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Luxury Camping Gear: 35 Items Turn Camping into Glamping

Luxury Camping Gear: 35 Items Turn Camping into Glamping

Glamping, the glamorous version of camping, has really sparked people’s interest over the last few years in part thanks to Pinterest and other social media platforms. Glamping takes the idea of camping, throws all the old rules right out the window and celebrates the idea of extreme comfort in nature.

The problem is that most of those glamping photos on Pinterest and elsewhere are nearly impossible to emulate. They use expensive gear and don’t tell you anything about the gear or where to get it. Well, we’re hear to help. Want to do some glamping of your own? Here is a thorough list of luxury camping gear, what each item is used for, our recommendations and even a few items for those of you who want to go all out!

Luxurious and Spacious  Camping Tents

Sibley Bell Tent

Sibley Bell Tent

The Sibley Bell Tent is a luxury tent that I seriously want to get my hands on, I don’t have one myself (yet) but this tent looks to be the perfect glamper. The tent can fit 2 queen size beds and is entirely waterproof. It has four roll down windows with mesh screens to keep the bugs out. And the coolest feature is that the sides roll up to allow the warm summer breeze to flow through your tent on nice days. The tent is a bit on the pricey side coming in between $700-$800 at most retailers. Buy On Amazon Here.

Ozark Trail 3 Room Cabin Tent

3 Room Cabin Tent

The Ozark Trail 3 Room Cabin Tent is a beast of a tent. Each room is big enough to fit in a queen size bed with room for gear. If you are really looking for the luxury glamping experience, using one room for sleeping, one for storage and the other for whatever your heart desires is the perfect pampered camping solution. The entry has a large awning the size of a room, there are 7 windows and best of all, the tent sets up in under 2 minutes.

Clear Inflatable Bubble Tent

Clear Bubble Tent

Imagine enjoying a night out under the stars and enjoying the nature around you! With the Clear Inflatable Bubble Tent, you can do just that without the fear of bugs or weather! This unique glamping tent offers a one of a kind camping experience. Comes with a blower for inflating and is big enough for a whole family (or for you to bring all your luxury goodies).

Tailgaterz Screened Porch

Screened Camping Porch

A screened porch is a must for any self-respecting glamper.  Even with a luxurious camping tent, you’ll want an area where you can eat and lounge while being protected from the sun & bugs. The Tailgaterz Magnetic Screen House is big enough to fit a picnic table, camping chairs and even store your food, grill and other camping items.

Luxury Sleeping Arrangements

Coleman Queen Airbed Cot

Coleman Queen Airbed Cot

Priced at only $180, The Coleman Queen Airbed Cot is about as nice of a bed as you can get for your money. Rather than having your air mattress on the ground, the Coleman keeps you off the ground (just like at home) and allows for storage under your air mattress. It also includes two side tables as well as a battery powered pump to inflate the mattress.

Queen Size Flannel Lined Sleeping Bag

Queen Size Sleeping Bag

The Teton Mammoth Queen Sized Sleeping Bag is your perfect luxury sleeping bag. This bag is flannel lined and completely unzips on the top and bottom. It measures a huge 5′ x 8′ and even has a mummy style top with a draw string. Get cozy with you companion or simply sprawl out, either way, this bag is a win!

Foam Air Mattress TopperFoam Air Mattress Topper

If you want to add even more comfort to your air mattress, this Air Mattress Foam Topper from Lightspeed Outdoors will add that touch. This 1/2″ pad is made specifically for air mattresses and has fitted corners to stay put all night long.

Luxury Camp Cooking

After shelter and bedding, cooking is one of the most important aspects of camping. A great cooking setup with great food will make any glamper feel like wilderness royalty.

GSI Enamelware Camping Table Set

Luxury Camping Gear: 35 Items Turn Camping into Glamping 1

An enamel table set is exactly what every glamper needs to feel elegant while eating in the outdoors. This double coated Enamel Camping Table Set from GSI includes 4 cups, 4 bowels, and 4 plates.

Camp Chef Outdoor Camping Oven

Camping Oven

Ever wish you had a way to bake a nice hot dish, some brownies or even muffins while out in the great outdoors? While you could create a primitive camping oven, the Camp Chef Outdoor Oven is too perfect to pass up. This oven sports two oven racks, to top stove burners, a maximum temperature of 400 degrees and can run on high heat for 5 hours with one pound of propane.

Mountain Summit Gear Deluxe Roll Top Kitchen

Luxury Camping Gear: 35 Items Turn Camping into Glamping 2

The Grub Hub Camp Kitchen is my favorite camp kitchen. It has everything you could think of and more all in a compact folding kitchen that can be rolled into camp. The Grub Hub goes from a compact suitcase style package with wheels and a handle into a full blown kitchen with shelving, a sink, extra counter space, eating space and storage for everything, even your food.

Cast Iron Cook Set

Luxury Camping Gear: 35 Items Turn Camping into Glamping 3

You can find many camping cook sets, most are lightweight or cheap, neither of which are ideal for a luxury camping trip. If you want the best quality possible, high-quality Cast Iron skillets and dutch ovens from Lodge are the way to go. You’ll find dutch ovens, large skillets, small skillets, the Cook It All, and cleaning supplies.

