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The Best Inflatable Furniture for Camping: It’s Better Than You Think!

Inflatable furniture.

I know what you’re thinking, but things have long way from the neon green sparkle chairs that littered basements in the ‘90s. Today’s inflatable furniture can be quite boujie and these easy-to-store, easy-to-use inflatables make camping pretty comfy.

Keep reading to see what’s new with inflatable furniture for camping and why you need it for your next outdoor adventure!

Inflatable loungers set up near a tent. Inflatable furniture for camping.

The Best Inflatable Furniture for Camping


There are ample seating options when camping, but most are large, heavy, and require room to store in the car or when you get home. Not to mention, the framing can rust, and the fabric can wear down over time.

With inflatable seating, you won’t have to worry about any of those downfalls.

An inflatable couch.


With the INTEX Inflatable Corner Sofa, you really are in for a treat on your next camping trip. This couch is far from those flimsy inflatables from the past, and we are so grateful for that.

This inflatable camping couch is durable and will last year after year, whether you’re camping on the beach or out in the woods. Not only is it strong, but it can hold up to 880 pounds. Let’s see a folding chair do that.

This inflatable camping furniture adds coziness to the experience and can double as a place to sleep under the stars.

Storing inflatable camping furniture such as the INTEX Couch is easy as it deflates quickly and folds down easily. Perfect for packing away until the next excursion.


The whole point of going on a camping trip is to finally get some rest and relaxation, and with this Inflatable Lounger, you can be comfortable while relaxing in nature.

Perfect for two or one, this lounger can travel with you wherever you go. The best part? It doesn’t require an air pump to inflate, so there is no need to run out of breath or haul around a battery or manual pump around the campsite.

With two mesh side pockets, you’ll be able to keep your items close while you relax or take a well-deserved cat nap. Made with incredibly strong outdoor fabric that can last for years, you can take this lounger anywhere without the worry of a rock or stick puncturing the fabric.


An air mattress in a camping tent.


As you know, some campsites have less than ideal camping situations due to rocky landscapes, mulch, and sticks. All the things that can poke and prod you while you’re trying to sleep.

Luckily, with an inflatable camping bed, uncomfortable nights are a thing of the past. With a built-in high-capacity air pump, your tent is getting quite the upgrade with this inflatable camping furniture. It sets up in minutes and deflates easily once it’s time to leave.

Perfect for couples or those who like to stretch out, this SoundAsleep Inflatable Bed can handle up to 500 pounds. Made with durable materials, you won’t need to worry about a stray stick poking a hole in your bed and deflating it. The multilayer 15 gauge materials keep this mattress inflated time and time again.

Sleeping Pad

If you’re backpacking or hiking to your camping location, bringing an entire inflatable bed may not be the most practical, but this is where inflatable camping sleeping pads come into play.

Better yet, this is a self-inflating sleeping pad. The Sea to Summit Sleeping Pad is 4 inches of insulated comfort. Protecting you from the hard ground and giving you a chance to rest wherever you are.

Weighing in at under 5 pounds, you can easily fit this sleeping pad into your pack. Who says inflatable camping furniture doesn’t travel well?


After a long day at the campground, you will be ready for a good night’s rest, and there is no need to sacrifice when you can bring an inflatable camping pillow. The Sea to Summit Aeros Premium Pillow fits the sleeping pad mentioned previously perfectly. Truly making your next camping venture the most comfortable yet!

This pillow offers neck support for all styles of sleeping and inflates and deflates easily, so there won’t be any fiddling around with it. You can adjust the level of fitness to fit your preference, and the durable materials will last you for many camping trips.


What’s the point of having all this inflatable camping furniture if you don’t have a place to put it? With this inflatable tent, you are finally ready to pack up the car and hit the road.

No more messing with flimsy springing tent poles. That is a thing of the past when you can inflate your tent and immerse yourself in your camping activities quickly.

In about 10 minutes, the Moon Lence Glamping Inflatable Tent is ready for you to add the rest of the inflatable camping furniture. The premium materials hold their shape and protect you from any wind or rain, all while having UV protection and amazing airflow for those warm summer nights.

