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Master the Art of Outdoor Cuisine: Must-Have Camping Cooking Gear!

The sky is the limit with outdoor cuisine when you have the right camping cooking gear. Did you know you can cook almost anything at the campsite that you can cook at home?

All it takes is finding the right gear to cook on, the perfect utensils, the best serving tools, and of course, the sturdiest food storage containers and coolers. Coffee lovers also need to consider how they will prepare their morning brew–because coffee is an essential part of the meal too.

Keep reading to feast your eyes on our must-have camping cooking gear to help you master the art of outdoor cuisine. We’ll also provide some recommendations for which products to buy.

camping cooking gear

Camping Cooking Gear to Cook On

Not every camping meal can be cooked on a campfire, so it’s essential to come prepared with your own set up of camping cooking gear to cook on. You never know when you will run into a burn ban or need a meal made faster than a fire can start.

Camp Stove

Camp stoves are a real lifesaver, so it’s no shock that a camp stove is the first item on our must-have camping cooking gear list. You can cook pretty much anything you can over a fire or on your home stove or a camp stove.

All you need with a camp stove is propane or butane fuel (depending on the camp stove), a pot or pan, and you’re ready to start cooking. Your camp stove will heat up faster than it will take to get a fire started.

Check out our list of best camp stoves to see which one will work best for your camping cooking adventures.

Camp Grill

Some food just tastes better on a grill–think hamburgers, foiled vegetables, chicken, or fish. For these situations, you will want a camp grill. If you’re camping with a big crowd, you’re going to want both a camp stove and a camp grill.

What’s awesome about camp grills is you don’t need to have a pan to cook a meal (though you won’t be able to boil water on a camp grill, so don’t think you can get away without a camp stove).

We’ve also put together a list of the best camping grills.

Portable Griddle

A portable griddle is easier to clean up than a grill, especially if you’re cooking greasy foods like bacon or liquid foods like pancakes. Portable are also great for making steaks and burgers–they’ll be crispier than if cooked on a grill.

Check out our guide to the top portable griddles and complete your camping cooking gear to cook on, so you can make the camp meals of your dreams.

Camping Cooking Gear Cookware

kettle boiling on a gas stove in the forest camping

These camping cooking gear cookware items make the meal preparation experience much easier at the campsite.

Camp Oven

The most popular type of camp oven is the Dutch oven. Dutch ovens are made from cast iron, so they can tolerate hotter heat than regular pots, which makes them excellent choices for cooking over the campfire. Try this campfire potato recipe in a Dutch oven!

However, the Dutch oven isn’t the only type of camp oven you might decide to bring with you to your campsite. You can cook anything you could cook in your home oven in one of these camp ovens.

Cast Iron Skillet

Don’t even think about heading out to your campsite without cast iron cookware. There are several pieces of cast iron cookware, such as the Dutch oven we mentioned above.

You absolutely need a cast iron skillet, although there are all kinds of cast iron cookware you may consider bringing with you. Learn all about cooking with cast iron.

Extendable Cooking Fork

No camping cookware gear list is complete without an extendable cooking fork (or roasting stick). Cook marshmallows, hot dogs, and other meats easily over the open fire with one of these handy tools.

Double Pie Iron

Nothing is easier and more delicious than cooking a meal in a double pie iron, and we have 21 pie iron recipes you’re going to be craving to try on your next camping trip.

Camping Cooking Gear Utensils

Travel equipment for a mountain trip . Adventure collection of travel and survival kit.

These handheld camping cooking gear items are on our list because they simplify the outdoor cooking process and ensure each cooking step is completed to perfection.

Mixing Bowls

Mixing bowls is essential camping gear because you never know when you’re going to need them to prep a salad or whisk an egg for scrambling.

This 12-piece plastic nesting bowl set is colorful, and each bowl comes with lids for storing food. The bowls also fold up for easy storage, an essential feature for camping cookware gear.

Measuring Cups, Spoons, and Funnel

While you might be tempted to eyeball measurements at the campsite, measuring cups and spoons are useful for when you need to be precise. A funnel is also a must-have camping cooking gear utensil because of the number of liquid transfers you may need to perform at your campsite.

This liquid and dry measuring set comes with cups, spoons, and a silicone funnel. This collapsible, stackable set is perfect for space-saving transport to your campsite.

Stainless Steel Utensil Kit

Rather than buying all the kitchen utensils you need separately, check out this high-quality 10-piece portable cookware set. The set includes stainless steel camping cooking gear designed to withstand high heat.

The set even comes with a compact carry case. These are all the items included in the set:

  • Scissors with bottle opener
  • Serving fork
  • Serving spoon
  • Cutting board
  • Chef’s knife with sheath
  • Paring knife with peeler
  • Stainless steel spatula
  • Silicone spatula
  • Tongs

Flat Whisk

Whisks can be irritating to pack in your camping cooking gear bags because of their awkward shape. A flat whisk solves this problem and will easily fit in any storage container.

This flat whisk is made from food-grade stainless steel and silicone, making it sturdy and durable. It also has a heat-resistant soft handle for easy grip–exactly what you need when cooking over a hot campfire.

