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Enhance Your Camping Experience: 20 Essential Trailer Camping Accessories

Proud owner of a trailer camper? Ready to embark on your first on-the-road adventure?

Not so fast! Before you head out, there are a few trailer camping essentials you’ll need to make your trip a seamless, fun-filled experience for the books.

Keep reading for a list of 20 essential trailer camping accessories for safety and comfort.

A truck pulling a trailer camper on a highway. Trailer camping accessories.


1. Carbon Monoxide Detector

When it comes to preparation, safety is undoubtedly most important.

Carbon monoxide is a smell-less, tasteless gas that’s created when gas, propane, wood, or charcoal are burned. Unfortunately, you’re not only at risk of carbon monoxide inhalation at home; it can happen in your trailer camper, too, particularly if your trailer is equipped with a water heater or stove.

Man checking CO2 or carbon monoxide detector.

One of the easiest ways to keep you and your family safe on all outings is to install a carbon monoxide detector inside your trailer camper. These battery-powered, life-saving devices utilize sensors to detect the presence of carbon monoxide and use an alarm to alert you and your family to evacuate if it’s detected.

2. First-Aid Kit

As a general rule of thumb, you should always carry a first-aid kit whenever traveling.

When you stay in a hotel, you have the luxury of knowing the concierge and front desk have first-aid kits available. Some larger resorts even have a resident doctor that’s on-call for emergencies.

A first aid kit.

But when you’re traveling solo or with family in a trailer camper, there is no such convenience. Instead, prepare for emergencies with a well-stocked first-aid kit that contains everything you need until additional help can be reached.

Power Support

3. Electric Surge Protector

Most modern trailer camper contain electric power, which is why an electric surge protector is among the most important camping trailer accessories you can buy.

Closeup of an RV surge protector.

When you visit a campground, you’ll plug your camper into a power pedestal. Unfortunately, many of these power pedestals are old and not properly maintained. When plugged directly into your trailer camper, these power pedestals can produce sudden spikes or drops in power voltage. These fluctuations can, in turn, damage your electronic devices–from TVs to computers, cell phones, and anything else you have plugged in–beyond repair.

An electronic surge protector serves as the middle man. Instead of plugging your trailer camper directly into the power pedestal, you’ll plug the surge protector into it, and your trailer camper into the surge protector. If a fluctuation in power should occur, the electronic surge protector will regulate it for you.

Bathroom Business

4. RV Sewer Hose

An RV sewer hose isn’t the most exciting item on this list, but it’s certainly a must-have trailer camping accessory if you want to avoid a “crappy” situation on your trip–if you have a bathroom in your trailer, that is.

Person using sewer hose to drain RV waste tank.

Choose a sewer hose with a transparent elbow, so you’ll know whether the hose is actually empty before disconnecting it. A sewer hose without a clear elbow is a smelly mess waiting to happen! You’ll also want to take note of the hose’s length. A 15’ sewer hose is typically most efficient, though you may prefer a 10’ or a 20’ hose depending on your needs.

Most trailers have an area in the bumper where you can store the sewer hose. However, not all sewer hoses are able to fit with the attachment pieces still on the ends. If this is the case, you’ll need to purchase a bin with a tight-fitting lid to store the sewer hose in your storage area. It goes without saying, but don’t store the sewer hose next to your freshwater drinking hose unless they’re both housed in lidded, airtight bins.

5. Disposable Nitrile Gloves

When you’re on wastewater tank duty, you’ll need heavy-duty gloves to protect your hands and prevent contamination. Disposable nitrile gloves are a stronger alternative to latex and aren’t as likely to break. Because these gloves are constructed from synthetic rubber, you also won’t have to worry about latex allergies.

Person wearing black nitrile gloves.

In the moment, you’ll be glad that you went with a stronger product that’ll hold up against rougher use!

6. Fast-Dissolving Toilet Paper

Another one of the best trailer camping accessories, albeit lesser known, is RV Toilet Tissue.

A roll of toilet paper in an RV bathroom.

When you’re preparing for a trailer camper trip, you can’t simply bring the same old toilet paper that you use at home. Instead, you’ll have to use biodegradable toilet paper to prevent your wastewater tank from clogging. Toilet paper for trailer camper is made with different glue that enables the paper to break down much faster than standard toilet paper.

7. Camper-Friendly Toilet-Cleaning Chemicals

Another trailer camping accessory you’ll need that’s also lesser known, unless you’re familiar with traveling this way, are specialized toilet-cleaning chemicals. Just as you can’t use the same toilet paper as you do at home, such is the case with these chemicals.

A RV toilet.

Toilet-cleaning products that are made for this job, like Camco TST Max Camper/RV Toilet Treatment Drop-Ins, offer a few benefits. These cleaners help keep both the toilet and black wastewater tank clean, and break down RV toilet paper.

8. Portable Camper Toilet

If your camper doesn’t include a toilet, then you’ll need a portable camper toilet. Even without a plumbing system, these toilets make it a lot easier to do your business comfortably and hygienically.

A portable camping toilet.

With a usable toilet on-hand, you won’t have to stress about searching for a public restroom in unfamiliar, desolate areas, or at odd hours of the day. You also won’t have to resort to using the sometimes less-than-desirable campground bathrooms.

