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Camping For Beginners

At some point or another, everyone is new to something. We are so glad that whatever got you excited about camping, somehow, through the magic of Google, Facebook, Pinterest or something else, you chose to start your camping adventure here.

We’ve put in a lot of of work to create the absolute best Camping For Beginners Resource available. We’ve researched everything from gear to safety to fun activities, checklists and much more. You will even find coupons and great deals for any camping gear that you may need.

In this Camping For Beginners series, you will notice that every post is laid out like a chapter to a book. That’s because this originally started off as a book idea, but we decided to release it here on the Beyond The Tent blog. In this post you will find the table of contents with a link to each chapter (or section) opening in a new window.

If you would like to download a pdf copy of Camping For Beginners, just fill out the form below and you will be emailed a copy that you can read start to finish or even print and take with you on your camping trips.

Download A Copy Of “Camping For Beginners”

A downloadable copy of “Camping For Beginners” will be available on July 14, 2015. You can reserve a copy today and get it emailed the minute it’s available. You can then read it on your own time, print a copy and even bring it camping! By signing up here, you will subscribed to Beyond The Tent’s newsletter.

If you end up using this resource, we’d love to hear from you. Please, leave a comment below and tell us about your camping trips, any adventures you’ve had, things you found helpful or just say hi!

On To The Camping!

We Will Be Releasing 1-2 Sections A Day For The Next Two Weeks So Bookmark This Page & Check Back Often!

  • Chapter 1: Reasons To Love Camping
  • Chapter 2: Your First Time Family Camping 
  • Chapter 3: Setting Up Your Campsite
    • Plan Your Layout
    • Setting Up Shelter
    • Setting Up Your Kitchen
  • Chapter 4: All About Campfires
    • Don’t Move Your Firewood
    • Campfires & Forest Fires
    • Building Your Campfire
    • Extinguishing Your Campfire
  • Chapter 5: All About Tents
    • Different Types Of Tents
    • Questions When Buying A Tent
    • Tent Care and Maintenance
  • Chapter 6: All About Sleeping Bags
  • Chapter 7: Keeping Your Family Safe While Camping
    • Camping With Small Kids done
    • Bugs & Mosquitoes
    • Sun & Sunscreen
    • Poisonous Plants
    • Water Safety
      • On The Water
      • Don’t Drink The Water
    • Wild Animals done
    • Storm Safety
  • Chapter 8: Camping Fun
  • Chapter 9: After The Trip
    • Leave No Trace
  • 50 Great Camping Tips & Tricks
  • 20 Amazing Camping Recipes
  • Taking Great Camping Photos & Videos
  • Adventure Awaits – Get Out There and Get Camping
  • Camping Resources