Space-Saving Kitchen Tools

We’re all about saving space whenever possible at the campsite, so this five-piece kitchen gadget is a must-have camping cooking gear item that is a real game changer.

It comes with a cheese grater, bottle owner, fruit and vegetable peeler, pizza cutter, and garlic/ginger grinder. All of these pieces are stackable and easy to hook together for carrying with you or hanging in your RV, tent, or car.


Soup and stew recipes can warm your soul on a cool evening, so remember to bring along a ladle. Stainless steel ladles are desirable camping cooking gear because they’re ultra-durable.

Shear Scissors

A good pair (or two) of shear scissors is a must-have camping gear item for breaking down your chicken, opening food packages, and snipping herbs. These shear scissors also work as bottle openers.


Having multiple pairs of tongs at the campsite is essential. They come in handy for grilling and transferring food to serving plates. Tongs are also excellent serving tools.

This set of heavy-duty stainless steel tongs have grip tips, making them versatile for all types of cooking and serving. The set also includes three tong sizes: small, medium, and large.

Extra Spice Containers

You’re probably not going to want to carry every spice container you have around the campsite. It’s much easier to consolidate your spices. This multi-spice container is essential camping cooking gear and comes with all your favorite spices: paprika, cayenne, garlic salt, black pepper, and salt.

If you need empty containers to bring extra spices with you to the campsite, these moisture-proof spice jar dispensers work well.

Camping Cooking Gear Serving Tools

bowl and cup as camping cooking equipment

After you’ve cooked your meal, you need the right camping cooking gear to serve it with. Check out these serving tools to bring with you on your next camping trip.

Plates, Silverware, & Mugs

Plates, silverware, and mugs are a must-have serving tool. You have to have something to put your food on to eat, right? Enamelware tableware is classic and lasts a long time. This set comes with 24 pieces and includes mugs, bowls, plates, spoons, and forks.

This travel cutlery set has all the must-haves you need for your eating outdoor meals, and it comes in an easy-to-carry zipper bag. The set includes the following items:

  • Dinner spoon
  • Dinner knife
  • Fork knife
  • Steak knife
  • Two salt and pepper jars
  • A reusable straw (goodbye to plastic straws!)
  • Straw cleaning brush

Serving Bowls

Serving your meal from the pan is not ideal nor desired, so invest in some high-quality serving bowls to bring to the campsite. These serving bowls also come with lids for easy storage after you’re done eating.

Serving Spoons

Using a serving spoon is far more sanitary than allowing everyone at the campsite to serve themselves with their own silverware. This heavy-duty set comes with six stainless steel serving spoons that are anti-rust and incredibly sturdy, so you should expect them to last a long time.

Camping Cooking Gear Coffee Must-Haves

Camping Coffee Grinder

Freshly ground coffee just tastes better. Check out our top five camping coffee grinders to add to your camping cooking gear.

However, if you don’t want to grind your own coffee, we do have a couple of coffee recommendations that don’t require grinding.

Coffee Maker

There are quite a few ways to brew coffee at the campsite, and we have several recommendations! These are our overall top coffee maker picks, but you might prefer to use a coffee percolator or a French press.

Camping Cooking Gear Storage

steaming rice in pot, surrounded by camping gear, created with generative ai

Bear-Proof Storage

Even if you aren’t camping in bear country, it’s a smart idea to pack your camping cooking gear in bear-proof storage containers.

Storage containers with lockable latches protect your camping cooking gear and food from bears and other hungry wildlife.

These storage containers also protect against raccoons (who are notorious for raiding campsites in the middle of the night and are capable of opening most containers and coolers).

Egg Holder Container

Traveling to your campsite with standard egg cartons is far from ideal since egg cartons can easily pop open. Before you know it, your eggs are all cracked and splattered all over your cooler.

Pack your eggs safely in an egg storage container to prevent losing your breakfast (and ruining the other food in your cooler). The plastic this container is made from is uncrushable and includes handles for easy carrying.

Portable Cooler, Refrigerator, or Freezer

Speaking of coolers, you’re going to want at least one, if not more, so you can store your ingredients, drinks, and leftovers safely. You have quite a few coolers to choose from, and we have some recommendations.

Portable refrigerators and freezers are newer inventions that include tech features like compressors, battery protection functions, and convenient space-saving storage options. These function very much like your home refrigerator or freezer, and they’re easy to transport.

An electric cooler is appealing if you’re planning on having access to electricity, either at a campground, in your car, or through a portable power source.

If you don’t want to worry about staying close to an electric source, a traditional ice cooler like the Coleman Xtreme or Yeti Tundrai will keep your food and drinks cold for up to five days in moderate weather conditions.

Backpacking coolers are also great to have with you on your camping trip, whether you’re actually backpacking or just planning a long day’s hike.

Wrapping up Must-Have Camping Cooking Gear

Outdoor meals are much easier to prepare when you have the right camping cooking gear. With these must-have items, you will be prepared to be a true camp chef.

Looking for more tips and tricks on how to improve your camp meals? Check out our camp cooking guide.