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Portable Patio Set Comes In Handy – Review

I can’t count how many times we have been at a campground and thought it would be nice to have our own camping table. Most camping sites provide a picnic bench, but it is nice to have the extra space to put cooking items on, setting up the kids with coloring books and crayons or simply having more seating space comes in handy.

RIO Adventure has designed a portable patio set that makes it easy to pack up and go. We got our camping table set from Camping World and we use it camping, in our backyard and we have even taken it to our 14 year old son’s football game! The portable table and chairs fold up nicely, plus it all comes with a carrying bag.

We Take It Everywhere

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A couple of weekends ago we ventured out to my in-law’s farm. The kids and I had a blast picking fresh apples, hiding in the corn stalks, climbing tress and all sorts of outdoor fun. I had the portable patio set in the back of the truck thinking it might be useful during our stay. Come to find out it was really nice to have it set up for the kids to play at with their play dishes. We also used it to hold all our supper options when we ate in the new shop. I was surprised it could hold so much food!

Sturdy Enough For A Buffet

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Not only is it strong enough to hold my Mother-in-law’s fantastic dinner, but it is also large enough to fit a family of four around it without losing space or comfort.

Aluminum Table Folds Up Effortlessly

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The ease of this portable patio set makes it so you can pack it away in the back of your vehicle and within minutes have it setup ready to use for whatever your event calls for. A definite must have for camping and more, if you ask me.

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The folding chairs are designed to be comfortable and take it from me they are very kid friendly! The chairs are easy to wash up after heavy toddler usage. The RIO Adventure Portable Patio Set overall is a great lightweight solution to our camping and outdoor needs. You can find your set at Camping World and start using it for upcoming holiday guests.

Happy Camping, Kelly

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