These portable toilets are comfortable to sit on, and have a designated area that houses waste separately. You can also purchase separate deodorizer drop-ins to keep the toilet smelling fresh until a thorough cleaning is possible.

Water-Related Items

9. Freshwater Drinking Hose

Any product that allows safe access to freshwater is among the absolute essential trailer camping accessories. In order to use fresh water for drinking, showering, cooking, and cleaning, you’ll need a high-quality freshwater drinking hose. This is an item that you can’t leave home without!

An RV water supply hose.

When you purchase a freshwater drinking hose, you’ll want to select a product that ensures the utmost water quality. The best drinking hoses are those made from PVC that’s free of phthalates and PBA, and feature assembly parts that contain ultra-low levels of lead.

10. Water Filter

Together with your freshwater drinking hose, you’ll need to buy a reliable water filter for your camping trailer. Water filters help to secure the quality of your drinking water by removing contaminants and sediment. They can also improve the water’s flavor by removing the lingering taste of chlorine.

A water filter attached to a trailer water hose.

Choose a water filter that you can connect between your camper and your fresh water drinking hose.

11. Water Pressure Regulator

Regardless of its size, if your trailer camper has integrated plumbing, then consider a water pressure regulator another one of your essential trailer camping accessories.

A water regulator.

A water pressure regulator helps keep track of the water pressure entering your pipes. Without one, you run the risk of pipe damage caused by too-high pressure, which can cause leaks. If these leaks are in hard-to-see areas, like underneath the floor or behind your cabinets, it can be easily overlooked and require costly repairs in the future.


12. Leveling Kit

When you’re setting up camp in the Great Outdoors, there’s always a chance that the ground underneath your trailer camper is uneven. Instead of adjusting and then readjusting, or settling for a lopsided night’s sleep, you can use a leveling kit.

A tire level kit.

All you need to do to set up your leveling kit is to place the kit into a pyramid-like shape at the desired height that you’d like your camper to sit–and voila!

13. Dehumidifier

One of the most common problems you’ll encounter in a trailer camper is excess humidity. Fortunately, all you need is a dehumidifier to remedy this situation.

A small dehumidifier with LCD panel.

With this trailer camping essential on hand, you can go back to enjoying your camper without the windows fogging up, or being uncomfortable throughout the night.

14. Window Covers

When you’re camping in the heat, one of the easiest ways to cool down your trailer camper fast is to use window covers. Window covers can block out sunlight, which will help preserve the coolness inside your camper, whether you’re using fans or a portable air conditioner.

RV window cover.

You can purchase separate window covers for your camper door, skylight, and windows.

15. Mattress Pad

The mattresses inside campers aren’t exactly prized for being the most comfortable. If comfort is high on your priority list–and it should be when you’re traveling–you can achieve a cozier night’s sleep with a queen-sized mattress pad.

A mattress topper.

There are many different styles available, depending on whether you prefer a firmer or more plush mattress. Take your pick with the confidence of knowing that you’ll be satisfyingly comfortable every time you prepare to snooze.

16. Short-Length Queen Sheets

The queen-sized mattresses inside campers are shorter than your standard mattress. While it’s obviously done in an effort to save space, you’ll need a pair of short-length queen sheets to properly fit your shorter mattress.

A cozy RV bed.

With a mattress pad and the perfectly-sized sheets, you’re ready for restful nights in your camper.


17. Museum Putty

If you’re planning to decorate your trailer camper with accessories for a home-like feel, then museum putty will work in your favor–and earns a spot on our list of trailer camping accessories.

Art on the wall of a trailer camper.

Whether you decide to hang photos and fixtures on walls, or use small shelves to showcase memorabilia, museum putty will effectively keep your possessions in place while navigating over bumpy roads and uneven ground.

18. Front Door Mat

Do you really need a front door mat for your trailer camper? The answer is yes, but it’s not for the exclusive purpose of welcoming guests to your on-the-go abode.

Mats in front of an RV door.

When you’re spending time outdoors, a trusty front door mat can prevent you from tracking dirt in and out of your camper. (However, it’s also suggested that you leave your shoes outside on the mat instead of wearing them inside.)

19. Tire Covers

Tire covers are an easy way to protect your trailer camper’s tires from added wear and tear. By placing these covers over your tires when your camper is parked, it can protect both the wheels and tires from sun damage, rust, and dirt.

An RV tire cover.

The overall benefit is having your tires last longer, which translates to less costs spent on new tires; a true game-changer.

20. Tool Kit

Keeping a tool kit in your trailer camper at all times is an extremely practical way to ensure that you can make repairs on the go, put together equipment–like grills, ventilated tents and small appliances–and for performing general maintenance.

Closeup of a tool set.

A tool kit is certainly something you’d rather have handy in moments of need as opposed to finding last-minute–especially if you’re venturing off the beaten path. Consider a tool kit another one of your essential trailer camping accessories.

Wrapping Up Essential Trailer Camping Accessories

A small trailer camper being pulled along a wooded highway.

Trailer camping is a fun way to experience life on the road while still having some of the comforts at home. However, before leaving for your first or 25th trip, you’ll want to stock your trailer camper with the 20 essential products in our list. After all, no one regrets being prepared!

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