Just For Fun: Inflatable Camping Games

An inflatable soccer net goal and ball in the foreground.


Great for kids and adults, this inflatable bowling game is fun for all ages. Instead of hauling board games and other heavy lawn games, inflatable camping games offer a great option that doesn’t take up much space or weigh down the camper.


With this inflatable football receiver, the kids and adults will have a blast seeing who has the best throw. Perfect for after a long day of camping adventures, this easily inflatable game sets up in minutes yet keeps the kids busy for hours.


Everyone’s favorite lawn game now comes in an inflatable version of cornhole! Everyone knows how heavy the traditional boards are and the maintenance it takes to keep the bags from splitting.

With the inflatable version, you fill the bags with water and inflate the “boards”. They are equipped with tie-down markers to keep them from flying off as you toss the water-filled bags. They are great for the campground because of their weight and the fact they can be so easily stored.

On The Water: Inflatable Lake Camping Must Haves

Man using an air pump to fill an inflatable paddle board.

Inflatable Dock

Dive into fun with this incredible Inflatable Dock from Bote. This inflatable is great; it is the perfect hangout location while soaking up the sun in the water.

Weighing in at around 27 pounds, it’s a great addition to throwing on the boat or bringing to your favorite lake-side camping site. It’s much easier to carry than a water mat, and with durable materials, it won’t rip, tear, or puncture after the first summer’s use. They are even dog-friendly!

Inflatable Paddle Board

Another must-have for your lakeside camping adventure is paddle boards. This relaxing activity doesn’t have to be so cumbersome to bring along with you on your next trip. The BOTE Wulf Inflatable Paddle Board makes travel easier than ever.

No need to have to worry about tie-downs or how much room is left on the truck bed. This inflatable paddle board folds down easily into a travel bag that can store the rear fin and paddle.

Once at your lake campling location, roll out the paddle board, attach the fin, and using the included hand pump, add the air, and off you go.

Inflatable Pontoon

These inflatable one-man-powered pontoons are perfect for a quick camping trip or for those who want to be on the water but need a more affordable option to do so. Not only are they affordable, but they are so fun.

These inflatable pontoons don’t require any special licensing like other motorized boats. All you need is someone to help you guide it into the water and let the adventure begin.

Inflatable Camping Furniture and More: Must-Have Accessories

Woman relaxing on inflatable seating.

Like most things you bring to the campsite, it’s good to be prepared for anything. Here are a few must-have camping furniture accessories that will benefit you at the campground.

Inflatables Repair Kit

Inflatable camping furniture is made with one goal: to be functional and durable. Since you’re using these items outdoors, it’s known that they will see some rough conditions from time to time.

All that to say, mistakes and accidents can and do happen, so why not plan ahead and bring an inflatables repair kit just on the off chance your new inflatable was punctured?

These kits are small and are easy to store, just in case you may need to use them on your next camping adventure.

Manual Pumps

Some inflatable camping furniture may not include a pump built-in or a separate manual pump for you to use, so save your lungs and bring along a manual pump. A manual pump is small, and there is no need for electricity or batteries.

If you have a chair, game, or lake inflatable, a manual pump is the best choice to bring along.

Battery Powered Cordless Pumps

Manual pumps have their uses, but for larger inflatables like couches, inflatable lake docks, and beds, you’re going to need something with a bit more power.

Look into a battery-powered cordless pumps for your next camping trip. It will save you so much time and effort in setting up your inflatable camping furniture. These pumps are small, easy to travel with, and rechargeable, so they will last for years to come.

Wrapping Up the Best Inflatable Camping Furniture

An inflatable canvas tent.
An inflatable tent.

Inflatable camping furniture is a new way to bring comfort to the campground. With durable materials, you don’t need to worry about punctures and air leaks, just some added fun inside and outside the tent.

Now that you have your inflatable camping furniture, it’s time to find a new camping spot. Before you know it, you’ll be enjoying your inflatable camping furniture the way you should be.