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Luxury Camping Gear: 35 Items to Turn Camping into Glamping

Our list of our favorite glamping gear focuses on gear that normal people can afford.

Pinterest and social media are overrun with glamping photos that are nearly impossible to emulate. Many of them are taken at glamping rentals (like luxury yurt Airbnbs).

All of our top suggestions will help you turn a normal camping trip into something much more luxurious – while still camping at a normal campground.

Now, let’s dive into our favorite Glamping gear for 2023.

My Three Favorite Products

Coleman Family Tent

Coleman WeatherMaster 6-Person Tent with Screen Room

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Memory Foam Camping Pad

Willpo CertiPUR-US Memory Foam Camping Mattress [Single:75"x30"x2.76" Twin 75"x38"x2.76"] Portable Sleeping Pad Floor Guest Bed Lightweight Outdoor Tent Mattress Removable Waterproof Cover Travel Bag

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Nemo Stargazer Camp Chair

Nemo Equipment Stargaze Recliner Luxury Camping Chair, Oxide

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Glamping Tents and Shelters

You can’t go camping without a shelter. So here are our favorite glamping tents to keep you warm and dry in style!

Coleman Prairie Breeze Lighted Cabin Tent

Coleman Prairie Breeze Lighted Cabin Tent, 9-Person , 84″ H x 120″ W x 168″ D.

The Coleman Prairie Breeze Lighted Cabin Tent is a beast of a family glamping tent.

Rated to sleep 9 people, it’s perfect for large families and groups of friends – or those that just prefer a whole lot of living space.

Better yet, use air mattresses for the full luxury camping experience. The 14 x 10 foot interior of this tent actually fits 2 queen size air mattresses with room to spare.

Other luxurious features include built-in LED lighting and a fan system. Several large windows provide plenty of ventilation.

Best of all? This tent is quick to set up and take down. It’s surprisingly lightweight for superior portability at the campground.

Alvantor Pop Up Bubble Tent 

Alvantor Pop Up Bubble Tent - 12’ x 12’ Instant Igloo Tent - 8-10 Person Screen House for Patios - Large Oversize Weather Proof Pod - Cold Protection Camping Tent - Beige

For a completely unique take on glamping, take a look at the Alvantor Pop Up Bubble Tent .

This 9.5 foot bubble tent is made from strong PVC screens with a sturdy ABS plastic frame. It’s surprisingly durable and holds up well in inclement weather, including rain and snow.

Use during cold weather with a portable tent heater or unzip the two windows and front entrance for ventilation on hot days. Mesh screening is available to keep bugs out!

In addition to glamour camping, many use this bubble tent as a backyard hangout space or even as a stylish greenhouse for plants.

Personally, I’d use this glamping structure as part of a permanent (or semi-permanent) backyard glampground rather than bringing it to an actual campground.

Setting this garden dome up on a deck or wooden platform is best. But it can be used directly on the grass.

Tailgaterz Magnetic Screen House

TAILGATERZ Magnetic Screen House, Game day Graphite, 11 x 9 x 7.5 feet, 4300614

A screened porch is a must for any self-respected glamper – and the Tailgaterz Magnetic Screen House is one of the best.

Even with a luxurious camping tent, you’ll want an area where you can eat and lounge while being protected from the sun and bugs.

This screened-in tent is plenty big enough for a camping table, camping chairs, and your grill. Heck, it’s even big enough to fit a picnic table.

Playdo 4-Season Bell Tent

Playdo 4-Season Waterproof Cotton Canvas Bell Tent Wall Yurt Tent with Stove Hole for Outdoor Camping Hunting Hiking Festival Party

The Playdo 4-Season Bell Tent is a luxury tent I seriously want to get my hands on soon.

I don’t have one myself (yet), although I’ve stayed in this tent with friends and was very pleased with its construction, waterproofing, and features.

It’s made from heavy-duty waterproof-treated cotton canvas with taped stitch seams. Air vents, zippable windows, and a large door (all with mesh mosquito screening) allow for plenty of breathability.

I’m really excited about the chimney vent with fire-resistant material around the stove hole. Using this as a hot tent in the winter seems super fun.

