Camping

Best Overall

OneTigris Northgaze 2-4 Person Lightweight Hot Tent With Stove Jack

OneTigris Northgaze 2~4 Person Tipi Hot Tent with Stove Jack, 4 Season Lightweight Waterproof Wind-Resistant for Camping Backpacking Hiking Hunting Fishing

Beginner-friendly, this tipi hot tent is perfect for those wanting to experience winter camping in a hot tent without having to spend too much. The silicone-coated 40D nylon fabric is waterproof, protecting you from the snow or freezing rain.

The wind-resistant tipi shape protects you from freezing gusts, and the solid build ensures your tent won’t go anywhere. The double vents offer excellent ventilation, and the stove jack keeps the chimney in place and ensures all the exhaust exits safely.

Included is one center pole that makes for easy and quick setup, and the snow skirts keep the snow from blowing in on blustery nights.

The lightweight 5.3-pound tent is also perfect for summer campers and can easily be transformed into a warm-weather tent by purchasing a mesh liner.


  • Great beginner tipi hot tent
  • Snow skirted


  • The entrance doesn’t have a snow skirt
  • You need to purchase the interior mesh for summer camping


PRESELF 3-Person Lightweight Tipi Hot Tent With Fire Retardant Flue Pipes

Preself 2 Person Lightweight Tipi Hot Tent Model T1 Size Medium Teepee Tents for Family Team Outdoor Backpacking Camping Hiking (Olive)

This is the perfect tent for campers who want to experience winter camping without spending their life’s savings. Made with PU2000 waterproof polyester, this anti-tear material is waterproof and robust to resist tearing from snow weight or extreme winds and rain.

You can easily set up this 3.4-pound tent in under 10 minutes, and with the double doors and two large air vents, you won’t need to worry about airflow. The stove jack is made of fire retardant materials, which protects the tent from the hot flue.

The aluminum tent pole is made to support the extra weight of snow and rain, while the aluminum stakes are lightweight and won’t rust. So it is extra light to carry along with your gear.


  • Lightweight at 3.4 pounds
  • Anti-tear nylon
  • Fire retardant stove jack


  • Only large enough for two people and a wood stove
  • Flimsy velcro straps

Great For Multiple People

FireHiking Hot Tent With Stove Jack 4-8 Person Large Teepee Tent For Family Camping

Onefire Hot Tent with Stove Jack 4-8 Person Waterproof Large Teepee Tent for Family Camping (1 Large Hot Tent)

With this multi-person tipi hot tent, you’ll be comfortably camping. The 70D polyester maintains exceptional insulation, and the waterproof material lets you stay dry from rain or snow. A rainproof flap can adhere to the stove jack to prevent rain from entering the tent when the stove is not in use.

This large tent has four vents: two smaller vents near the top of the tent with mesh protection and two larger vents near the bottom with mesh to avoid any small critters climbing through. The two larger vents near the bottom of the tent can conveniently be closed to keep heat in during extreme cold temperatures.

Weighing in at 10.1 pounds, this tent gives you all the options to be safe and comfortable during winter camping.


  • Large enough for multiple people
  • Great air ventilation


  • Heavier to carry

Choosing Tipi Hot Tent Stoves

Tipi in Lapland,Sweden, in Winter

When picking out a tipi hot tent for winter camping, you will need to pick out a stove to accompany your tent. There are many different types of stoves available. The older style stoves are made of stainless steel, which is a bit cheaper, bulkier, and heavier option.

The newer models are made of titanium and are more lightweight, which is better for hikers and those who want to travel light. Of course, these options will come at a more premium price but are longer lasting.

When looking to purchase a stove, the size and functionality of it will be solely based on the size of your tent. If you’re on the move, you’ll want a stove that’s easy for you to set up, break down, and carry.

Wood Burning Box Stoves

The primary type of tipi hot tent stove is a wood-burning box stove. Box stoves are more compact and burn more efficiently, which aids in keeping you warm and dry and, more importantly, safe.