Coleman 3 Burner Stove

Coleman 3 Burner Camp Stove

The Coleman 3 Burner Camp Stove is great for cooking all your camping food and to use along with the grub hub, your cast iron pans and is even a great companion to the Camp Chef oven. This 3 burner stove is big enough to cook for any size camping group.

Coleman Xtreme 100qt Cooler

Coleman Xterme

You may have seen my posts on the Coleman Xtreme Cooler here on Beyond The Tent before. I’ve put them up against the famed Yeti, and while the Yeti did defeat the Coleman Xtreme, it was actually a pretty close race. Now compare the Coleman’s much lower price tag vs. the Yeti’s $400+ and it’s a no brainer. Keep your food nice and fresh for up to 5 days with this huge 100qt cooler.

Double Pie Iron

Rome Double Pie Iron

You may not realize this, but pie iron’s are one of the most versatile cooking tools for camping. With a pie iron you can make almost any meal from Pie Iron Calzones to Philly Cheese Steaks. Personally, I love the double pie irons from Rome since I can make bigger items in their double size.

Staying Clean While Camping In Luxury

Just because you’re camping doesn’t mean you have to be dirty, especially when you are glamping! No self respecting glamper would skip taking a shower or even a cold shower for that matter.

Hot Shower

Portable Hot Water Shower

The Mr. Heater Boss-XB13 is the perfect way to make sure you stay clean and comfortable. This portable water heater is tankless and has a battery operated suction pump which allows you to suck water from any source. The heater will then heat the water up to 35 degree f above it’s current temp. The Mr. Heater has an attached shower head and heats the water with a standard propane cylinder.  Most tap water is between 45-50 degrees, which would give you a 80-90 degree shower, while most lake water (in summer months) is anywhere from 60-80 degrees, meaning a nice hot shower of 95+. It is worth noting that this heater comes with scald control to prevent anyone from getting burned.

Shower Privacy Shelter

Luxury Camping Gear: 35 Items Turn Camping into Glamping 4

Now that you have a shower, you surely don’t want to be cleaning yourself in front of everyone! You’ll need a Portable Privacy Tent. This privacy tent will allow you to take your warm showers in privacy (without any peeping Toms!).

Ozark 2 Room Shower

If you really want to pamper yourself, the Ozark Trail Shower Changing Tent adds in a changing room so you can dry off and change in a dry separate room.


Camping Soap

I’m sure you glampers will likely be bringing your own shampoo and conditioner, but if you want a great multi-purpose cleaner, Campsuds is exactly what you need. This biodegradable soap is a gentle general purpose soap that can be used for dishes, laundry, body and even hair (even my wife has used it and been happy!).



Camping Towel

After your shower, you’re gonna need a towel. Now, any towel will do, but you may find yourself lacking in packing space in your car or pack with all of your luxury camping items. The WIMI Microfiber Sports Towel is the perfect towel to take camping. It packs incredibly small yet measures 32″ x 60″ and is incredibly absorbent (it can actually absorb 4x it’s weight in water).  Whether camping or glamping, this towel is the perfect towel for your trip.

Portable Toilet

Portable Toilet

If you are staying at a campsite with a nice and clean bathroom, a portable potty is not a necessity. But if you are camping away from any restrooms you’ll have the choice of either doing your business in the woods or brining your own REI’s Portable Environmental Toilete. Used along with a shower privacy tent and you’ll have a great private bathroom.

Luxury Camping Furniture

Everyone probably has a couple of folding camping chairs, but if you are really going for the luxury / glamping experience, you are going to need some fun camping furniture.

Inflatable Pull Out Sofa

Inflatable Sofa

Want a sofa to enjoy your evenings camping? With the Intex Pull Out Inflatable Sofa you not only get a comfy sofa but a pull out bed to lay on and watch the stars or use as an extra bed for friends / family.

Inflatable Daybed

Intex Inflatable Daybed

Personally, I love a nice daybed to lounge on while reading a book, looking at the stars or even taking an afternoon nap. The Intex Inflatable Daybed is perfect for your camping trip or any place you may want to lounge around.

Folding Camping Chair & UmbrellaCamping Chair With Umbrella

Everyone needs a good folding camping chair to sit around the evening fire, why not do it with a bit more style? This Sport-Brella Recliner Chair is the perfect camping chair to lean back in, get out of the sun and even store your snacks and beverages.

Picnic Table & UmbrellaPicnic Table With Umbrella

While camping, you are going to need a nice table to sit around and eat, play games and more. This folding camping table with umbrella from stansport is perfect for any camping trip, from luxury to normal family camping. The table folds up and fits easily in any car while still giving a nice table space of 33″ x 25″.

Camping Accessories

What is luxury camping without a few accessories to make your trip more comfy and enjoyable?

LED Camping Lights

LED Camping Lights

With these led camping lights you can add a bit of style and ambient light to your campsite. Decorative lights add the perfect amount of light for an enjoyable evening spent in the outdoors.