This canvas glamping tent from Playdo is ideal for one or two campers with plenty of rooms for camping cots and other gear.

Glamping Beds and Bedding

Ditch the sleeping bag and air pad for a comfortable, luxurious glamping bed with cozy bedding on your next camping trip.

Coleman Airbed Folding Cot

Coleman Camping Cot, Air Mattress, and Pump Combo | Folding Camp Cot and Air Bed with Side Tables and Battery Operated Pump

The Coleman Airbed Folding Cot is just about as nice of a glamping bed as you can get for your money.

Rather than having your air mattress on the ground, this Coleman cot keeps you up off the ground (just like at home).

Not only does this make getting into and out of the cot more comfortable, it also allows you to stash gear underneath.

This extremely unique luxury camping bed also includes two side tables as well as a battery-powered pump to inflate the mattress.

Best of all? It’s available in a spacious queen size model!

The North Face Dolomite One Duo Sleeping Bag

The North Face Dolomite One Double Camping Sleeping Bag, Hyper Blue/Radiant Yellow, Regular

The North Face Dolomite One Duo Sleeping Bag is your perfect luxury sleeping bag.

This bag is more than spacious enough to fit two sleepers so you can snuggle up with your special someone. Or use it alone for the utmost in roomy camp comfort.

But the best reason to buy this glamping sleeping bag from The North Face is its unique multi-layer design.

The two layers enable you to quickly switch between bags/layers rated for 15°, 30°, and 50° F nights to match the temperature.

Of course, the interior material of the bag is just soft and cozy as it is warm.

Lightspeed Outdoors Foam Air Mattress Topper

Lightspeed Outdoors Foam Topper for Air Mattresses, Maroon

Add even more comfort to your air mattress with the Lightspeed Outdoors Foam Air Mattress Topper.

This 1/2″ thick pad is made specifically to go on top of an air mattress. It has special fitted corners (much like a fitted sheet) so it stays put all night long.

Combine with the Coleman Airbed Folding Cot and The North Face Dolomite One Duo Sleeping Bag and you’re in for a fantastic night of sleep.

Luxury Camp Cooking Equipment

One of my favorite parts about camping is the food! That’s why a great camp kitchen setup is so important. Great food will make every glamper feel like wilderness royalty.

Stansport 24 Piece Enamel Table Set

STANSPORT - Deluxe 24-Piece Enamel Tableware Set: Plates, Bowls, Mugs & Utensils (Green)

An enamel table set is exactly what every glamper needs to feel elegant while eating in the outdoors.

And the Stansport 24 Piece Enamel Table Set is among the best of the best. Not only is the look classic, but the set is super durable to last for years to come.

This camping table set comes with 4 cups, 4 bowls, 4 plates, 4 knives, 4 spoons, and 4 forks.

Camp Chef Outdoor Camp Oven

Camp Chef Deluxe Outdoor Camp Oven - Stainless Steel, Insulated Oven Box, Matchless Ignition - Charcoal Gray (COVEND)

Camp cooking honestly doesn’t get much more luxurious than using the Camp Chef Outdoor Camp Oven.

Ever wish you had a way to bake a nice hot lasagna, some brownies, or muffins while in the great outdoors?

While you could create a primitive camping oven, this Camp Chef oven is made for just such occasions.

It sports two oven racks and two stove burners. It has a maximum temperature of 400 degrees.

Best of all? It can run on high heat for up to 5 hours on a single one pound bottle of propane!

Mountain Summit Gear Deluxe Roll Top Kitchen

Luxury Camping Gear: 35 Items to Turn Camping into Glamping 1

Every serious camp cook needs a portable camp kitchen to give you plenty of room to prepare meals and store kitchen gear.

Well, look no further. The Mountain Summit Gear Deluxe Roll Top Kitchen is the best of the best.

This glamping gadget is basically a sturdy camp table with two side tables and a detachable compartment to store your kitchen tools.

It’s super convenient to have a dedicated area for cooking. Set up your camp stove, stash away your plates and bowls, and don’t worry about the constant shuffle dance of moving plates from the picnic table to storage bins.

This camp kitchen folds down into a very small, readily portable package.

