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21 Places For Amazing Texas Beach Camping

Camping is such a wonderful adventure on its own, but when you add in the beach it becomes the ultimate vacation. It can become a challenge to find just the right place, but with this guide, we will help you discover some of the best Texas beach camping around!

Visit any of these hot spots and get ready to relax to the soothing sounds of the ocean, enjoy the tranquility, watch the gorgeous sunrises and sunsets, and end the day with a blazing beach bonfire.

South Texas Beach Camping Area

Sea Rim State Park

Sea Rim State Park

First on our list of Texas beach camping is Sea Rim State Park. This fantastic camping location is located on the Gulf of Mexico in southern Jefferson County, south of Port Arthur

Here at Sea Rim State Park, you will find locations to camp directly on the beach. Imagine yourself falling asleep to the crashing waves, beautiful sunset, and enjoying a warm cup of coffee while the sun rises over the horizon in the morning.

In addition, you can add to your getaway activities such as Kayaking and Paddling Trails. This location is known to be a great fishing location as well.

Piping Plover Campground

This campground is located in the Texas marshes near the Sea Rim State Park. It’s also located directly off the beach which is easily accessed from the dune boardwalk.

This area offers 4,000 acres of marshlands you can explore in the amazing state park. You will need to bring your camping materials but they offer classic amenities to help your stay even more pleasant.

A few activities you can enjoy while visiting the Piping Plover Campground would be wildlife watching, biking, boating, fishing, and even horseback riding.

South Beach at Padre Island

South Padre Island Texas
Seagulls at sunrise on South Padre Island Texas

Another great place for some Texas beach camping, right off the southern tip of Texas, you will find the beautiful secluded South Beach at Padre Island.

This island beach will require a 4WD vehicle to get to unless you choose to camp on the first few miles of the beach.

This is a free camping location on the beach which is a bonus cost-effective option!

Andy Bowie Park- South Padre Island

Located on the north end of South Padre Island you will find 20 miles of camping access. This site has both RV access and tent camping availability.

Andy Bowie Park is public and additionally offers two large pavilions, BBQ grilling areas, concession stands, fishing areas, safe swimming areas, clean showers, and restrooms. If you need more amenities the park is located 5 miles away from the town where you will enjoy restaurants and do a little shopping.

Northern Coast Texas Beach Camping

Quintana Beach

Quintana beach County Park
Quintana beach County Park close to Houston, Texas

This beach borders the city of Surfside Beach and leans to the northeast. It can be sited across the entrance to Freeport Harbor.

Quintana Beach is located on the upper Texas Gulf Coast offers the unique option to watch large ships come down the Freeport Harbor.

This is a good campsite for those who enjoy a quiet, smaller beach option. RV sites are available.

Matagorda Beach

Matagorda Bay
Matagorda Bay

Matagorda Beach is located around the mouth of the Colorado River and on the upper Texas coast.

The main attraction is of course the beach which will require a pass but don’t be alarmed, this pass will give you access for the entire year!

If you love to fish, these my friends are the Fisherman’s Dream spots. It’s very quiet and not overcrowded which also provides a peaceful escape and a perfect camping activity.

For those that enjoy collecting seashells, this beach will be the perfect paradise for you!

Sunday Beach At Matagorda Island

Located on Matagorda Island on the upper Texas coast there is a beach called Sunday Beach. You can get away from it all and camp on an Isolated private beach. How dreamy is that?

However, there is a catch to camping at Sunday Beach, you will need to arrive there by private boat. Once you’ve arrived you’ll be surrounded by peace and the ocean.

The Copa Copa

This location is called The Copa Copa, you will find a wonderful RV park that will provide you with a beautiful view of the bay.

At The Copa Copa, you can camp with many amenities and be close to Rockport Beach, but it will take you 15 mins to get into town.

This is a quiet hidden gem with many gorgeous bay views.

North Beach at Padre Island – Corpus Christi

Corpus Christi is oceanfront camping to the fullest. This beach reaches the largest stretch of an undeveloped barrier island in the world. In addition, you will have a full allowance to drive along the beach.

North Beach at Padre Island, with the gorgeous area of Corpus Christi included, is very clean, well maintained, and a perfect site for camping directly on the beach. If however, you are still interested in a camping ground you will find some a short distance away. You can’t go wrong with this beautiful location.

West Coast Texas Beach Camping Locations

Follett’s Island Brazoria County Beach

Brazoria County Beach
Texas Gulf Coast (Surfside, Brazoria County)

Follett’s Island is one of the chain barrier islands that run along with the majority of the Texas Coast. It’s southwest of Galveston Island.

You’ll have no problem setting up free tent camping as this location offers a 13- mile long beach section. Follett’s Island is popular because of its size along with the allowance of campfires.

Imagine camping under the stars on the beach with a bonfire blazing in the moonlight. Priceless.

If you have pets, no worries as this site will allow them. They will need to remain leashed during your vacation.

Surfside Beach

Surfside Beach can be found in southern Brazoria County. It’s also located on the southwestern tip of Follet’s Island.

If you chose to just visit Surfside Beach there isn’t a fee associated however vehicles are required to pay a fee for the day. R.V. camping is recommended and there are many good parks available. Surfside Beach RV Park is a great option to check out. If chosen, you will find this park to only be within walking distance from Surfside Beach.

There are many things to do if you enjoy town life and need to take a break from the hot sun. You can go shopping at the Brazoria County souvenir shops, enjoy a meal at the 5- star restaurants, and wind down at the highly-rated local nightclub. This location sits in the prime part of town.

