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5 Reasons Why Luxury Glamping is the Perfect Romantic Getaway for Couples

Luxury glamping is becoming increasingly popular among camping lovers. Glamping combines the adventure of camping, with the luxuries you’re used to from home.

If you love camping, but don’t want to rough it, luxury glamping is the perfect fit for you!

Keep reading for 5 reasons why luxury glamping is the perfect romantic getaway for couples.

luxury glamping

What is Luxury Glamping?

If you aren’t experienced with luxury glamping, think of it like camping out in nature, but with the amenities of a hotel room or an RV.

Glamping allows you to enjoy the sanctity and peace of nature, without the discomfort and inconveniences of typical camping.

The accommodations you may find when luxury glamping include a queen-sized bed, heating and air conditioning, and running water. You definitely won’t have to camp without a functional toilet this way!

Glamping allows you to enjoy the outdoors and connect with nature without giving up any of your comfort items or luxury items from home.

Why Luxury Glamping is the Perfect Couples Getaway


Most luxury glamping sites don’t offer any type of internet connection, and you will be so secluded in nature you probably won’t have cell service either. Perfect for spending quality time reconnecting with your significant other.

Accommodations include yurts, glamping tents, pods, cubes, or some sort of private space, especially considering many glamping sites are tailored with couples in mind. Enjoy a weekend away from the busy city, cut off from all modern technology.

It can be difficult to make time for one another during fast-paced everyday life, which is why glamping is the perfect getaway for couples.

Enjoy Privacy

Many accommodations for glamping are secluded, which gives you and your love time to disconnect from modern society and reconnect with one another and forge an even deeper bond.

The privacy of secluded glamping sites is great for spending quality time together and enjoying the company of your partner with no distractions.

The privacy you have when luxury glamping is perfect for sharing a leisurely glass of wine with your love in the evening, and a nice, warm cup of coffee in the morning.

Exploring Nature Together

Luxury glamping accommodations are generally placed near beautiful landscapes. Take advantage and do some exploring together!

Hike through the nature trails at your glamping site with one another, getting in tune with nature and one another, while enjoying luxurious amenities back at camp.

You can go foraging for berries with your love or hiking through nature trails with the best company.

The Isolation of Nature

What better place to go for an uninterrupted romantic getaway than a private glamping site in the isolation of nature?

Take in the sounds of the ‘wilderness’ and enjoy the peace and quiet. There are no horns honking, alarms blaring, or sirens going off in the middle of nowhere!

luxury glamping

Escaping Life’s Chaos

It’s easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Escaping life’s chaos with your significant other is a great way to reconnect and spend quality time together.

Living in a city can be loud. When you choose luxury glamping as the perfect romantic getaway you can sleep and enjoy your partner’s company peacefully, with no sounds of traffic, or sounds of modern technology disturbing your slumber.

Enjoy spending time with the one you love without worrying about outside influences like work deadlines or an alarm clock blaring.


Stargazing while luxury glamping is the ultimate romantic evening. Nothing says romance like lying on a blanket together under the stars mapping out the constellations, and wishing on shooting stars!

Stargazing and cities just don’t mix. Revel in the clear night skies above you at your glamping site. Identify visible planets and stars together for the ultimate romantic night.

Lying together on a blanket stargazing on your luxury glamping trip is the perfect romantic getaway for couples to enjoy some quality alone time.

What to Bring Along

Since glamping requires quality accommodations, there are things you might want to bring along with you to increase your comfort during your getaway.

The majority of luxury glamping sites provide basic amenities, along with some luxury items, but you will want to bring some of your own gear and supplies for added comfort.


Most luxury glamping sites provide the basic essentials you will need, but if you have special preferences it’s always best to bring your own supplies along! Don’t forget to pack all of your must-have items before you set out on your adventure.


Bringing your own food and water along allows you the freedom to choose whatever snacks you enjoy, without taking a blow to the pocket.

Remember that you will pay for convenience, so if you wait until you reach the glamping site to purchase food items, you will pay more for them than if you had brought them along.

If you bring cold items, you will need a cooler full of ice to keep your items cool. You should also include a reusable water bottle for convenience and to avoid unnecessary spills inside your accommodations.


If you take medications every day, please make certain to bring them along with you! Your luxury glamping trip wouldn’t be very glamorous at all and could be dangerous if you forget your medication.


Toiletries are provided by glamping accommodations usually, but if you have preferences it is best to bring along your own stuff.

Bring your toothbrush and toothpaste if you prefer to use a specific type of these things.

Other things you will want to bring, but are easy to forget to include are lotion, lip balm, hair ties, face wash, hand sanitizer, and deodorant.

Bug Repellent

Bug repellent is one of the most important necessities to bring on your luxury glamping trip. While it is full of luxurious items, your glamping site isn’t exempt from nagging little pests. Without bug spray, you will most likely come home with itchy bug bites all over.

luxury glamping


The average temperatures wherever you are planning to go glamping will determine the type of clothing and accessories you want to pack.

If it’s going to be pretty chilly, you will want to bring along an extra layer of clothing with the rest of your supplies.

When packing for your adventure be sure to pack activewear, nightwear, and regular clothing for everyday activities or lounging. Make sure to include t-shirts, underwear, sockets, pajamas, pants, a swimsuit, (if applicable), and a jacket just in case you run into cooler temperatures along the way.


The shoes you need to pack will depend on the activities you have planned for your trip. At the very least you will need sneakers and hiking boots, but you may also want to include rain boots, sandals, and a pair of slippers for indoors.


Among the supplies and gear mentioned above, you may want to pack a few other things for different purposes.


While the lack of an internet connection is very conducive to a romantic getaway, you can still bring along a radio, MP3 player, or whatever you use to play music. Some couples may also decide to bring along a portable DVD player so they can enjoy a movie or two together with no interruptions.

If you are bringing your cell phone, be sure to include your phone charger in your pack as well.

Many people can’t sleep without the sound of a fan running, so if you’re one of those people, don’t worry! Just bring a portable fan along with you on your trip and enjoy the low buzzing that lulls you into a deep sleep.


Without electronics, if you choose to go that route, you will need some form of entertainment for your downtime relaxing after a long hike or other activity. Bring along a book, magazine, or board game to enjoy while winding down for the night with your significant other.


Some people don’t bother with cosmetic products like makeup on their glamping trip, but others opt to include all their comfort items, including makeup and skincare products. Luxury glampers may decide to bring facial masks, hair masks, hair creams, facial moisturizers, exfoliators, etc., on their adventure.

Being over-prepared is better than getting to your glamping site and realizing you forgot to pack something you use daily and need to enjoy the luxuries around you.

Cleaning Supplies

Cleaning supplies are a must! Although your accommodations will most likely include towels and washcloths, many campers opt to bring their own along.

Hand sanitizer is pretty helpful in situations where running water isn’t available, so it is a great thing to bring with you in your pack when you’re out on a hike and need to clean your hands quickly.

Why Luxury Glamping is the Perfect Romantic Getaway

luxury glamping

Luxury glamping takes the best of both worlds to provide you with the ultimate romantic getaway with your significant other.

Glamping allows you to enjoy all the amenities you’d enjoy in a hotel room, without the added stress of being packed in a building alongside hundreds of other vacationers.

If you would like to learn more about glamping, check out everything you need to know about glamping on our website!