Lodge Cast Iron Skillet

Lodge L8SK3 10-1/4-Inch Pre-Seasoned Skillet

The Lodge Cast Iron Skillet is a must-add to your glamping checklist if you care about delicious food.

We love cooking with cast iron while camping because cast iron is super tough and durable, it stays hot once it’s heated up, and it keeps food warm for a long time.

Of course, we also love the fact that your cast iron cookware only gets better the more you use it thanks to cast iron seasoning.

Try out our favorite dutch oven camping recipes with your cast iron dutch oven on your next luxury camping trip!

Eureka Ignite Plus 2-Burner Stove

Luxury Camping Gear: 35 Items to Turn Camping into Glamping 2

It’s just not glamping without a great camping cook stove.

We love the Eureka Ignite Plus 2-Burner Stove for all of our family camping needs.

Not only does it pair well with cast iron pans, but it’s a great companion for the Camp Chef portable camping oven.

This Eureka camp stove is better that the competition thanks to its robust design and great precision simmer control.

Coleman Cooler

Coleman Portable Cooler with Wheels Xtreme Wheeled Cooler, 50-Quart, Blue/White

Thanks to its low price tag and excellent cooling properties, a Coleman Xtreme Cooler is a no brainer for glamping.

Although it’s available in many sizes, we feel the 52-quart model is perfect for most family campers.

Want something a little more luxurious?

Well, then you need to go with the Yeti Tundra Cooler.

Not only are these coolers all but indestructible, but there’s another reason why they’re so popular with glampers – they keep food cold for a very long time.

We put the Yeti Cooler vs the Coleman Xtreme Cooler head to head to help you decide if your family is better off with a budget model or should invest in a premium cooler.

Rome Double Pie Iron

Rome's Double Pie Iron with Steel and Wood Handles

Many people don’t realize this, but a pie iron is actually one of the most versatile cooking tools for camping.

You can make almost any meal with a pie iron. A few of my favorite are pie iron pizza calzones and Philly cheese steak quesadillas (check out all our favorite pie iron camping recipes).

Personally, I love the Rome Double Pie Iron since it allows me to make items double the size of a single pie iron!

Camp Showers & Hygiene

Hygiene Doesn’t Have to Be a Camping Luxury

Just because you’re camping doesn’t mean you have to be dirty! No self-respecting glamper would skip out on taking a hot shower.

Mr. Heater Boss-XB13 Shower System

Mr. Heater F235300 BOSS-XB13 Basecamp Battery Operated Shower System,Multi

The Mr. Heater Boss-XB13 is one of the best ways to take a shower while camping.

It features a built-in tankless portable water heater with a battery-operated suction pump to suck water from any source.

The water heater heats the water up to 35° F above the source water temperature using only a standard propane cylinder.

This means that you can heat 40° to 50° F tap water to around 80° to 90° F for a nice hot camping shower.

The attached shower head and long flexible hose make it easy to get squeaky clean. Additional features include a .6 gallons per minute flow rate and a scald protection control to prevent anyone from getting burned.

Iron Hammer Portable Shower

Iron Hammer Portable Shower Camping Shower Outdoor Shower Handheld Electric Shower - Turn Water into Shower Stream

The Iron Hammer Portable Shower is hands down one of my favorite luxury camping gadgets.

Simply drop it in your water supply and have a shower ready.

If you want a hot shower, simply boil some water over the fire and add it to your bucket of cold water.

The Iron Hammer has great pressure and water flow with an impressive 4L per minute.

GigaTent Portable Privacy Tent

GigaTent Pop Up Pod Changing Room Privacy Tent – Instant Portable Outdoor Shower Tent, Camp Toilet, Rain Shelter for Camping & Beach – Lightweight & Sturdy, Easy Set Up, Foldable - with Carry Bag

The GigaTent Portable Privacy Tent gives you an extra element of luxury while camping.

Now that you have a camp shower, you surely don’t want to be cleaning yourself in front of everyone. This privacy tent gives you somewhere to do that in peace (without any peeping Toms!).

A camping privacy tent can also be used as a portable changing room or even to conceal a camp toilet like this portable toilet with paper holder.

PackTowel Personal Towel

Luxury Camping Gear: 35 Items to Turn Camping into Glamping 3

Turn camping up another level with your very own camp towel.