Galveston Island State Park

This next camping location is along the western Gulf Coast. You will find Galveston Island State Park on the western Galveston Island in Galveston.

At Galveston Island State Park you will find activities of every kind of camper. You can stroll along the beach with your toes in the sand, or splash and swim in the ocean. If you love to hike this park offers 4 beautiful miles of hiking and biking trails.

Yarborough Pass Campground

If you are more of the rough and tough adventurous type, Yarborough Pass is for you! It’s not the easiest location to find but it provides complete isolation and quiet.

This camp is located on the western Gulf Coast in Texas. To arrive at this location you will have to take a boat or drive a 4WD vehicle along the driving trail.

If you have the goal of getting away from it all and want complete silence and peace this is the one. Once you arrive at Yarborough Pass Campground, you won’t have to worry about the cost, this is a free camping location!

McFaddin National Wildlife Refuge Beach

McFaddin National Wildlife Refuge
Black-bellied Whistling Ducks in Flight – McFaddin NWR, Texas

This location borders the McFaddin National Wildlife Refuge and can be found along the western coast.

If you’re a bird lover, this is a wonderful option for you! You can take the opportunity to bird-watch in the observation blinds at the refuge. Different types of waterbirds thrive here in this protected marsh.

At McFaddin National Wildlife Refuge Beach you will also find dry camping. Nothing is better than hearing the sounds of the water birds along with the crashing waves in this secluded area. The best part is this is another free camping location and a perfect spot for those who enjoy primitive camping.

Jamaica Beach

Jamaica Beach is located in Galveston, Texas. This beach is bordered by Galveston to both the east and the west, the east bay to the north, and to the south the Gulf of Mexico.

For those with families especially looking for a great spot to camp with children, Jamaica beach will be an excellent location. This site is perfect for swimming in the ocean and building sandcastles.

Jamaica Beach has been rated as one of the most calming and tranquil beaches in Texas and is a wonderful location if you have a niche for shelling.

East Coast Texas Beach Camping Locations

High Island Beach

High Island Beach is located in the Bolivar Peninsula in the county of Galveston, Texas. This community is in the extreme eastern part of the county less than two miles from Jefferson County.

High Island Beach offers an underrated and not overpopulated location. Here you can find peaceful camping options to unwind and reflect, ultimate peace and tranquility.

Along with the beautiful sunrises and sunsets you can also engage in other calming activities such as shelling and bird watching as it’s home to many large aquatic birds.

Crystal Beach Cabanas

Crystal Beach Cabanas
Crystal Beach, Texas

Crysal beach is another great places for some Texas beach camping. Crystal Beach is a community in the Bolivar Peninsula in Galveston, Texas. Also known as Patton, Crystal Beach stretches 7 miles in length.

Along Crystal Beach, you will find the Crystal Beach Cabanas for the ultimate true definition of “glamping”

If you choose, you can camp along a private saltwater lake in an aqua trailer with nearby beach access to Crystal Beach.

In these Crystal Beach Cabanas, you will find all the amenities for the “glamping” style experience of your dreams! If that couldn’t sound over the top enough, they also offer hammocks for the ultimate style of relaxation!

Crystal Beach and the Bolivar Peninsula

Crystal Beach and the Bolivar Peninsula span over 27 miles of beach access. This beautiful option is located in the eastern part of the county of Galveston, Texas.

On Crystal Beach, you can camp directly onshore! Here it’s an ideal location for tent campers that want to experience the amenities that only the ocean can provide.

Another perk? Beach bonfires are allowed and legal here. You can also bring your pets but once again they must remain leashed. Crystal Beach is very popular so it’s on the busier side of the spectrum.

Central Texas Beach Camping

Mustang Island

Mustang Island
Mustang Island

This island is 18 miles long and stretches from Corpus Christi to Port Aransas. You can enjoy plenty of beautiful beach access.

On Mustang Island you can park an RV directly on the beach for camping needs or go with traditional tent camping, the choice is yours!

Malaquite Beach/ Malaquite Campground

This island is one of the most beautiful and secluded campsites in the state and a real treat if you’re lucky enough to come to visit.

Malaquite Beach is labeled as semi-primitive and is tucked away in the dunes yet provides a gorgeous view of the Gulf of Mexico. This is another island in which you will need ferry access to enter but never fear, it’s a free ferry ride.

Tent campers are welcome to set up right along the beach. Each site has a maximum capacity of two tents, two vehicles, and eight people, so it does have accommodation for a group. Keep in mind this site runs on a first come first serve basis.

Padre Island/ Beach Bird Island Basin Campground

Last but not least for some Texas beach camping is Padre Island. This campsite location is a short distance away from the boat ramp on the waters of the Laguna Madre in the beautiful Padre Island.

The available sites will offer amazing activities such as windsurfing, kayaking, boating, bird watching, and fishing in addition to the beautiful ocean. If you plan your trip in the summer you may get lucky enough to participate in the sea turtle hatching releases.

At Beach Bird Island Basin Campground you will find both tent camping and RV sites but this location is dry camping only. This campground runs on a first-come-first-served basis so plan accordingly!

Wrapping Up Beach Camping In Texas

As you can see, The great state of Texas, especially along the Gulf Coast, is surely the place to choose for your next camping adventure! There are just so many wonderful beach camping locations with all types of amenities that accommodate your Texas beach camping desires! Happy Camping!

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