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Minnesota Airstream Park – campground review

minnesota airstream park campground mn review

If you are looking for a camping experience that is out of the box the Airstream Park might be just what you are seeking. This park is an exclusive airstream campground with over 80 acres of land.

We were able to get a peek inside…

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You just don’t see an airstream camper that often in the campgrounds. They are so uqniue and iconic that I had to contact the campground and find out more about their special place. The campground is located in Clear Lake, MN. It was just over an hour from Minneapolis to arrive at the gate house.

campground gate house mn

It all started with a group of like minded Airstream campers who had a vision. They pooled their funds together and purchased the 80 acres of beautiful land just outside of the cities. Little by little they carved out the country club hub for Airstream lovers.

We don’t fit in with our “Other Brand”

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There is a section off in the far back corner for family and friends of those who call the Airstream Park their home away from home. We were happy to be the guests for an overnight stay with such kind hearted people. In fact, we were invited into a full time camper’s personal Airstream.

full time airstream camper mn

She shared with us one of her two campers at the park and gave us a campground tour in the park golf cart. The kids loved her immediately!

where to camp with airstream mn

The camper was remodeled and it is super cozy. I can see why there is a huge devotion to these sliver bullets. Much to my surprise she isn’t the only one in the park with more than one camper!

At this park there is no such thing as too much Airstream!

camping pillow

As we drove around the grounds I felt like I had stepped back into time, yet the sleek look of the campers held a sense of modern appeal making a full circle from vintage to today all at once.

If you own an Airstream, you should camp here!

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If the campers don’t get you hooked I bet the golf course will…

Yes, there is a golf course!

campground golf course

It’s free for members to use and while we were there the campers had a big game going between each other. Ryan and Keegan were able to get a game in before we headed out.

golfing while camping

 Treat yourself to an Airstream Vacation.

father son golfing camp mn

With all honesty I can tell you we didn’t really fit in at this campground. One reason was because we travel in the comforts of the Trail Cruiser and the other reason is because we were out numbered by those who have the retirement badge of honor. Although, we didn’t look the part we were difinitely welcomed with open arms. The campground is starting to raise funds to build a Rainbow set playground and they have spots open for new families to join the Airstream Park. It’s something to look into if you want to be close to the cities, but don’t want to have the hassle of a full blown cabin.

The only one in the heated pool due to the chill in the air!

swan swimming pool

The Airstream Park also has a Finnish Sauna, Tennis Court, Horseshoes, Bocce Ball and Shuffleboard. For the green thumb campers there is an Off-site Garden, too.

Club House for group gatherings.

club house mn

The Airstream Park was a very peaceful place to relax and make new friends, but we had to move along to a State Park because it’s always nice to be among your own kind. That is why if you own or want to own an Airstream this is a spectacular space to camp.

This campground is like one big family.

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Thank you to Airstream Park for hosting our stay and everyone who made us feel welcomed while we were there. You are all amazing and fun!

Happy Camping, Kelly 

Video of the campground to follow. Until then check out the photo gallery –


Annmarie LaDuke

Tuesday 17th of April 2018

Scrolling through and found this campsite-In ❤️ with air streams-we don't own one ????????but want to rent one at a campsite, don't want to do a Tent⛺️this Summer. Do you have on-sight air stream silver bullets for campers to rent. We are pet free friendly, quiet...well sometimes????????and very clean and respectful. Give me a Holler!

Victoria Summy

Tuesday 13th of August 2013

Hi Kelly & Family, The Fabulous Shareholders at the Airstream Park in Clear Lake, MN, overwhelming came forward with dollars for a new playscape from Rainbow Play Systems. Our Play Systems is being installed on this Thursday, Aug. 15!!! We are so excited for our Airstream family to have a new playscape for our Park. Truly an acclamation for the trend of more younger people buying Airstreams and shares in our beautiful Park. Come see us again & enjoy the playscape. Victoria

Lee Miller

Monday 5th of August 2013

Hi Kelly, I only got to wave at you and you drove off into the sunset...but thanks for coming. It's awesome to get you perspective on our Park. We love it here and think it's the little known jewel of Minnesota. Thanks for sharing your beautiful photos with us. So happy you enjoyed your stay. Come again soon! Lee in Lot C-56

Victoria Summy

Friday 2nd of August 2013

Hi Kelly, Thank you for visiting the Airstream Park and giving us a rave review! You are a great family and giving you kids many memories with your camping adventures. Happy trails to you. Victoria