Now, any towel will do, but the PackTowel Personal Towel, which is specifically designed for camping, has many benefits.

For starters, it packs down very small and is lightweight. It’s incredibly absorbent but still dries out fast. Plus, it just looks cool.

Portable Camp Toilet

Camco Portable Toilet for RVs, 5.3 Gallons, Gray (41541) , White

As mentioned above, a portable camp toilet helps take glamping to a whole new level of luxury.

The Luggable Loo is a budget-friendly and highly-effective way to go to the bathroom in the woods, but it’s far from luxurious.

Looking for a more glamorous alternative? The Camco Portable Travel Toilet isn’t exactly anything to tell your friends about, but it works incredibly well.

Pair a portable toilet with your portable shower and privacy tent for your very own all-in-one camp bathroom.

Luxury Camping Furniture

Folding camp chairs are so last year. Here is some luxury camping furniture for an even more luxurious glamping experience.

Tialoer King Size Inflatable Air Mattress Sofa Bed

Tialoer King Size Inflatable Air Mattress Sofa Bed for Camping with Adjustable Back Sofa

Want a sofa to enjoy on those evenings camping?

With the Tialoer King Size Inflatable Air Mattress Sofa Bed, you not only get a comfy sofa, but a pull-out bed to lay on to watch the stars or to use as an extra bed for guests.

This comfortable inflatable sofa is a staple on my glamping gear list.

Intex Foldable Inflatable Daybed / Couch

Intex Pull-Out Sofa Inflatable Bed, 80" X 91" X 26", Queen, Gray

Another high-quality product from Intex, the Intex Inflatable Daybed is nearly unbeatable for camping comfort.

It’s the perfect place to kickback and lounge while reading a book, looking at the stores, or even taking an afternoon nap.

Of course, you’ll need quite a large tent to fit this inflatable daybed, but finding the space is well worth it if possible.

Sport-Brella Beach Chair

Sport-Brella Beach Chair with UPF 50+ Adjustable Umbrella, Grey

A comfortable camping chair is one of the most important pieces of glamping gear, in my opinion.

Rather than a standard camping chair, why not invest in something a little more luxurious for your luxury camping trip?

The Sport-Brella Beach Chair is adjustable to three positions. Plus, it has a removable umbrella and footrest. Of course, there are also cupholders to keep a cold drink close at hand.

Stansport Picnic Table and Umbrella

Stansport 615-45 Picnic Table and Umbrella Combo, Brown Woodgrain

Camping somewhere without a picnic table like a dispersed campsite?

Or, maybe, you just want an extra picnic table (with umbrella!) at the campground.

Either way, the Stansport Picnic Table and Umbrella is a good option. It’s perfect for any camping trip, from luxury to normal family camping.

The table folds up quickly and easily to fit in any vehicle. At the same time, it’s still surprisingly sturdy and offers a decent amount of space for up to four people to eat around.

Luxury Camping Accessories

What is luxury camping without a few accessories to make your trip more comfy and enjoyable?

Coleman LED String Lights

Coleman LED String Lights , 10 Tiny LED Lanterns

String lights are one of my favorite luxury camping items to add a bit of style and ambient light to my campsite.

Although there are a lot of options available, these Coleman LED String Lights are among my very favorite.

Why? Not only are they powered by 3 AA batteries with a 20 hour runtime, but the lights themselves are each designed like a tiny Coleman lantern!

ENO DoubleNest Hammock

ENO DoubleNest Hammock - Lightweight, Portable, 1 to 2 Person Hammock - for Camping, Hiking, Backpacking, Travel, a Festival, or The Beach - Seafoam/Grey

For the past several years, a hammock has been one of my number one pieces of camping gear to bring on every trip.

The ENO DoubleNest Hammock is an excellent option. Not only are they spacious and comfortable, but they’re very easy to set up. It will give you a great place to relax in the sun, read a book, or take a nap.

Our ENO hammock has already stood up to several years of family camping fun and I have no doubt it will last for several years longer.

A one-person model, the ENO SingleNest Hammock, is also available.

Or, check out our guide to the best camping hammocks for even more suggestions.