Stoves like this MC TOMOUNT Titanium Folding Tent Stove are the perfect beginner option when it comes to tipi hot tent camping or using wood-burning stoves in general. The lightweight stoves come in around 6.17 pounds, and the foldable design makes this a backpacker and hiker’s dream.

The titanium frame conducts heat quickly, making it more efficient, and it won’t deform when hot like most stainless options. User-friendly, this stove allows you to easily control fire levels using the visible window and front and right intake knobs.

You can use rotating dampers to control smoke and place a chimney cap to help prevent any sparks from leaving the stove and traveling up the flue.

These titanium stoves are more expensive than iron or stainless steel but are much more practical. Of course, this also depends on your camping style, but it makes for a portable, user-friendly, and safe option.

Other Important Tools

You’ll need to remember that you must carry cutting equipment so you have wood to burn. These titanium wood-burning stoves are incredibly efficient and don’t require constantly feeding large pieces of wood.

In short, you don’t need to carry a chainsaw with you to power your wood-burning stove for a tipi hot tent. Instead, opt for smaller, lightweight, portable hand saws that quickly cut through smaller fallen branches. Here, we have the top 5 hand saws for camping that will have you more than prepared.

Are you looking for more camping tools? We have many buyer guides and top picks to make your camping trips fun, easy, and safe. Look at the leading camping gear to prepare for the upcoming camping season.

Essential Things To Do Before Heading On Your First Camping Trip

You should follow a few tips before heading off on your first excursion in your brand new tipi hot tent.

  1. You must do an initial burn in a new wood-burning camp stove to burn off all chemicals used in the processing plant. This must be done before you set up the stove inside your tent. You don’t want to be in a closed-off space when burning off these chemicals, as it is not safe for humans or animals.
  2. After the initial burn, you’ll want to shape your chimney to fit your tent. Typically, a chimney will be sent as a single flat sheet of titanium that needs to be filled into the pipe shape and then fixed into how it fits your tent. The first burn after your initial burn will help set the titanium to keep it in that shape indefinitely.
  3. Pay close attention to other gear you may need that matches the weather. If camping in the winter, ensure you have the proper clothing, sleeping bags, and anything else you need to keep safe. You’ll also need a pair of gloves that allow you to handle the wood-burning stove without fear of burning yourself.
  4. Practice processing wood. This will keep you more efficient and able to spend less time in the frigid temperatures searching for and processing wood for the stove.

Safety Tip For Tipi Hot Tent Camping

Safety is the number one priority when it comes to tipi hot tents. There are two uncommon but frightening situations that could take place. One is carbon monoxide poisoning, and two is burning your tent and belongings.

The good news? They are both completely preventable when you follow the correct safety precautions.

The first is to never fall asleep with a wood stove burning. The second is to ensure the chimney or flue is correctly drawing the fumes up and out of the tent.

Thirdly, ensure no excess winds come through the tent to feed the fire. Last but not least, keep a knife close in case of emergency if you have to quickly cut yourself free from a sleeping bag or the tent itself.

By following these safety precautions, you can fully enjoy your camping trip relaxed and knowing everything is under control.

Frequently Asked Questions: Tipi Hot Tent Camping

Teepee in the forest at night

Why use a tipi hot tent instead of a regular tent?

Tipi hot tents are designed to keep you warm and dry in less-than-favorable weather conditions. They also allow you to cook meals and be safe from frigid temperatures.

Are tipi hot tents safe?

Tipi hot tents are incredibly safe and, in some cases, life-saving when following the correct safety precautions.

Do tipi hot tents come with stoves?

The tipi hot tents and stoves are sold separately, which is good because this allows you to pick precisely what you need and what would benefit you and your camping style.

Wrapping Up Why Tipi Hot Tents Are A Game-Changer For Winter Camping

Tipi hot tents keep you warm, can help dry any wet clothes, allow you to cook, and keep you safe in below-freezing temperatures. Of course, you need to be cautious with this type of camping, but if you follow a safety plan and control what is controllable, this will be your new favorite way to camp during winter.

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