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Goal Zero Lighthouse 400 Lantern Review

If you’ve had the pleasure of owning a Goal Zero product, you likely know that Goal Zero isn’t in the business of cutting corners and releasing sub-par products.

The Goal Zero Lighthouse 400 USB rechargeable lantern is no exception. Goal Zero has created a top quality lantern that is durable, conveniently sized, and offers useful features that every camper will apprecaite.

This is why the Goal Zero Lighthouse 400 is one of top-rated rechargeable lanterns.

Read on to find out why we like this lantern so much.

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Overview of The Goal Zero Lighthouse 400 Rechargeable Lantern

Editor’s Rating32/35
400 Lumens
Battery Life★★★★
2.5 – 48 hrs
Weight / Size★★★
1.1 Lbs – 4.5 x 5 x 6.5″
Crank charging, Device charging,
Emergency light, Built in charging cable.
Ease Of Use★★★★★
Overall Value★★★★★


  • Hand crank charging for emergencies.
  • Red flashing emergency light.
  • Can charge other devices like phones and GPS.
  • Bright 400 lumens.
  • 48 hour battery life on low setting.


Editor’s Opinion

While not exactly cheap, the Goal Zero Lighthouse 400 also isn’t expensive, especially when you dig into all the features that this lantern packs in. While some might find the $69.95 price tag a big much, I don’t exactly consider this a con.

I do fear for the longevity of the built in charging cable. Personally, all my cables have eventually failed me. If this cable fails, the lantern will be useless. That being said, it does fell very well built and may not fail me at all!

Overall, I absolutely love the Goal Zero Lighthouse 400. It is a great lantern that is perfect for almost any type of camping from car camping to backpacking.


You can purchase the Goal Zero Lighthouse 400 at REI.

About The Goal Zero Lighthouse 400 Rechargeable Lantern

Goal Zero Lighthouse 400


At 400 lumens of brightness on full power, the Lighthouse is the 3rd brightest rechargeable lantern that we reviewed. This lantern can easily be your basecamp lantern as 400 lumens is more than enough to light up a small campsite.

Battery Life

The battery life on the Goal Zero Lighthouse is about what you would expect for a 1 lb, 400 lumen lantern. You’ll get 2.5 hours at full brightness. But a nice feature of the Lighthouse is that you can chose to only turn on half of the leds in the lantern and save some power. On it’s lowest setting, you can get a nice 48 hours of run time.

Battery / Charging

With the built in USB charging cable, you can have a full batter charge in roughly 5 hours.

My favorite feature of this lantern however, is the built in hand crank charger. Solar charging is nice, but what if you run out of power in the middle of the night? With the Goal Zero Lighthouse 400, simply start turning the hand crank to power your lantern.

1 min of hand cranking will produce 10 minutes of light. So a simple 6 minutes of hand cranking will keep your lantern running for the next hour.

Weight / Size

The Goal Zero Lighthouse weighs in at 1.1 lbs, which is on the heavier side of the lanterns we’ve reviewed, but not too heavy. This should only be a concern if you’re looking for a lantern for a backpacking trip, canoe camping, or a trip with a significant hike in.

Packing the Lighthouse shouldn’t be a concern unless space is extremely limited. With dimensions of 4.5 x 5 x 6.5, I’d call it a small “big” lantern.


As with all Goal Zero products, the Lighthouse 400 is extremely durable. Nothing about the build of this lantern doesn’t feel extremely solid.

The folding legs do not come out, which was the first thing I tested.

The knobs and charging cable all feel like they should last indefinitely. Even the hand crank is solid and well built.


As I’ve already gone over in this post, the Goal Zero Lighthouse 400 has some great features that campers are going to love.

Often times, extra features aren’t very practical in camping gear. But with the Lighthouse, that is not the case.

First off, never be stuck in the dark again with the hand crank. The hand crank is great and I wish my other lanterns had this built in.

On the front of the lantern you’ll find a built in charging cable which is great for guys like me who constantly lose every cable you own.

A battery level indicator lets you know how much batter life you have left.

A USB port for charging your devices is conveniently located on the front of the lantern as well, though I do wish it had a cover in case of dirt or water getting into the USB port.

Finally, a red emergency flashing light located at the top of the lantern is great for survival situations.

Ease of Use

A simple knob on the front of the lantern controls the light. Turn it to the left to turn on half of the LEDs and control their brightness or turn the knob to the right to turn on all of the LEDs and control their brightness.

Everything about this lantern is completely intuitive and extremely easy to use.

Overall Value

While the $69.95 may be slightly on the higher end for rechargeable lanterns, the Goal Zero Lighthouse 400 packs enough features and has a high enough build quality that it is easily worth the price tag. This lantern can be the last lantern you buy.

Final Opinion

I really enjoyed the Goal Zero Lighthouse 400. If you are in the market for a rechargeable camping lantern, this is a fantastic lantern that can be used on all types of camping trips.

If you’re looking for something smaller, check out the Goal Zero Lighthouse Mini or Biolite Sunlight and if you want something cheaper but size isn’t an issue, check out the Ozark Trail Rechargeable Lantern.


You can purchase the Goal Zero Lighthouse 400 at REI.

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