Camp Chef Sequoia Fire Pit

Camp Chef Compact Fire Ring Portable Propane Gas Fire Pit with Carry Kit, 15-Inch Diameter, 55,000 BTU

The Camp Chef Sequoia Fire Pit is an awesome addition to your glamping supplies.

Sometimes having a real fire is impossible or just impractical. A propane fire pit is the answer to those woes.

You get all the ambiance of a campfire without having to buy wood. Also your clothes won’t end up with that smokey campfire smell that’s so hard to get out!

Black Diamond Apollo Lantern

Luxury Camping Gear: 35 Items to Turn Camping into Glamping 4

Illuminate your campsite at night with the Black Diamond Apollo Lantern.

Perhaps my favorite lantern for camping, the Apollo is super bright (250 lumens) with a fully rechargeable battery. It can also run on AA batteries as a backup.

Best of all? You can actually use this lantern to charge handheld electronics via the nifty USB port.

I’ve actually tested 8 of the best rechargeable lanterns myself if you want to see how the Black Diamond Apollo stacks up against the competition.

Coleman CPX Lighted Tent Fan

Coleman CPX Lighted Tent Fan with Stand

Keep your glamping tent cool on hot summer days with the Coleman CPX Lighted Tent Fan.

This battery-powered portable fan runs quiet and is very efficient at cooling down a tent or another small space.

The fan blades are made from soft foam so you can safely use this fan around children. The rugged design means this camp fan will likely last for years on end.

The bright light in the center of the fan is convenient for nighttime use.

Nite Ize RunOff Waterproof Phone Case

Luxury Camping Gear: 35 Items to Turn Camping into Glamping 5

A waterproof phone case, like the Nite Ize Runoff Phone Case, is another item I recommend to all campers.

Even when you’re glamping, it’s nice to protect your device against sudden rain storms. A waterproof phone case is also great for camping near the water.

Better yet? A waterproof phone case also protects your phone from dust, dirt, and sand while camping.

Goal Zero Flip 36 Power Bank

Luxury Camping Gear: 35 Items to Turn Camping into Glamping 6

A portable battery pack is one of my must-have glamping accessories.

If the place you’re glamping doesn’t have access to electricity, then the Goal Zero Flip 36 Power Bank is for you.

Perfect for short trips, a fully charged Flip 36 has enough juice to charge the standard iPhone around two times (possibly slightly more).

Not only does it charge other devices quickly, but it itself recharges quick with a USB or a solar charger.

Goal Zero Nomad 20 Solar Charger

Luxury Camping Gear: 35 Items to Turn Camping into Glamping 7

Keep your portable battery pack charged with a Goal Zero Nomad 20 Solar Charger.

This solar charger is great for charging any USB device when you’re at a campsite without electricity.

Not only can you use it to recharge a batter pack, but you can actually recharge USB devices (like your smartphone or GPS unit) directly.

We love the Nomad 20 because it’s built for the outdoors. It’s lightweight and packs down small, but it’s still rugged.

Goal Zero also offers the Nomad solar charger in other sizes, such as the Nomad 10 and Nomad 100, to better meet your needs.

Check out our guides to choosing a solar charger and choosing a portable power pack for more options!

Mr. Heater Portable Buddy

Mr. Heater F232000 MH9BX Buddy 4,000-9,000-BTU Indoor-Safe Portable Propane Radiant Heater, Red-Black

If you love to camp in cool weather just as much as me (or even in the winter), then the Mr. Heater Portable Buddy is for you.

A portable tent heater is the perfect way to stay warm on very cold nights or just provide a little extra warmth on cool days.

Although we also love the Mr. Heater Little Buddy (which we reviewed here), the larger and more powerful Portable Buddy is nice because it actually has two heat settings to control the temperature.

Compared to other tent heater brands, we love Mr. Heater because of all the built-in safety features, like a low-oxygen automatic shut-off and an accidental tip-over shut-off.

Want more info? We reviewed the top tent heaters here to see which ones stood out from the rest.

JBL Flip 5 Portable Waterproof Speaker

JBL FLIP 5, Waterproof Portable Bluetooth Speaker, Black

Music definitely isn’t a must for enjoying nature. In fact, I often prefer to camp and just listen to the sounds of the wilderness around me.

