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Shopping Tips When Buying a Pop-up Camper

Before you invest your hard earned dollars into a camping unit make sure to review our shopping tips. We hope it makes your experience easier and more enjoyable.

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The word “Camping” makes us smile!


Most families go from sleeping in a tent to purchasing a pop-up camper. The Flagstaff Brand has you covered with a variety of different options and price ranges to get you up off the hard ground!

Our friends over at Coates RV have the newest and greatest on the floor right now for you to view Monday – Saturday.

Now for our Tips:

Set a budget

The total cost of a pop-up isn’t just the pretty little price tag on the camper. You will have to get a hitch for your vehicle if you don’t already have one. You also will want to count the cost of all the little things you will be storing in your camper (dishes, cooking supplies ect.). Also, you might need to keep the camper at a storage location if you don’t have space at home.


Make sure to check your vehicle towing capacity.

If you look on your driver door you should be able to find a sticker that clearly states the towing capacity. The sales people at Coates RV are well trained in helping you figure out which camper will fit your family and wheels.


Search Reviews

I love Google and without all the online reviews we won’t be able to pull the trigger on most things we buy. I don’t know about you, but I lean towards trusting someone’s option other than the person trying to sell me the product I am thinking about buying.

Get a loan first

You can get pre-qualified for a loan before walking in the door. It might save you a little money and it diffinitely will save you some time.

Canvas vs. Hard Sided

Pop-ups have come a long way since I was a kid! Canvas are lighter and cheaper, but the hard sided pop-up trailers are better when it comes to the elements of weather. Also, in the hard sided campers you can store more inside the camper when you are not using it for camping. There isn’t any more space in one over the other. It really depends on which style you like best.

Here are 5 Flagstaff Pop-up Campers

from Coates RV

Style 246D

Sleeps 6-8 people. It has a shower inside and some come with an outdoor shower, too. Priced at $10,500.00


Camping can be muddy!


 Style 425D

Sleeps 6-8 people. It has a shower and a grill outside for cooking, plus a slide out giving you more space for the dinette seating and sleeping area. Priced at $11,652.00


More Bells and Whistles than a Tent!


Style 625D

Sleeps 6-8 people. It has the outdoor grill, stove, fridge, slide out dinette area and more storage than the above pop-ups. Priced at $12,725.00


Style 1765D

Sleeps 4-6 people. It is the basic entry level pop-up priced at $7,160.00


Style HW275C

Sleeps 7-8 people. It has an indoor shower, stove, fridge, slide out dinette area with great sleeping space, plus AC! Priced at $15,809.00


If you would like to view more tent trailers new or used stop over at Coates RV and tell them

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Happy Camping, Kelly

Luke Smith

Tuesday 29th of November 2016

I love what you had to say about setting a budget that includes the other costs besides the trailer itself. I would imagine that one thing to include in that budget would be a solid canvas canopy. I would think that an awning that is built of a less than sturdy material could stretch or warp if it held too much rainwater.


Saturday 17th of August 2013

This is so helpful. We are a family of five and purchasing a camper in on our agenda, but I don't have a lot of experience. I've going to have to check out Coates RV when we are ready to purchase.


Monday 12th of August 2013

Great review... love all the tips!