Portable Hammock

Eno Double Hammock

No matter what type of camping you are doing, you are definitely going to want to bring along a hammock. The Double Hammock from ENO will give you a great place to relax in the sun, read a book, and even take a nap.

Propane Fire Pit

Propane Fire Pit

Sometimes having a real fire is impossible or just impractical. This is when a propane fire pit (REI) can be the perfect answer. You get the ambience of a fire without having to find / purchase wood and without having your clothes end up with that smokey smell.

LED Lantern & Fan Combo

LED Lantern and Fan

Any time you are camping in a tent, you need to be prepared for hot nights and days and have a good night/evening light source. This deluxe camping LED lantern and fan combo is the perfect solution. The lantern can hang from your tent ceiling to provide illuminating light throughout your tent while blowing a cool breeze during the night.

Waterproof Phone Case

Waterproof Phone Case

A waterproof phone case is another item that I recommend to any campers whether they are roughing it in the bush or glamping it up in a fancy park. You never know when rain will strike when in nature, so it is always good to have your phone protected.

Solar Phone / Device Charger

Portable Solar Charger

If you plan on brining your phone, tablet, gps or any other device along with you on your camping trip, you’ll need the ability to charge those devices. Many campsites may even offer electricity, but if they don’t or if you need power when out on a trail, the Sunjack Solar Charger is my favorite portable solar charger. You can read my full review here.

Portable Propane Heater

Portable Propane Heater

I love camping in cooler weather, but sometimes the nights can get a little too cold. If you don’t want to stay bundled up in your sleeping bag, brining a propane heater could be a great way to heat up your tent. This Mr. Heater Portable Propane Heater is perfect for camping. It features a low oxygen automatic shut off, a tip over auto shut off and can heat up to 400 square feet. Check out our post on Tent Heaters for even more info.

Bose Bluetooth Speaker

Bose Bluetooth Portable Speaker

While tunes aren’t a must when enjoying nature, they can definitely be a welcome addition when camping in luxury. The Bose Bluetooth Portable Speaker is my choice for the best sound and durability. If you have ever heard Bose speakers, you’ll know why.

Camping Games & Activities

Every camping trip needs some fun activities and games. From simple card/board games to croquet, ring toss and more.

Try Slack Lining


So, the idea of slacklining may not get you very excited, but hear me out. What better time to goof around and have fun while strengthening your core muscles. All you need are a couple of trees and a little adventurous spirit to enjoy a little slacklining. It also packs away nice and small and can be a fun afternoon activity for any camper.

Portable Giant Movie Screen

Portable Video Screen

How do you explain brining a 120″ movie screen camping? You can’t. But this is GLAMPING, so why not?! The Visual Apex 120″ Projector Screen is the highest and most reviewed portable projector screen on Amazon, sets up in minutes and has a 16:9 ratio.

Video Projector

Video Projector

If you plan on brining the 120″ projector screen, you’re going to need a projector. At a modest $309, this Viewsonic Projector is perfect to bring on your trips without breaking the bank. It sports an HDMI out, 3200 lumens and a 20,000:1 contrast ratio.

Camping Into Glamping
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Jessie Cooper

Monday 27th of July 2020

wow, This awesome! this checklist is really helpful for the camper. Each staff is very important for making good camping. People getting the idea from your article. Thank you

Darryl Alder

Tuesday 9th of April 2019

I am 68 and a glamper, but did NOT get there on purpose. At twenty, I could sleep on the ground with a blanket and poncho. Glamping to me back then was my "new" Seva stove and some Mountain House meals. Then I got married and kids came, so we needed a family tent, ice chest and Coleman Stove; now that was some serious glamping. Eventually, my folks bought a family cabin just 45 mins from my home. Glamping moved to a new level, but there still was no phone and dishwasher. Twenty years later, I own a Barebones tent, twin air mattress, FireDisc, GoalZero solar panel for the tent roof to run the lights and my CPAP at night—yep, that is how you become a glamper: one purchase and one year at a time. BTW now I am too old, tired and sore to put any of this up, except in the backyard (luckily my yard is up against the Provo River, so I can at least hear running water at night—oops running water, I gotta head to the restroom now!)


Wednesday 10th of April 2019

^ This is the BEST!


Sunday 29th of April 2018

Good list! I'm an avid camper and am always looking for ways to make the outdoors more enjoyable for my wife and I. I enjoy bringing some comfort to the outdoors without making my campsite look like it was designed by Tom Havorford. <HahA!

Ryanc - What do you think about campsite security? I've built a few devices that keep my wife and I safe(er) from predators (both four and two legged) while out in the bush of western Montana. Have you delved into the thought at all?


Monday 30th of April 2018

I personally haven't worried too much about campsite safety in the past, but I must admit, I am curious to know what you built!


Thursday 23rd of June 2016

We have the LED light and fan combo. The light is perfect for inside the tent or even outside. The fan does actually move the air around in the tent for circulation. LOVE it!


Monday 13th of June 2016

Wow! This looks interesting. I myself have never tried glamping so far. Just plain simple camping. However, I'd love to try it sometime. my only concern however, is the cost factor.