But, bumping tunes can definitely be a welcome addition when luxury camping at a glampsite.

For all your outdoor music needs, the JBL Flip 5 Portable Waterproof Speaker is an excellent choice.

Not only does it boast great sound quality, but it’s incredibly durable and even waterproof!

Camping Games and Activities

Every camping trips needs fun games and activities. Here are some great ideas for adults and children alike!

Flybold Slackline Kit

flybold Slackline Kit | Slack Line Longer | 57 ft Line with Training Line | Tree Protectors, Arm Trainer, Ratchet Cover and Carry Bag | Tight Rope Slack Lines for Backyard | for Kids, Children, Adults

Kids and adults will love to try slacklining on your next camping trip.

And few slacklines are better than the Flybold Slackline Kit which comes with everything you need to get started!

All you need to start goofing around (and strengthening your core muscles) are a couple trees and a little adventurous spirit.

Giant Movie Screen with Video Projector

Projector Screen with Stand 100 inch Portable Projection Screen 16:9 4K HD Rear Front Projections Movies Screen with Carry Bag for Indoor Outdoor Home Theater Backyard Cinema Travel

How do you explain bringing a 100 inch movie screen camping?

In all honesty, you really can’t.

But this is GLAMPING we’re talking about here. Not camping. So why not!

This indoor/outdoor portable movie screen is perfect to use at the campsite with a video projector.

This ViewSonic Project is among the best available now. Of course, you can also use it at home as well as while luxury camping!

Watching your favorite movies while glamping is a real treat. But it’s just as fun to do in your own backyard at home while backyard camping or just hanging out.

Did We Miss Your Favorite Glamping Gear?

We hope our favorite glamping gear will help you get started glamping in style!

Are there any items we missed? Let us know your favorite items to turn camping into glamping.

Happy Glamping!

Check out our full guide to the best glamping tents for even more recommendations!

The Best Glamping Gear to Turn Camping Into Glamping


Monday 13th of September 2021

Air bed is not glamping. Glamping needs to take camping to the luxury extreme. Introducing the mattress size vacuum bag. That's right. Why take an air bed when you can take a full memory foam mattress packed back in its original box? Now THAT is glamping. Just Google vacuum mattress bag for dozens of options and sizes all for around $25 [mattress not included ;)]

Jessie Cooper

Monday 27th of July 2020

wow, This awesome! this checklist is really helpful for the camper. Each staff is very important for making good camping. People getting the idea from your article. Thank you

Darryl Alder

Tuesday 9th of April 2019

I am 68 and a glamper, but did NOT get there on purpose. At twenty, I could sleep on the ground with a blanket and poncho. Glamping to me back then was my "new" Seva stove and some Mountain House meals. Then I got married and kids came, so we needed a family tent, ice chest and Coleman Stove; now that was some serious glamping. Eventually, my folks bought a family cabin just 45 mins from my home. Glamping moved to a new level, but there still was no phone and dishwasher. Twenty years later, I own a Barebones tent, twin air mattress, FireDisc, GoalZero solar panel for the tent roof to run the lights and my CPAP at night—yep, that is how you become a glamper: one purchase and one year at a time. BTW now I am too old, tired and sore to put any of this up, except in the backyard (luckily my yard is up against the Provo River, so I can at least hear running water at night—oops running water, I gotta head to the restroom now!)


Wednesday 10th of April 2019

^ This is the BEST!


Sunday 29th of April 2018

Good list! I'm an avid camper and am always looking for ways to make the outdoors more enjoyable for my wife and I. I enjoy bringing some comfort to the outdoors without making my campsite look like it was designed by Tom Havorford. <HahA!

Ryanc - What do you think about campsite security? I've built a few devices that keep my wife and I safe(er) from predators (both four and two legged) while out in the bush of western Montana. Have you delved into the thought at all?


Monday 30th of April 2018

I personally haven't worried too much about campsite safety in the past, but I must admit, I am curious to know what you built!


Thursday 23rd of June 2016

We have the LED light and fan combo. The light is perfect for inside the tent or even outside. The fan does actually move the air around in the tent for circulation. LOVE it!